Fix: Plex remote access “not available outside your network.”

As a digital media player, Plex has redefined how media enthusiasts consume content from computers without the need to transfer files manually.

While it has redefined media consumption, you are likely to experience some challenges. One of these challenges is the “Plex remote access not available outside your network” error.

Why this error occurs

The main reasons why you are experiencing the “Plex remote access not working” error include:

  • You are running an outdated Plex version.
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Advanced firewalls blocking server-Plex communications
  • UPnP/NAT incompatibility

How to fix “Plex remote access isn’t available outside your network” error

Fortunately, you can solve the problem through the following solutions.

Solution #1: Update your Plex Application

Updating your Plex application solves most bugs, especially the “Plex not available outside your network” error.

In most cases, the web application updates itself. However, on other platforms, you must remotely update the app.

To update the Plex application:

  • Download the latest media server from the official Plex website
  • Install the downloaded package
  • Restart your machine

After restarting your computer, try to launch the new app. This process automatically uninstalls the previous app version.

Solution #2: Reset your media player

If Plex remote access stopped working after updating the app, you need to reset your device. This is because it is a heavy media application.

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A small glitch may affect its functionality, and when this happens, you may experience an error indicating that you can’t access the Plex outside network.

To reset your machine:

  • Shut down your computer
  • Unplug it from the power source
  • Disconnect your internet cable (if there is one)
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds.
  • Reconnect the computer back to power and plug in the power cable

Alternatively, you can reset the server machine. To reboot the server machine:

  • Switch it off
  • Disconnect all the cables including the power cable
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Plug it back

Solution #3: Fix your internet connection

If your internet connection is slow, you are more likely to get a “Plex server not available outside your network” error.

A slow connection also affects the requesting computer and causes buffering, and therefore, you should ensure the connection is stable and fast.

If you can’t access Plex outside the network:

  • Check the internet speed and stability by typing on your browser.
  • If the connection is less than 3.5 Mbps, consider fixing it. (If it is faster, go-to solution #4)
  • Restart your router by switching it off
  • Wait for 40 seconds and plug the power cable on.

If you are getting a “not enough bandwidth error”, try out these steps.

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Solution #4: Forward the Port Manually

In most cases, Plex port forwarding is automatic. However, if the other three solutions did not solve the access error, you should do a manual Plex port forwarding. Besides, ensure you have saved all the configurations for future references.

To do a manual port forwarding:

  • Login to your router
  • Scroll down to “Port Forwarding” section
  • Generate forward port entries
  • Try running the ports as a test.

If the Plex server port forwarding manually did not work, use the saved configurations (as opposed to generating new entries).


The Plex remote access error may occur because of different reasons. However, you can easily fix it. Noteworthy, the golden rule when using Plex is to ensure you are using the latest Plex model, and your internet connection is stable.

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1 thought on “Fix: Plex remote access “not available outside your network.””

  1. I’m having really big trouble with my Plex server. It did work before I moved, but after a while on a new address and ISP I cannot access my server outside my network. I bought a new router, set the ISP router in bridge mode and followed every single step towards rectifying my issues, but to no avail. Port forwarding, check. Static IP, check. Latest Plex server update, check. Solid internet speeds, check. Exceptions for Plex in Microsoft defender firewall, check. Manually specify public port to 32400, check.
    I have exhausted all the options presented by Plex themselves, and still no way of gaining access outside my network. Tried asking my ISP if they have any restrictions regarding port forwarding, but they claimed there were none.
    The weird thing is that I could access my server initially after moving, but somewhere down the line I lost access.

    Changes that occurred in 2022 after moving: experienced low internet wifi speeds, so ISP came to troubleshoot and found issues with the router and on the fiber line. Both were rectified. No idea if the Plex server lost contact after this, or if it kicked in later, my use outside the house is very irregular. I upgraded the server PC from Windows 10 to 11. All the security settings remained unchanged. From my perspective, having the ISP router in bridge mode eliminates that from being a problem since it just passes on the internet connectivity without interfering, and the new Asus RT-AX55 router was easy breezy to set up with both port forwarding and static IP, so everything should be perfect.

    If there’s any tip you can think of, please let me know.


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