DirecTV error codes list and how to fix

If you are using DirecTV, you may have encountered problems of different kinds with the service.  At some point, you may not know how to deal with or troubleshoot a system error message.

In most cases, users have no idea of how to interpret some of the DirecTV error codes they see on their screens. Generally, your DirecTV should work well to give you a better viewing experience. But if it does not, that causes some inconveniences.

In a few instances, whenever you encounter an issue with DirecTV, you will see a message or an error code on your television screen. You can resolve the problem in various ways, including rebooting your receiver.

But if that does not work, you will have to follow a robust troubleshooting step to find a solution.

Common DirecTV app problems and their solutions

Here is a DirecTV error codes list and how you can fix them.

1. Error code 928

You get error code 928 when your Wireless Video Bridge is not working well. Many people encounter this issue whenever they replace their Genie receiver, or they have not setup the system correctly. It can also occur when:

  • The Wireless Video Bridge is rebooting or has lost power.
  • The wireless connection is unstable.

The first step you should take to resolve the problem is to reset the connection for your receiver. Here is how you can reset your Genie minis.

  • Check that the status light is green before you reset your Wireless Video Bridge.
  • Unplug the wireless genie mini’s.
  • Add wireless devices to your video bridge.
  • You will get a 4-digit access code to enter on your genie mini devices.
  • Plug the wireless genie minis and wait for a display.
  • Select More Info if you see Wireless Connection Lost message.
  • Type in your code.
  • Wait for the device to reset and reconnect.
  • Once it reconnects, the status light will turn green.
  • Enter the 4-digit access code if prompted.
  • Select Add a New Location.
  • Enter the name of your wireless location.
  • Select Watch DirecTV.
  • Repeat the steps for all genie minis.
  • Go to the primary Genie TV and select Done.

If all your wireless minis are ON, they will have a green network LED and your Wireless Video Bridge LED will turn blue.

If the steps above do not work, contact DirecTV customer support for further assistance.

2. Error code 927

When you encounter error code 927, it means there is a problem with processing your downloaded On-Demand movies or shows.

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It could be as a result of several issues, including an unstable internet connection. Here is how you can fix it:

  • Delete the movie or show you have already recorded.
  • Try downloading the title again.
  • If your system uses a DECA, ensure it is getting power and that the Network LED is Green.
  • Check to ensure that there are no loose or disconnected cables.
  • Reset your modem.
  • Reset the receiver.

You can also check whether the receiver has an internet connection. Press the dash button on your remote. If Not Connected, go to Menu – Settings & Help – Settings – Internet – Select Reconnect Internet.

3. Error code 721

DirecTV error code 721

If DirecTV is not working because of error code 721, the issue could be from two sources –  you are accessing a channel that is not part of your package, or your receiver is not getting enough program information. Follow the steps below to fix it.

  • Go to myAT&T account overview.
  • Select My DIRECTV.
  • Locate My Services.
  • Select See My Channel Lineup.

If the channel is not listed, you will have to add it. To do that, select Manage Package and then choose the package that has the channel you want to view.

But if the channel is listed, you will need to refresh the service and restart your receiver.

  • Go to myAT&T account overview.
  • Select My DIRECTV.
  • Select Manage Package.
  • Choose Refresh receiver under My Equipment.

You will then need to restart your receiver. Unplug it from the socket, wait for 15 seconds, plug it back in, power it on, wait for it to restart, and open the channel again. Note that the steps above will work if you are getting error code 722.

4. Error code 771

Whenever your dish fails to communicate with the satellite, you get error 771. It can happen because of bad weather or when you lose your HD signal. To fix it:

  • Check the SAT-IN cable. Ensure the connections between the receiver and wall outlet are secure. Also, check the adaptors connected to the cable.
  • Unplug the SWiM power inserter if attached to the DirecTV cable coming from the dish.
  • After unplugging, wait for about 15 seconds and then plug it back. The option will help to refresh DirecTV signal and allow you to watch content again.

