Fix Hulu subtitles not working on Roku, PS4, Firestick, Apple TV

Hulu has many movies and episodes recorded in foreign languages. That means you must load subtitles if you want to follow the films in your language.

But in recent times, people have noticed the subtitles are not working despite turning them on through the options menu. Several reasons can be behind Hulu subtitles not working.

In most cases, you will just need to switch closed caption off then on and they will resume working well. If this doesn’t work, you will be required to carry out extra fixes as explained in this guide.

Solutions to the Hulu subtitles not working issue

  1. Ensure subtitles are turned on
  2. Update Hulu
  3. Update your device’s firmware
  4. Try on another device
  5. Contact support

Check out our detailed explanations for these solutions.

Method #1: Ensure subtitles are turned on

The first way to fix the subtitles not working on Hulu is to turn the option on. Turning subtitles on is easy if you are streaming on using a desktop or laptop computer.

How to turn on or off subtitles on Hulu

In the video player of your desktop computer:

  • Hover the cursor over the gear icon
  • Click on Subtitles and Captions
  • Select On or Off – If the subtitles option is off, turn it on to fix the error.
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If you are using a TV-connected device such as Apple TV, go to Settings and select Subtitles and Captions. Choose your preferred option of either turning subtitles ON or OFF.

Hulu subtitles error

Method #2: Update Hulu

If your Hulu app is out of date, you will experience many streaming problems including Hulu captions not working. You can fix such issues by updating your Hulu app.

The streaming app is supported by many devices. Some of these include Fire Tablet, Android phone, tablet, and TV, Xbox 360, and Chromecast. As such, visit the support page to know how to update your specific app.

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Method #3: Update your device’s firmware

If your device’s firmware is outdated, you will experience many software and programming issues. For example, the latest Hulu app may not be compatible with your device’s firmware.

The incompatibility can cause Hulu captions error, or you may experience buffering issues. Update Hulu firmware to enjoy using the streaming app.

Method #4: Play Hulu on another device

You should consider playing Hulu on another device if you are getting the Hulu captions not working error.

Streaming on a different device can help you to determine whether your device has an issue or Hulu has a problem with their subtitles option. It is the fastest and easiest way of fixing the problem.

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Method #5: Contact support

If the steps above fail and you are still getting the error, contact the Hulu support team. You will first have to sign in to your account to contact the customer care services.

Alternatively, you can use their toll-free number or send them a message via their social media pages. Ensure to mention how long the closed caption on Hulu problem has been occurring. Also, specify the steps you have taken to resolve them and the type of device you are using.

Hopefully, this guide will help you solve the Hulu subtitles not working problem. If the above solutions do not work, contact support services for more troubleshooting. But first, ensure you update Hulu or your device’s firmware or use a different device for a quick fix.

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