Top 10 Christian TV streaming services in 2024

Although major streaming platforms such as Netflix have tens of Christian movies, you have to go through lots of content, some with suggestive thumbnails, before finding the right content.

This not only makes it hard for Christian parents to search for educative content for their kids, but it also exposes the children to unsuitable material.

In fact, Netflix once added a movie, Cuties, which was a subject of controversy due to the way it depicted young girls. As a result, many people signed a petition to ban the movie, but it was not removed.

Fortunately, many Christian TV streaming services filter all the fluff to give believers a pure form of entertainment.

These are the best Christian TV streaming services

We’ve done a thorough research and tested multiple Christian streaming platforms to identify those that have family-friendly content for Christian families.

From our research, these are the 10 best Christian TV streaming services.

1. Pure Flix


Pure Flix is home to positive entertainment, classics, and contemporary Christian movies. As a premium entertainment platform, it has a paywall.

However, once paid, you can access the biggest Christian video library yet. The subscription also removes ads.

For better navigation, Pureflix has different columns. For instance, seeing the most-watched movies on the platform is easy.

Also, the algorithm is advanced, and you will get movie suggestions depending on your content preferences.

2. Crossflix Plus

Crossflix Plus

Crossflix Plus is a premium platform for watching the best Christian movies. The service has contemporary Christian movies, animated films, comedy shows, and documentaries.

The subscription-based platform also allows you to download movies as opposed to only streaming.

The founders, Alan Mehrez and his wife, are movie directors and producers. Thanks to their experience, all the videos on Crossflix are high-quality and classics.

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It is available on all streaming platforms. However, if you prefer the web version, you can watch all the content from the website.

3. RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a diverse Christian streaming service. Like most streaming platforms, it has different content options for different subscribers.

For example, RightNow Media has preaching shows by prized preachers. Also, the platform has Christian commentaries on current world topics.

The pricing on RightNow Media is also innovative. Unlike pricing based on content access, it allows you to access all their content, but the more you watch content, the higher the monthly subscription.

It is available on all streaming platforms. Besides, you can access the platform on mobile, both on iOS and Android.

We’ve written a detailed guide on activating RightNow Media on different devices. Be sure to check it out.

4. Yippee


Yippee is a Christian version of Disney Channel. The platform has tens of new shows that are fun to watch and learn. In total, the platform has more than 1,000 hours’ worth of content.

The most popular show on the platform, New Veggie Tales, is exclusively on Yippee.

While Yippee is a subscription-based platform, new subscribers can enjoy a free trial. The one-month trial allows you to access all the premium content for free.

In case you love Yippee as a platform, you can start paying for the monthly subscription.

5. UP Faith

Up Faith & Family

UP Faith is a family-centered entertainment platform. The faith-based entertainment platform has movies and shows for everyone.

For example, it has a growing collection of black films (and TV shows), Christian movies, children’s content, and documentaries.

Besides its impressive collection of content, the UP Faith is one of the best Christian streaming services based on customization.

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Since it has diverse content, you can curate your account and watch only the shows you love. Similarly, you can download videos and shows on your mobile and watch them later.

6. Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures is the fastest-growing faith-based platform. While the platform’s main target is the Latter-day Saints families, any Christian will enjoy its diverse content.

Living Scriptures has one of the most diverse collections of Christian movies. The movies range from inspirational films to animated scripture stories. Also, the platform has church documentaries and values-based shows for children.

You can access Living Scriptures on different platforms. It is available on Roku, Chromecast, Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Android TV. Although it is a subscription-based platform, all new subscribers get free one-month access.

7. HisChannel

HisChannel is a diverse platform with all content relevant to the Christian communities.

For example, it is one of the few Christian streaming channels that have curated news bulletins for Christians. The service also has talk shows on different subjects but with a Christian perspective.

However, HisChannel is popular for its Teaching and Church segment. It features popular preachers such as Hal Lindsey, Dr. David Jeremiah, and John MacArthur.

The segment has Christian movies and documentaries featuring the famous Bill Graham series on Heaven and Life.

HisChannel is available on all streaming platforms. Alternatively, you can watch all content on its web version for free.

8. Dove Channel

Dove Channel

The Dove Channel has contemporary and classic Christian content for believers. Although the platform is subscription-based, Dove Channel has a free version that has Christmas movies and children’s animations.

However, the premium version is worth the money for more movies and documentaries.

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Besides diverse content for Christians, Dove Channel has clean contemporary movies that are ideal for family viewing.

The action and adventure movies are not violent for children, and the scripts are perfect for Christians, although they are not delivered from the bible.

9. Minno

Minno is a Christian version of Netflix, but for children. The subscription-based platform has one of the biggest collections of classic content, such as Owlegories and 3-2-1 Penguins.

Besides, the platform has contemporary content such as animated Bible stories and worship songs.

Minno also has content for Christian parents. The parenting blogs and collection of children’s books assist parents in bringing up godly children.

It is available online on tvOS, Roku, Android, and iOS. The standard subscription, which is $6.99 per month, allows you to access more than 150 shows.

10. Answers in Genesis

The Answers in Genesis is a partially free Christian streaming service with an interesting collection of shows. Unlike the mainstream platforms, all the content on Answers in Genesis is clean and perfect for family consumption.

The platform has educational materials with a key interest in educating Christians on key concepts such as creation, science, and evolution. Complex topics are simplified in knowledge-packed videos.

The new shows, such as Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, have also made the platform ideal for young Christian parents. Also, Answers in Genesis has animated biblical stories for children.


The ten Christian TV streaming services highlighted above are family and children-friendly.

Unlike mainstream platforms, all the videos and shows on the streaming platforms are faith-based, educative, and entertaining.

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