20 best Plex plugins to install in 2024

With continuous use of Plex, you might find it necessary to add new features that will make your experience much better.

For example, many users often want to improve the way Plex Media Servers work. You can achieve that by using the best Plex plugins to get the feature you want.

Plex plugins are third-party add-ons that allow you to customize your media server. For example, you can use them to download new movies or television show releases immediately after they are available.

Others allow you to get any web service on your mobile device or TV. But to enjoy the benefits that these extensions offer, you need to use the best Plex add-ons.

List of the best Plex plugins

Here is a list of 20 Plex plugins that you need to install today:

1. Kitana


After Plex removed support for plugins, users must sideload these extensions, which can be challenging for beginners.

But through Kitana, you get a web-based frontend interface that allows you to install, delete, and manage other add-ons. In short, it will sideload other plugins for the Plex media server automatically.

2. Sub-Zero


Plex does not give users access to an entire library of subtitles. It also does not add subtitles to the current media.

The Sub-Zero Plex plugin allows you to automatically download the best subtitles from various sources for your specific video file and manage them accordingly.



IPTV is free software for watching IPTV channels. So, if you want to use an IPTV service on the media server, you need the IPTV plugin for Plex.

The extension will source an array of live streaming options for you, including movies, sports, and more.

4. Trakt.tv


Trakt is an extension that synchronizes your Plex Media Server ratings, playback progress, and watched history. You can also use it to track TV shows and movies automatically.

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Other people use it to synchronize their data between supported applications like Kodi.

5. Ombi


If you are constantly receiving requests from other users to upload or download content to your Plex server, you need the Ombi plugin. It gives you a web portal for managing your movie requests.

Rather than other users contacting you directly, they request content by themselves. When you upload your videos, they get a notification immediately.

6. PlexTools


PlexTools is one of the best plugins for Plex that allows you to download subtitles for different videos in your library. It then modifies them so that they can work well with a Roku client.

The extension can also convert any video in your library to Mp4 so that you can play it on almost all Plex clients.

7. Speedtest


While it may look basic, Speedtest is one of the most useful plugins to have on Plex. It creates a utility channel within PMS to test the download and upload speeds of your internet.

You can use it to know your internet bandwidth, in case a video is taking too long to upload/download.

8. TwitchMod

plex fav

If you are a gamer on Twitch, the TwitchMod plugin is what you should install in your PMS. It is an extension that allows you to watch Twitch live streams.

You can also use it to view past broadcasts and Twitch.tv channel highlights.

9. Tautulli


It is a useful Plex add-on that allows you to monitor your PMS and give you analytics about your server.

You can also use it as a tool to notify other users about the files you have uploaded. The tool can help you to end streams of people outside of your network.

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10. FindMissing

Find Missing

If you have tried to find a file in your server without success, the FindMissing plugin can help you.

The extension works by allowing you to scan your library and check for a missing file. It then displays a list of all missing files or shows you the unavailable ones.

11. Transmogrify

plex fav

Transmogrify is a chrome extension for Plex. You can use it to add a link where you can watch movie trailers.

It is also helpful for adding server statistics and television show filters for the dashboard.

12. YouTubeTV

YouTube TV

The add-on allows you to watch YouTube in a fast and easy way compared to other alternatives.

It is for watching live streams, searching channels, playlists, and videos. It also supports ‘like’ and ‘watch later’ video functions, including edit function.

13. TheaterTrailers

plex fav

If you are a movie enthusiast, you can use TheatreTrailers to download YouTube trailers automatically.

The add-on features all upcoming trailers of some of the best films and TV shows. Your library will have short clips of unreleased movies.

14. ExportTools

Export tools

ExportTools is one of the best Plex extensions that help you to export sections of your library into either XLSX or CSV files.

That will allow you to open up the files you have exported in Excel. You can export movies, TV shows, photos, audio, and playlist sections of your PMS.

15. Web Tools


A Plex plugins list is incomplete if it does not include Web Tools. It is the most popular add-on that acts as the Plex Store.

The software offers many applications for your media server. But to use it successfully, you will have to master how to install it because the whole process can be tricky.

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16. BitTorrent Channel


If you are a frequent user of BitTorrent Channel, you can use this plugin to stream TV shows and movies directly from the network.

The software can keep your downloaded files after viewing them. Understand that using BitTorrent may be illegal if you download a copyrighted item that you do not own.

17. Reddit Videos


Reddit has lots of excellent content from users across the globe. The Reddit Videos Plex plugin is for browsing and watching the most popular videos on redddit.com.

It has a seamless interface that makes it easier for you to find and stream the videos you want.

18. FileBot


If you have always found it challenging to organize your video content, FileBot is the plugin you should consider installing.

It will also help you to download subtitles and fetch artwork. It can also extract archives.

19. Webisodes


Although it is an unofficial Plex plugin, it will fetch you videos from shows on Vimeo, Daily Motion, and YouTube.

The extension then displays them in your library for easy viewing. It also has an RSS feed.

20. Pandora


If you want to listen to music on Plex, the Pandora extension is what you need. You will get lots of radio content and a collection of music for your server. The add-on is available as a channel.


Plex tools allow you to create a personalized media server. You can use them to get some of the best channels to watch live shows and events. The tools are also helpful for adding subtitles to some of your videos.

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