Best cryptocurrency TV channels for news

Getting first-hand information about cryptocurrency right now is critical. Because of the market’s volatility, investors are betting on prices to go up or down, which happens fast.

But the bets are highly speculative. They cause a sudden outgo or influx, leading to even greater volatility.

So, if you are following live crypto news, it becomes easier to determine what digital currency to buy now, which one to hold, and which to sell for quick profits.

But which channel should you follow to get updated information about cryptocurrencies?

5 best cryptocurrency news TV channels

Since cryptocurrencies are new, few TV channels are dedicated to crypto investing, unlike forex or stock markets.

A few individuals have used platforms like YouTube to develop dedicated channels informing viewers about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, DogeCoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

However, some of the biggest TV channels are getting on the trend, too. Here are five of the best places to watch live cryptocurrency news.

1. CoinDesk TV

Coindesk cryptocurrency TV

CoinDesk TV is perhaps the number one online streaming platform that brings you news about cryptocurrencies.

It is the only channel for TV shows dedicated to cryptocurrency news. Here, analysts, experts, and investors discuss everything about the crypto market.

Topics include trading, government legislation on crypto, and the role of central banks in regulating the digital currency environment.

Furthermore, the site brings you the latest news on the different start-ups accepting digital assets.

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If you want to know everything related to cryptocurrencies, including metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, De-Fi, exchanges, and more, CoinDesk TV is the best site to use.

Furthermore, you will get a detailed explanation of the technologies underpinning the crypto movement and even follow a debate from opposing sides on the future of cryptocurrencies.

Undoubtedly, CoinDesk is the ultimate website for crypto enthusiasts.


CNBC logo

CNBC is the best channel for getting the latest news on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. An advantage of CNBC over other platforms is that it has a program called The Exchange

The Exchange is a newsroom-based television show for investors who want to invest in stocks, bonds, gold, forex, and cryptocurrency. You will get in-depth reports on the most crucial and exciting crypto market factors.

But apart from The Exchange, CNBC has another channel called Crypto Decoded, where you get news and information about cryptocurrencies’ fast-growing, fast-moving work and their ecosystem.

You will learn everything you need to know, including Bitcoin, NFT, Meme Tokens, Metaverse, Altcoins, exchanges, blockchain, and any other information related to cryptocurrencies.

3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg has traditionally been the number-one source for business news. People who watch Bloomberg TV get insights into what is happening in the forex and stock exchange world.

The channel also offers insights about companies making strides, data analysis on the capital market, and the latest news affecting businesses and stocks.

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In recent times, Bloomberg dedicated a section for cryptocurrencies.

Bloomberg TV now offers coverage of the latest in digital assets. The channel also provides Bitcoin pricing.

That means you can now use its services to monitor and chart data from Bitcoin exchanges, including Kraken and Coinbase.

Furthermore, the streaming platforms help you track information related to virtual currencies, including information on decentralized cryptocurrencies.

You will also get a comprehensive analysis of all major crypto and whether they are worth buying.

4. Coin Bureau

Coinbureau cryptocurrency TV

Coin Bureau is one of the best online sources for cryptocurrency news. It offers the latest news on cryptocurrency and what is affecting the prices.

As a crypto TV on YouTube, Coin Bureau analyses the crypto market and offers reviews that can help investors find excellent opportunities for investing.

Furthermore, you will learn more about crypto technologies and the new digital currencies that are crashing the charts.

Coin Bureau has over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel uploads videos about cryptocurrencies daily.

You will get lots of information, including tips on investing in cryptocurrencies, the latest charts and what they mean, the best crypto exchanges, the latest trends in crypto investment, and the digital currencies worth holding long-term.

Also, Coin Bureau will show you the scams to avoid when putting your money in a digital asset, including NFTs.

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5. Roku Channel Store

Roku logo

The Roku Channel Store is the best platform to get a crypto TV app. It has many TV channels for everything cryptocurrency-related.

You will get channels that will teach you how to mine, trade, and use all the major cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.

Furthermore, some applications will bring you news and information to help you better understand the evolving world of digital currencies.

Some of the best channels to consider on the Roku Channel Store are CryptoCurrency TV, Crypto, Crypto Charts, Cryptocurrency News, Crypto Market Live Price Chart, Bitcoin and Blockchain, Crypto News, and The Crypto Channel.

The channels will give you real-time data on digital currencies, including a screensaver showing crypto prices, unbiased news, in-depth analytics, comprehensive cryptocurrency price charts, and insightful opinion pieces from experts and investors.


If you want to invest in digital currencies, you need first-hand information on what is happening around you. Generally, the crypto market is volatile, and prices quickly increase.

But if you have the correct information, you will know what crypto to buy, which to sell, and which to hold for longer. With these top cryptocurrency TV channels, you won’t miss the latest crypto news.

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