You can also check to ensure that nothing is blocking the line of sight of your satellite dish to the sky. The steps above will also work if you are getting error code 775.

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5. Error code 920

When you get error code 920, your receiver cannot download the guide information from the satellite. The problem will occur if it has been more than three hours of inactivity.

Troubleshoot it by running a system test:

  • Press Menu on your remote.
  • Select Settings.
  • Press Info & Test.
  • Choose Run System Test.

Wait for a few minutes for the system test to complete.

6. Error code 128

Error code 128 is a playback issue. Here is how you can troubleshoot it:

  • Reset your Genie DVR by pressing the red button near the access card. Press and hold it until the receiver reboots.
  • Check whether the receiver is getting enough internet connection. Press the dash button on the remote then go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Internet. At this point, select Reconnect Settings.

Also, check to ensure that you do not have loose or disconnected cables that are preventing internet access.

7. Error code 5

DirecTV error code 5

Some users have encountered error code 5 when trying to rent an On-Demand movie. The issue seems to be originating from the DirecTV system and not your end. To solve it, you need to contact customer support for assistance.


  • Ensure the receiver has enough power supply.
  • Reset your DirecTV receiver.

You can also refresh your DirecTV equipment and try again.

8. Error code 88

Code 88 is not necessarily an error code. It means your receiver has connected to the internet and the DirecTV server. Therefore, you can start to access online content and enjoy live events.

If you need more clarification about the code, consider contacting customer support. Also, you should do the same if you are getting error code 103.

9. Error code 70

Error code 70 is a network connection issue. You may have configured your network, but DirecTV is not detecting the connection. A solution to this problem is to troubleshoot your internet or network connection.

Start by restoring the default setup of your network. Here is how:

  • Press Menu.
  • Select Settings & Help
  • Network Setup
  • Restore Defaults

After the receiver restores the default settings, select Connect Now. If it does not reconnect, power-cycle it and the router and wait for the devices to reboot.

10. Error code 122

Many people get error code 122 when trying to stream HD content. It indicates a problem with DirecTV and not a user’s devices or equipment.

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The best way of fixing it is to contact customer support for assistance.

11. Error code 86

Several factors can explain why you are getting error code 86. These include:

  • Your router is off or not functioning well.
  • You do not have a connection from the receiver to the router.
  • You have a network connection but no internet.
  • Your router or receiver network settings aren’t configured correctly.

You can troubleshoot the issue in various ways:

  • Check to ensure that the DECA units are operating well, including the Broadband DECA.
  • Verify that you have configured your router correctly.
  • Ensure that your router supports the number of devices you have added to the network.
  • Contact your ISP to determine whether they have an internet problem.
  • Disable any proxy or VPN connections.

Another option is to restore the default setup of your network and try again.

12. Error code 14

DirecTV error code 14

Error code 14 occurs when you restart your receiver. It means you have a DVR problem that will prevent you from recording shows. However, you will be able to watch live TV.

The best way of fixing it is to press the red button on the receiver and start again. If that fails, contact the customer support team for further assistance. Note that you can resolve the issue the same way if you get error codes 15, 18, 19, or 22.

13. Error code 40

Whenever you encounter error code 40, it means you have a dish alignment or distribution problem. Here is how to troubleshoot it:

If you are using an HD receiver:

  • Press Menu on the remote.
  • Go to Parental Favs & Setup.
  • Navigate to System Setup.
  • Select Satellite.
  • Go to View Signal Strength.
  • Select Signal Meters.

If you are using SD receiver:

  • Press Menu on the remote.
  • Navigate to System Setup.
  • Select Satellite
  • View Signal Strength.
  • Go to Signal Meters.

A meter and a percentage of the signal strength will display. If it is below 70%, you have an unaligned dish.

Contact customer support to help you fix it instead of attempting to adjust it. You can also troubleshoot it by following the steps outlined in section four above.


You can fix error codes on DirecTV if you know their meaning. For connection issues, consider running a system test or resetting your receiver.

But if you are unable to solve the problems that you face, the best option is to contact customer support for assistance.

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