Why can’t I update apps on my LG TV?

LG TV with apps

LG TVs use a software application called webOS to control settings, install applications, and support streaming services. Before using an app, you have to download and install it through the …

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How to reset a Haier TV

Haier TV

Whenever you are experiencing a problem with your Haier TV, resetting is one of the easiest ways to resolve it. However, it is worth noting that sometimes it isn’t necessary …

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How to reset a Vizio sound bar

vizio sound bar

A Vizio sound bar offers a great way of amplifying audio from an external device without resulting in purchasing a whole speaker system. For example, most TVs today are slimmer …

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Can I get Amazon Music on Roku?

Amazon Music

Amazon allows you to listen to music across different devices as long as you have an active subscription. But can you access Amazon Music on Roku? You can listen to Amazon Music …

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