Does Vizio Smart TV have an internet browser?

Besides endless entertainment options, Smart TVs allow users to surf the web.

While the experience is not as smooth as on your PC or phone, browsing with your TV is a quick alternative to check websites on the go. You can browse with your Vizio Smart TV, regardless of its model or year of release.

So, does Vizio Smart TV have an internet browser? Unfortunately, Vizio does not have a full native browser for its TVs.

Unlike other brands such as Samsung, the TV does not come with a pre-installed app to surf the web. Lack of a native app for this purpose does not mean you cannot use your Smart TV to browse. There are tons of options that will work seamlessly.

How to browse the web on a Vizio TV

Here are two ways to surf the web on the go with your Vizio Smart TV:

1. Use a third-party browser on a Vizio Smart TV

Since Vizio does not have a native internet browser for its Smart TVs; you must use a third-party app to browse the internet on your television.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of browsers customized for web surfing on Vizio TVs.

Different browsers behave differently on various models. However, the best browsers for Vizio TV, regardless of model and year of the release, include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Puffin
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The four browser works similarly and features among the best browsers for streaming. Therefore, any choice from the above apps will work perfectly for you.

You can use or install your favorite browsing app using any of these two methods.

Download the browsing app on the available store

One of the best ways to get Google on Vizio Smart TV is by installing the Chrome app from the available store.

While Vizio has different app stores for different models, they all have many browsing apps.

Here’s how to install a browser on Vizio TV (regardless of the TV model):

  • Check whether the internet connection is stable (if it is stable and strong, proceed)
  • On your remote, click the ‘V’ button
  • Select the available app store on your Smart TV (different sets will have different app stores)
  • Click ‘OK’ to launch the app store
  • Search your preferred browsing app
  • Click ‘OK’ to select the app
  • Select the “Install app” option
  • Click ‘OK’ to confirm

However, if the downloaded Vizio Smart TV web browser is incompatible with your set, use the SmartCast option below.

Use a browsing app via SmartCast

The best way to use your favorite internet browser on Vizio TV is through SmartCast. To connect the browser:

  • Ensure that your phone and TV are connected to the same connection
  • Download the Smart Cast app on your mobile device (it is available on iOS and Android).
  • Pair the download app with your TV’s SmartCast
  • Open the browsing app on your phone
  • Select the cast icon (on top of your device)
  • You can now browse on your Vizio Smart TV through your mobile device
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Compared to downloading a third-party browser on your Vizio Smart TV, casting the app has many advantages. For example, the websites are well-customized.

Also, browsing through Smart Cast minimizes the chances of subjecting your set to malware, which may make it vulnerable to future glitches.

2. Connect the Smart TV to a browsing device via PC cable unit or Cat5

If SmartCast is not working as it should or has a bug, you can still browse with your Smart TV by connecting it to any device that supports a PC cable unit or Cat5.

In this case, you do not need to install drivers or supportive apps for your TV to display web pages.

When connecting your Vizio Smart TV (via Cat5 or PC cable unit) to a browsing device, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Also, the cables used should not have any default to avoid annoying lugs when displaying web pages.


The above steps show how to Google on Vizio via different means. While Vizio Smart TV does not have a native internet browser, you can install a third-party app for browsing.

Using a different browser comes with a fair share of challenges, ranging from non-optimized websites to glitches.

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