Philo adds 5 more FREE channels to its Live TV Line Up

Affordable streaming service provider Philo has announced that five new channels will be added to its diverse lineup.

These additions emphasize the effort by Philo to grow its offering, which now stands at close to 80.

The new channels are Love Nature, ATK, Wild Oceans, Space Science Now, and Magellan TV Now.

Love Nature

Love Nature
Love Nature is ideal for nature enthusiasts

Home to shows like A Whale’s Worth, The Big Feed, My Best Friend’s an Animal, and Deep Dive Australia, Love Nature caters for those who love to keep an eye on nature.

Unlike other documentary-style channels about nature, Love Nature focuses on inspiring stories that connect human beings with other animals in their eco-system.

The channel is operated in Canada by Blue Ant Media.

America’s Test Kitchen (ATK )

America's Test Kitchen channel
Watch top chefs preparing delicacies on America’s Test Kitchen channel

ATK is for those who want an amazing culinary experience. The channel features TV shows that help you discover new recipes, cooking techniques, and kitchen tools.

You’ll enjoy cooking lessons from some of the most decorated chefs in the world, who provide instructions to help you get that perfect dish. Besides the cooks, you’ll enjoy exposure to cuisines you never knew existed.

America’s Test Kitchen is owned by Marquee Brands, a media company with a diverse digital content portfolio in fashion and food.

Wild Oceans

Wild Oceans TV
Those who love underwater adventures will enjoy Wild Oceans TV

Wild Oceans TV channel offers an immersive exploration of the world’s marine environments, showcasing the beauty and diversity of ocean life.

If you’ve ever wanted stunning underwater cinematography, this is the channel to watch. In addition to the footage, the channel showcases the challenges facing our marine environment and the importance of conserving it.

Some of the best shows on Wild Oceans include Blue Water Savages, Lost River Predators, and Shark Gordon.

Space Science Now

Space Science Now
The Space Science Now TV channel airs documentaries about human explorations in space.

With Space Science Now, you get an insight into space at no extra cost. The channel is home to top shows like Space: A New Frontier, Tsunamis: Facing A Global Threat, and The Next Great Extinction Event.

You’ll know the latest discoveries in space and humans’ journey to discover what lies beyond the planet we call home.

The live and recreational footage offered is informative to you and your young ones who desire a career in astrology.

MagellanTV Now

MagellanTV Now

MagellanTV Now is home to hundreds of documentaries on every aspect—from fashion to space. The channel always has something great going on.

If you love documentaries, you’ll enjoy watching how events unfold on diverse subjects. The shows are entertaining, informative, and suitable for audiences of different ages.

MagellanTV, based in Washington, DC, provides content through various streaming services and stand-alone apps for different devices.

With these 5 channels, Philo TV has again updated its vast offering of free channels.

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