Fix Hulu error code P-DEV302 – a quick guide

Hulu is among the best streaming applications available today. As a subscriber, you can watch lots of movies and TV shows anytime.

But like the others, users can routinely encounter problems when watching videos. A common problem you may have encountered is the Hulu error code P-DEV302.

This is an error many people have encountered on their Vizio Smart TV, computer, phone, tablet, and as other applications. We first encountered it through a question by a user on the Hulu forum as far as in May.

Since then, there have been many more people experiencing the error and Hulu is yet to provide an official solution. What we noted though is that it mostly occurs on Vizio TVs.

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When the issue occurs, it becomes impossible for you to play videos. Many people have tried different methods to fix the problem. For example, some reset their internet connectivity, change their HDMI port, and even check updates with no avail.

How to fix Hulu error P-DEV302

Try out these fixes if you are experiencing error P-Dev302:

1. Consider basic troubleshooting

You can resolve the error through basic troubleshooting. According to Hulu, troubleshooting steps will vary depending on the issue.

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For this error, you must visit General Help. You should then choose the specific behavior from the list provided and follow the steps to fix it.

2. Download the most recent update

If you are encountering error P-DEV302 on Hulu on your Vizio Smart TV, you need to update the app to ensure you are using the latest version. You can update the app by removing and then reinstalling it. Follow the steps below.

  • Press the VIA or V button on your remote
  • Select Hulu and then press the yellow button
  • Hit Update if available
  • If an update is not available, select Delete App
  • Hit OK and to continue
  • Go to the App Store
  • Search Hulu and install a new version

Allow the installation to complete. After installation, go to the app and try again.

3. Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV

An extreme fix for the Hulu error P-dev302 error on Vizio TV would be to reset the smart TV. That is a solution you should go for if the basic troubleshooting steps fail. Vizio has both a soft and hard reset option. For a soft reset:

  • Switch the smart TV off
  • Leave if for about 30 seconds
  • Turn it back on

The steps will clear memory leaks and allow residual charges to break up. The TV will restart and fix many issues with it. But once you complete a soft reset, all the permanent settings on the TV will remain as before.

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Unfortunately, other persistent problems with it will also remain. That is why a hard reset is what you need.

  • Press the menu button on the remote
  • Go to System
  • Select OK
  • Select Reset & Admin then OK
  • Find Reset TV to Factory Defaults then hit OK
  • If you have a lock code, enter it
  • Select Reset
  • The TV will turn off

After a hard reset, it will force the Vizio Smart TV to download the most recent updates. It will also reset the software or configuration to its factory defaults. You will clear memory leaks and fix many issues with your TV, including the Hulu error.

Fixed P-Dev302 error?

Whenever you encounter Hulu playback error, you should consider basic troubleshooting steps to try and fix it. If you are unable to fix the p-dev302 error on Hulu, contact the company for help as this could be an issue with their servers.

We will, therefore, keep updating this post with new solutions and if Hulu provides a better fix to the problem, you’ll find it here first.

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