How to activate Discovery Plus on any device

Discovery Plus logo

Discovery Plus is a subscription service that gives you instant and unlimited access to more than 55,000 episodes of over 2,500 current and classic TV shows. It has many TV…

Samsung TV Plus not working? How to fix

Samsung TV Plus logo

Are you having issues with Samsung TV Plus? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. Samsung TV Plus is an excellent service that allows you to access extra channels…

How to connect Sceptre Android TV to Wi-Fi?

Sceptre Android TV

Are you looking to connect your Sceptre Android TV to Wi-Fi? With an internet connection, you can install apps, access lots of content, and stream your favorite videos. So, how…

How to fix vertical lines on a TV screen

vertical lines on TV

It is not common for a TV to display vertical lines. When that happens, it means there is an underlying issue causing the problem. For example, it could signal that…

How to mirror a phone to a TV without Wi-Fi

Mirror your Phone to TV

The ability to connect our TVs with phones has simplified how we consume content. While WIFI connections make it easier to mirror smartphones on Smart TVs, there are alternative ways…

How to connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

LG TV paired with Alexa

If you lose your LG Smart TV remote, you can still operate your TV using Alexa. The voice assistant will allow you to control your TV with voice commands. All…

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