Vizio TV remote is not working? How to fix

If your Vizio TV is not responding to the remote or you’ve identified that the remote is not working, this troubleshooting guide will come in handy.

The most common issues with the Vizio TV remote include the channel change buttons not working, the inability to change the volume, or the entire remote not being able to control the TV.

These issues aren’t just restricted to older remotes –they can occur even in a new remote. So, what’s the problem, and how do you fix it?

Well, we’ve identified these main causes:

  • Drained batteries or dirty terminals.
  • An object is blocking the sensor.
  • The remote has lost its memory.
  • Some of the buttons are jammed or stuck
  • External factors like network service and data broadcasting may interfere with the functions of the Vizio TV remote.
  • The remote is old or damaged.

Let’s discuss these solutions in detail.

1. Check the batteries

Batteries should have enough power to operate a Vizio TV remote. If they have no power or are drained, insert new batteries into the remote and try again. Avoid mixing new and old batteries.

A Vizio remote with 2 AA batteries.

You should also install the batteries correctly. The positive and negative ends should be in their respective positions.

You can also try removing the batteries and leaving them out for at least one minute. Then, reinsert them and see whether the remote works.

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2. Check the remote battery terminals

The remote battery terminals may be dirty, resulting in the Vizio TV remote not working. In that case, try the following:

  • z from their compartment.
  • Clean the terminals with a solution of alcohol. Ensure to use a soft cloth or cotton bud to clean.
  • If your Vizio TV remote buttons are not working, clean them, too, using the alcohol solution.

You can now reinsert the batteries into their compartment and try again.

3. Reset the Vizio TV remote

You can reset a Vizio TV remote to improve its memory. The best way of resetting the device is to power cycle it. Here is how:

  • Remove the batteries from their compartment.
  • Press every button on the Vizio remote at least once.
  • Reinsert the batteries into their compartment.
  • Use the remote to change a channel and determine if it works.

You can also press and hold the power button for at least five seconds instead of pressing all the buttons after removing the batteries.

That is because holding the power button helps drain residual power in the remote. In addition, when pressing the buttons, check for any stuck buttons.

Alternatively, if you use a Vizio universal remote, you can reset the device to factory settings and start anew. Do the following:

  • Press and hold the V button on the remote for five seconds.
The V button on a Vizio remote.
  • The LED should flash twice and remain lit.
  • Press 91919 using the Number Buttons on the remote.
  • After entering the last digit, the LED will flash twice and then turn off.
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You have now set your remote to factory default.

4. Check your TV

You could be dealing with a problematic TV if the above steps failed. But to be sure, you have to control the TV manually.

Generally, most Vizio TVs have buttons in hard-to-find places. They can be on the back, bottom, or bottom-left corner.

Once you know where the buttons are, do the following:

  • Press any button to see whether the TV responds to its function.
  • If you cannot operate the buttons, check the standby light to determine if it is ON.
  • If the standby light is OFF, ensure you have connected your TV to the power source.
  • But if the power is ON and the buttons do not work, you must consider external factors as the reason your Vizio TV is not working.

External factors could be the network, data, and a connected device interfering with the remote. You can improve it by resetting your TV.

Do the following:

  • Unplug the power cord from your Vizio TV.
  • Hold down the power button on the TV for 15 seconds.
  • If the power button is not on your TV, leave it unplugged for 15 seconds. 
  • Reconnect the power cord, and power on your TV. 
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You can now use the remote to operate the TV.

5. Check for any obstacles in front of the TV

Vizio TVs have a remote sensor that works with the remote sensor to pass data or commands. If something in front of the TV blocks the sensors, the remote will not work.

Therefore, remove the object to give the remote a clear line of sight to the sensor on the TV.

The sensor is located at the bottom left or bottom right corner of the TV.

6. Use a different remote

If you have tried all the steps above, but your remote does not work, use a different Vizio TV remote. This is assuming that you can access a different remote.

However, if the second remote works, then you need to get a new remote for your TV. If you are under warranty, contact Vizio and request a replacement remote. Otherwise, order a new remote.

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