10 best sites to watch Korean drama in 2024

Are you a fan of Korean drama? While there are many interesting Western TV series genres, Korean dramas, also known as K-drama, are steadily gaining millions of viewers around the world.

From comedy shows to romance, thrillers, action, and more, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Unfortunately, since Korean dramas are not as popular as Western ones, it can be hard to find websites that stream them, especially legal ones. But worry not!

Below is a look at the 10 best websites where you can watch Korean dramas online legally.

1. Viki


Viki is one of the best streaming websites for Korean drama, and for a good reason. Not only does this website show dramas from Korea, but also Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thailand dramas, among others.

They offer a wide variety of content, from action shows and movies to Sci-Fi, fantasy, costumes, historical & period movies and dramas, and more.

Viki offers free streaming and a membership plan at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. The membership provides first access, HD quality videos, and smooth viewing with no annoying ads.

You can also get these Viki premium benefits for 6 months for free if you are a subbing contributor.

2. iFlix

iFlix Korea

iFlix is another top website for streaming Korean dramas. It does not have an extensive library, but it offers a good collection of entertaining movies and TV shows.

The service is available in several countries across the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Maldives, Jordan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and others.

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The content varies depending on the location.

You’ll have to create an account for you to stream or download content from iFlix. The site offers free content, but you can enjoy more content without ads when you subscribe to the premium option.

The premium plan is affordable, only for $2.5 a month.

3. Netflix

Netflix K drama

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming service, with one of the most extensive content libraries.

Available in several countries across the world, you can find lots of movies and TV shows on the site, from comedies to romance, thrillers, Sci-FIs, and more.

In an effort to gain more viewers, Netflix has also introduced Korean dramas to their movie libraries. They are not many, but you can find some really interesting original K-dramas to keep you entertained.

The one downside of Netflix is that there is no free content. However, with a premium subscription of about $10 a month, you can enjoy all the Korean dramas, and many other movies and TV shows.

4. Kocowa


Kocowa is another one of the best websites to watch Korean drama. It is a premium streaming service currently available in North and South America.

It offers a range of Korean dramas from free-to-air TV networks.

Kocowa has some decent free Korean drama content. However, if you want more content and a smoother streaming experience, it is best to subscribe to a premium plan.

There are three different premium plans you can consider: a daily plan for $0.99, a monthly plan for $6.99, and a yearly plan for $69.99.

5. Hulu

Hulu Korean Drama

Hulu is another giant online streaming service, only rivaled by the likes of Netflix. It offers an extensive library with diverse content, including Korean dramas.

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Some of the top Korean shows you can currently find on the streaming site include Descendants of the Sun, Oh My Venus, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and others.

It is a paid subscription service with premium plans starting from as low as $5.99 a month.

However, the show also offers up to a one-month free trial period, during which you can enjoy a range of Korean dramas and other content for free.

6. AsianCrush


AsianCrush is another Kdrama streaming service that offers a large library of content. It has a variety of movies and TV shows, from dramas, horror, thrillers, action, martial arts movies, and more.

The site has a multilingual database of subtitles, making it one of the best places to watch Korean drama with English subtitles.

AsianCrush is a free streaming service with no subscription plans. You can watch the content online, download them for offline viewing

You can watch it through various devices such as Android and iOS smartphones, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

7. Toggle

Toggle meWatch K drama

Toggle is an on-demand TV streaming service owned by Mediacorp. It offers access to a wide range of content, including drama series, comedies, kids’ movies, Toggle original movies and dramas, and more.

Recently, the service introduced Korean drama to its offerings, making it another of the top Kdrama websites.

Toggle offers free as well as premium content that is available on Toggle Prime. You can catch the content on the service’s website or through the Toggle app on Apple TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, or your smart mobile device.

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The Toggle prime plans are affordable, going for only $9.90 a month.

8. OnDemandKorea


OnDemandKorea is a great website to watch Kdrama online, given its huge collection of Korean drama shows. It is currently available in North and South America.

The site offers both free and premium content, with the premium plan going for $6.99 a month. The one drawback of the service is that there are a number of shows that don’t have subtitles.

Despite that, you can still catch great shows with English or Korean subtitles. Use this guide to turn on closed captions on OnDemandKorea.

9. KBS World TV

KBS World

KBS World is a 24-hour Korean family entertainment channel. It offers a wide range of Korean content, including Korean dramas.

In South Korea, you can access the service’s content through the normal TV program.

For the international audience, the channel uploads a range of Korean shows (with subtitles) on their YouTube channel, where you can stream them for free.

10. Viu


Viu is a video streaming service that is owned and operated by PCCW Media. It offers a wide variety of Asian programs, including a good selection of premium Korean dramas.

Currently, it is available across several countries in Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and others.

Viu offers free and paid subscription content, with the premium plan going for about $2.5 a month.

If you are looking to enjoy the best of Korean dramas, the above are some of the top websites to watch Korean drama.

From romantic Korean dramas to comedies, thrillers, and even classics, there is no shortage of content on these sites. Besides, you can also stream from almost all countries.

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