DirecTV troubleshooting guide – signal, remote, sound

Sometimes you may be using DirecTV without interruptions only for the service to stop working suddenly.

A problem can occur if your receiver is not getting any signal or if your decoder is not connecting to the internet. In some cases, you may get different DirecTV error codes that tell you the exact cause of the issue.

Many errors on DirecTV have a corresponding error code. The advantage of getting DirecTV error codes is it becomes easy for you to find ways of troubleshooting the issue and fix it.

But when you do not see an error code or an error message, getting a solution can be challenging. Here are some typical errors on DirecTV and how to troubleshoot or fix them.

How to reset a DirecTV receiver

Sometimes you can fix many issues with DirecTV by resetting your equipment. Here is how you can reset the DirecTV receiver.

1. Press the reset button

The first method of resetting the receiver is to press the red Reset button. Once done, wait for the receiver to reboot.

2. Unplug the receiver

Unplug the power cord of the receiver from the electrical outlet. Wait for about 15 seconds before plugging it back in.

Next, press the Power button on the front panel of the device and wait for it to reboot.

3. Restore the device to factory settings

Restoring to factory settings will erase everything, including playlists, custom preferences, and favorites. To do this:

  • Press and hold the blue power button of the receiver.
  • Release the button after 20 seconds.

Note that you can use the above three methods to reboot your DirecTV. If you continue to encounter issues, try to refresh your service. To do that:

  • Sign in to myAT&T account.
  • Go to My Equipment & Features.
  • Select Refresh My Service.

Give the service time to reboot.

Troubleshooting the no signal error on DirecTV

You can troubleshoot or fix DirecTV signal loss in several ways:

  • Check the inputs on your TV and reset your receiver.
  • Start by turning your receiver and TV off and back on.
  • On your remote control, press TV Input.
  • Cycle through the TV inputs until you get a picture.
  • Check the cable used to connect the receiver to your TV. Ensure it is not loose.

A second way of fixing the issue is to reset the receiver. You can do this by pressing the red reset button located inside the access card door. Press the button and give the receiver time to reboot.

Alternatively, unplug the power cord on the receiver from the electrical outlet. Wait for about 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

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Finally, press the Power button of your receiver and let the device reboot.

Fixing a DirecTV remote control that is not working

You may have a problem with your remote, whereby it stops changing channels, control the volume, access guide, menu, or lists.

Here is how you can troubleshoot the DirecTV remote:

  • Check to ensure you have set the Mode switch to DirecTV.
  • Make sure all buttons are working.
  • Ensure the batteries have enough power.

You can also try to change the mode of your remote:

  • Press the MENU button.
  • Go to Settings and select Remote Control.
  • Select IR/RF Setup.
  • Change RF to IR.
  • Select Continue.
  • Press the EXIT or MENU button.

Another solution to consider is to reset the remote:

  • Press and hold the SELECT and MUTE buttons simultaneously.
  • You will see the green light flashing twice.
  • Press 981 to see the green light flashing four times.

Next, press any buttons to see whether the remote is working again. Other errors on DirecTV related to code 614 which have the same fixes are error codes 615 and 616.

Troubleshooting sound issues on DirecTV

You can troubleshoot distorted or no sound issues on DirecTV using the following methods:

  • Press INFO on your remote.
  • Highlight the Audio/Video option on the info bar.
  • Select English Dolby Audio.

The above fix will work if you are listening to Secondary Audio Programming Dolby Audio. It will switch to the primary language and allow the device to produce audio.

Another way of troubleshooting the issue is to press the Volume Up button on your remote. If that does not work, consider checking the audio/video cables and ensure they are not loose.

You can also try to change channels to match up the audio sound and video, especially if you have issues with sound synchronization.

How to program and pair a DirecTV remote

Before connecting the DirecTV remote, you need to program it. Here is how you can program a DirecTV universal remote for an HD receiver or HD DVR.

  • Press Menu on the remote.
  • Select Parental Favs & Setup.
  • Choose System Setup.
  • Select Remote or Remote Control.
  • Select Program Remote.
  • Choose the device you want the remote to control. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

List of DirecTV error codes and how to fix them

When using DirecTV, you may come across several errors. When this happens, scroll down to the specific error that your TV displays and apply the solutions we have provided.

