Top 10 Locast alternatives for free live TV

Locast lets you live stream over-the-air television stations in select cities. You can get local channels, prime-time network shows, local news, documentaries, features, and sports at no cost.

Although Locast is free, the company encourages users to donate funds to help cover the cost of bringing you local content. You can still access the channels after activation, whether you donate or not.

But are there alternatives to Locast for free live TV?

Locast is not the only online service that allows you to access local news through your TV. Many websites are available that let you stream a host of programs directly to your phone or TV.

You can use them to watch the news and sports for free if you have a stable internet connection.

10 Locast alternatives that let you watch live TV for free

If you are ready to cut the cord and switch to a live TV streaming service, here are some alternatives to Locast that are worth considering.

1. AiryTV

Image: airy

Airy TV is an entertainment destination for free TV, movies, and comedy. You can stream anime, sports, and top programs from different providers.

The service also allows you to access local channels to stream live on your device.

Airy TV lets you stream what you want. It does not give you random TV content or programs to watch. Airy TV is free to watch.

You can download its app on your mobile device and stream local channels without fees.

Download AiryTV: Android | Apple | Amazon | Browser Live Stream

2. fuboTV

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Photo: fuboTV

fuboTV gives you the cheapest way to stream local channels and sports. It offers a comprehensive lineup of networks, including many niche sports.

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You can watch live sports events like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA college football, NCAA college basketball, and soccer.

fuboTV has over 100 TV channels. It features networks like ABC, ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, and regional networks. You can also access over 10,000 hours of on-demand TV shows and movies.

Although the service is premium, it gives you a free trial to get started.

Download fuboTV: Roku | Apple | Android | Amazon Fire TV

3. Haystack TV

Haystack tv
Image: haystack

Haystack TV is one of the best apps to stream local TV. Its over 300 channels give you access to local and global news.

The service offers an excellent option of free streaming various coverage on your device.

You can use its app to choose the content you want by category, topics, or sources. Furthermore, you can explore channels like international news, business, or weather.

It also has many dedicated channels and options to select essential news topics and trends.

Download Haystack TV: Android | Apple | Roku | Amazon Fire TV

4. LocalBTV

Image: localbtv

LocalBTV is an application that plays free local TV on your mobile device, connected TV, or tablet.

The service is available in a few states, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Philadelphia.

Unlike Locast, LocalBTV does not include channels from national networks.

However, it has more than 25 local channels and programs. You can also stream comedies, family-friendly TV shows, and classic TV.

Furthermore, the service has stations in different languages, which you can access depending on what is available in your locality.

Download LocalBTV: Roku | Apple | Amazon Fire TV | Android

5. Local Now

Local Now
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Local Now is an online service that lets you stay connected to what is happening near you. It is one of the best platforms for accessing free local channels.

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You can get local news, weather, and more.

The service has over 200 local streams to find the information and news that is most relevant to you. You can stream current events, national news, and even business reviews.

Local Now is available on mobile devices, connected TV, and tablets.

Download Local Now: Apple | Android

6. NewsOn

Image: newson

NewsOn is a streaming service similar to Locast, allowing you to watch live local TV newscasts. It has over 270 trusted local news stations across the USA.

You can access its services without a cable subscription or login requirements.

With NewsOn, you can stream local news and the previous newscast for up to 48 hours and watch news clips.

It is also the best platform for catching up with breaking news coverage or stories in your area and nationally. You can access all local stations regardless of your current location.

Download NewsOn: Roku | Android | Apple | Amazon Fire TV

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV
Image: Plutotv

Pluto TV gives you over 250 channels, including local news networks.

It is one of the best free live TV streaming sites for accessing thousands of movies, TV shows, and other programs. You can use it to catch up with breaking news, live sports, and more.

With Pluto TV, you will get instant headlines from news outlets like NBC News, CNN, CBSN, and more.

Local coverage of networks like CBSN New York, CBSN Los Angeles, and more are also available. You can stream all available channels without a subscription or logging in.

Download Pluto TV: Android | Apple | Amazon Fire TV | Roku

8. Stirr

Image: KHQA

Stirr is a free service that gives you access to over 100 channels. It features the latest in entertainment, live music performances, breaking news, live local events, national and local news, and more.

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You can also stream movies, documentaries, cult classics, and classic TV series.

Stirr is available on the web, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

The application has many features that allow you to stream local channels with ease. It does not require any subscriptions to start watching its program lineup.

Download Stirr: Apple | Android | Roku | Amazon Fire TV

9. WeatherNation

Image: weathernationtv

WeatherNation is a platform that provides real-time weather news. You can use it to access local weather news for free without trials or subscriptions.

The service streams its content around the clock and covers nationwide and international weather.

The streaming service also features video forecasts on-demand with regional breaking weather news, specialty shows, and travel information.

You can access WeatherNation on your preferred streaming device. It is available on mobile phones, Roku, and the web.

Download WeatherNation: Amazon Fire TV | Android | Apple

10. Xumo

Xumo TV
Image: xumo

Xumo is a streaming platform that gives you over 160 channels and a vast streaming library.

You can watch thousands of movies, 24/7 network news, TV shows, family-friendly and educational kids programming, and comprehensive sports coverage. All the services are available for free.

You can access Xumo on your preferred streaming device. That will give you access to intuitive features and a hassle-free experience of watching local TV.

Xumo is one of the best Locast alternatives because you do not need to register to watch your favorite programs.

Download Xumo: Android | Apple | Roku | Amazon Fire TV


If you are looking for the best Locast alternatives, consider using Haystack TV, NewsOn, Pluto TV, or Local Now.

The online platforms will allow you to stream local news and watch sports and other programs at no cost. Furthermore, you can access their programs on your mobile device, Smart TV, or web.

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  1. Locast was shut down because they abused their 5013c charity status by forcing people to pay to not be harassed by advertisements. What they did was interrupt the stream you were viewing every 10 to 15 minutes and if you were not subscribed they would put you back on the menu instead of the stream you were watching. They abused people and spit in the face of the major networks “welcoming a lawsuit, which the big networks were more than happy to oblige and give them”. Locast was shut down for being greedy bastards. Too bad.

  2. I contacted locast and suggested they created a non-profit Cooperative with a yearly membership fee. Their service was great! I do miss them.

  3. Gesele I was in the same boat as you. I signed up and started using it in August. Loved the concept, since I was moving into an apartment in September. I only got to use it for like a day before they shut it down. I was so annoyed. Now I have to rely on ota, which sucks bc the only channel I use most often is ABC and it doesn’t even come in at all.

    I would so start a petition, however wouldn’t know where to start one.

  4. Is there any chance that Locast will return? I just started using it in August! I have an OTA, but the service was so much more stable. Darn shame

  5. Yes these MAY let you watch things “local” to you (I’m not able to find my local channels, the closest I can finding Florida is Miami…AND THAT’S ON THE OPPOSITE COAST!). On Locast I was able to watch ACTUAL local news, nightly news, tv shows on abc, cbs, NBC, CW etc. Locast I guess picked up whatever signal was closest to me.

    All of these are not TRULY live in real time, Locast was. Can any suggest something that offers live in real time channels similar to locast please?

    • I agree. I was getting the service for free which it provides to elders on Social Security. It was a great service, and offering it for absolutely nothing to those in need, who can’t afford the money monger cable companies.


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