Who makes Hisense TVs? Everything you need to know

Hisense is one of the most popular TV brands globally, mainly because of its aggressive pricing approach. The company makes impressive TVs for everyday use and special needs such as gaming. Besides its unique pricing strategy, the brand is available worldwide.

Is Hisense made by Sharp? No. However, the two companies have a business relationship. For example, Hisense acquired Sharp’s assets and market share in North America in 2015.

Since then, it has used Sharp’s brand in North America to design and make TVs. But Sharp has never made Hisense TVs.

So, who makes Hisense TVs? All Hisense TVs are designed and manufactured by Hisense Private Limited Company, unlike most brands that designate manufacturing and designing processes. The company has also invested in factories worldwide, to improve its global footing.

About Hisense TV

Hisense is a Chinese company founded in 1969. Since then, it has grown to two companies, Hisense Kelon Electrical and Hisense Electrical.

The two sister entities are currently listed in China’s major stock markets. Through the two companies, Hisense owns two of the world’s biggest electronics brands, Hisense and Toshiba.

Besides being a profitable company, Hisense is one of China’s biggest contributions to the tech world. It is in over 160 countries thanks to unique products and unmatched pricing.

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Are Hisense and TCL the same company? No. Although the two companies have an almost similar approach to growth, marketing, and pricing, they are different.

TCL was formed in 1981, 11 years after Hisense. In the recent past, Hisense has also registered more revenue than TCL. However, they both have their roots in China.

Hisense vs similar TV brands

Hisense TVs lineup
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Hisense exists in a market full of high-end brands and budget sets. So, how do they compare against other brands?

1. Hisense vs TLC

Due to similarities in pricing and technologies, tech reviewers have long pointed out that Hisense and TLC are almost identical.

The two also have unmatched picture quality for budget TVs. Based on their similarities, the choice between Hisense and TCL boils down to your personal preferences.

2. Hisense vs Vizio: Which is better?

The two TV brands have many similarities. For example, they are synonymous with budget TVs. However, they have taken different paths in the past three years.

Hisense, for instance, has put more resources in developing better OS compared to Vizio. As a result, its features and functionalities are more user-friendly. Vizio, on the other hand, has become the best, among the two, in terms of picture quality.

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Based on these features and the competitive pricing, Hisense is better than Vizio. However, if you are interested in color accuracy, the Vizio TV series will not disappoint.

Is Hisense a good TV brand?

Yes. The Chinese TV company makes some of the best budget TVs. Even though some of the traditional TV brands such as Sony and Samsung have cheaper sets, Hisense has an unmatched balance between specs and pricing.

Besides pricing, here are some of the factors that make Hisense TVs worth buying:

1. Impressive picture quality

Hisense TVs have excellent picture quality. While it is unfair to compare the quality with high-end brands such as Samsung and Sony, you do not have to spend over $1000 to get a quality display.

2. Innovative features and functionality

Hisense TVs are mainly on Android OS. The ecosystem is smooth and intuitive for everyday use.

Also, the Chinese company has made adjustments to its H9F series for a better motion rate. So, the sets are ideal for gaming and everyday use.

3. Best warranty on budget TVs

Do Hisense TVs have a warranty? Yes. Unlike most brands selling budget sets, Hisense has good warranty offerings for its customers.

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While the company has different offerings in different regions, most TVs have up to three years’ warranty.

2. Reparability

Thanks to Hisense’s approach to engineering, its sets are easy to repair. The parts, especially the panels, are also readily available compared to other brands.


With the saturation of the TV market, competition for budget sets has been on the rise. However, few companies can match Hisense’s aggressive approach to pricing. The Chinese company also makes excellent TVs in terms of OS and usability.

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