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1. Error code 775

Error code 775 on DirecTV means an interruption has occurred between the receiver and the satellite dish. You can correct it by checking your receiver connections to resolve the issue.

  • Secure all connections on the back of the receiver, starting with the SAT-IN cable.
  • Reset the SWiM Power Inserter by removing it from the electrical outlet, wait for 15 seconds, and plug it back in.

If the above does not work, consider contacting customer support to schedule a service call.

2. Error code 771

Whenever you encounter Error Code 771 on DirecTV, it means your dish is not communicating well with the satellite. Here is how you can fix it:

  • Go to the back of your receiver.
  • Make sure you have secured all the cable connections.
  • Secure the SAT-IN cable and check any loose adaptors.
  • Unplug the SWiM power inserter attached to the DirecTV cable coming from your dish.
  • Wait for 15 seconds.
  • Plug it back in. Ensure to avoid plugging the SWiM power inserter into a power outlet that you can turn off.

If you can see your satellite dish outside, ensure nothing is blocking the line of sight from the equipment to the sky.

3. Error code 615

Error code 615 on DirecTV occurs because of a connection issue. You will see it when your equipment is not communicating with the primary Genie receiver.

That can occur because you replaced the Genie DVR or the wireless video bridge lost power or is restarting.

Here is what to do:

  • Your TV screen will show you some prompts when the error occurs.
  • Follow them to fix the issue.
  • Or, hit the Reset button on the receiver or wireless video bridge.
  • Ensure all cables on the receiver are not loose.

When you press the red Reset button, give your device up to ten minutes to reconfigure.

4. Error code 927

You will encounter error 927 when processing downloaded On-demand movies or shows. The best fix for this issue is to delete the recording and try downloading it again.

If you continue getting the same problem, contact a support agent.

5. Error code 928

Error code 928 occurs when your wireless video bridge is not working well. You can start to fix it by resetting the connection for your Genie receiver.

  • Push the red reset button on the Genie receiver.
  • Wait for up to ten minutes for the system to restart.
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Once you see two green lights, the system will be ready. You can turn your TV on and continue watching content.

6. Error code 936

The best way of fixing error code 936 on DirecTV is to contact customer support. Since it is a technical issue, use 800.288.2020.

You can also reach the service on social media or initiate an online chat through its website. Do the same if you are getting error code 931.

7. Error code 86

Error code 86 means you are unable to connect to the internet. Many DirecTV troubleshooting codes related to internet connectivity issues occur because:

  • You have turned off the router.
  • The router is not functioning well.
  • The connection from the receiver to the router failed.
  • You do not have an internet connection despite network connectivity.
  • You have an issue with configuring your router or receiver network settings.

If DirecTV is not connecting after trying out the solutions above, then you need to reset the receiver settings. You can do that by navigating to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Internet Setup > Advanced Setting > Reset Network.

After the above steps, re-enter the network settings. You can also reconnect your DirecTV HD DVR to the internet by doing the following:

  • Press Menu on the remote.
  • Under Settings, select Reconnect Now.

Follow the on-screen prompt by selecting YES.

8. Error code 612

When your DirecTV equipment is not communicating well with the Genie receiver, it will prompt error codes 611, 612, or 613. You can troubleshoot it in different ways:

  • Follow the prompts displayed on your TV screen to fix the problem.
  • Press the red reset button on the back of your receiver.

A reset will fix many issues with the device and allow you to continue watching content.

9. Error code 750

Code 750 on DirecTV is a Service Not Active error. It occurs when you are trying to access HD content to view OTA channels.

The only fix is to ensure to have HD access. If you are getting the problem by mistake, consider resetting your receiver.

Wrapping up

Most errors on DirecTV come with a corresponding error code. When you get any of the many DirecTV error codes, you will know the exact cause of the problem.

That will make it easy for you to fix it using the instructions in this DirecTV troubleshooting guide. But if you do not see an error code and you have no way of fixing it, contact customer support for further assistance.

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