Vizio TV keeps turning off by itself: Reasons and solutions

Does your Vizio TV keep turning itself off? Are you wondering what could be the issue? Many Vizio TV owners experience this issue where their TVs turn off or restart randomly.

There are many reasons your Vizio TV is turning off by itself or restating. For example, you could have the Auto-Off feature enabled, which shuts the TV after a certain period when it is powered on.

Other reasons include faulty remote control, power surge, overheating, overloaded memory, or motherboard damage.

Below, we have compiled detailed information on possible issues that cause your Vizio TV to keep turning off.

We have also detailed several troubleshooting tips and solutions to help you identify and fix the problem.

Why does Vizio TV keep turning off?

The following are issues that could be causing your Vizio TV to keep turning off or restarting:

  • Effect of Auto-Off and other power-saving features of the Vizio TV
  • Faulty TV remote
  • Interference from other connected devices
  • Overloaded internal memory
  • Glitches or bugs in the TV software
  • Out-of-date TV firmware
  • A power surge caused by defective extension cords
  • Overheating of the TV internal components
  • Corrupted TV settings
  • Damaged internal components

How to fix Vizio TV keeps restarting error?

Vizio TV
Photo: Vizio

If you are dealing with a Vizio TV that keeps turning off or restarting, the following troubleshooting tips can come in handy:

1. Check that your remote is not faulty

A faulty TV remote is one of the significant reasons a TV keeps turning itself off or restarting.

There are a few ways in which a defective remote can cause your Vizio TV to turn off:

  • If the remote is faulty and sending out a power-off signal without being pressed.
  • When the remote’s power button is stuck and thus keeps turning your TV on and off.
  • If the remote’s button signals are crossed, pressing another button (other than the power one) causes it to turn off. So, for example, you might find that the Vizio TV turns off when changing input with the remote.
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To figure out if the remote is the issue, remove the remote batteries when the TV is turned on and wait a few minutes.

If the problem stops, the remote is faulty, and you will need a new one.

However, if your TV keeps turning on and off with the remote deactivated, you are dealing with another issue.

2. Disable the Auto Off mode

If you have enabled the Auto Off mode, your Vizio TV will automatically shut off after a set time elapses.

In addition, Vizio TV also has an Eco mode, which can shut off the TV after a while to save power. Disabling the Auto-Off and Eco mode can help to fix the problem.

To disable the Auto-Off mode:

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Auto Power Off
  • Set the feature to off

On the other hand, to disable the Eco Mode:

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Systems
  • Select Power Mode
  • Remove Eco Mode

3. Remove any connected devices

Vizio TV connectors
Image: Vizio

Connecting your Vizio TV to devices such as Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Blu-Ray enhances your entertainment experience.

Unfortunately, glitches in these devices can cause your Vizio TV to experience issues, including regular shutdowns and restarts.

To find out if a connected device is causing the problem, disconnect all of them from your Vizio TV and wait several minutes.

Then, if the issue stops, plug in the device one by one, waiting several minutes after each device. Do this until you identify the one causing your TV to shut down or restart and remove it.

Aside from connected devices, connected remotes via the Vizio HDMI-CEC mode can cause your TV to turn off or restart.

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Therefore, you should also disable the CEC mode on your TV.  To do this:

  • Go to Menu
  • Select System
  • Tap CEC
  • Set it to “Off”

4. Update the TV firmware

Outdated TV firmware can cause several problems, including unscheduled shutdowns or restarts. Updating your TV to the latest firmware eliminates most of these problems.

Firmware updates are usually automatic when your TV is connected to the internet.

However, you can also perform manual updates by going to Menu > System > Check for Updates. Download any new updates and allow them to install on your TV, then restart.

5. Plugin the TV directly to a wall

Power surges are another reason your Vizio TV could be turning off now and then. The problem usually occurs if you have connected your TV to an extension cord – which could be faulty or lack proper current regulation.

You can try plugging your TV directly into a wall outlet instead of an extension cord to see if the problem stops.

It would help if you also used a TV guard, which protects your device from current overload, thus preventing unscheduled shutdown and even damage to the motherboard.

6. Allow your TV to cool down

TVs, especially smart TVs, produce significant heat that must regularly dissipate to avoid overheating.

If your Vizio TV is located poorly in a spot that prevents the heat from escaping, it can overheat. Overheating can also occur if your TV cooling system is faulty.

When the heat becomes too much, most Vizio TVs usually shuts down and will not power back on until they have cooled.

Therefore, if you find that your Vizio tv turns off by itself and won’t turn back on, you might be dealing with an overheating issue.

You can fix overheating by allowing your TV ample time to cool down. It would be best if you also moved it to a well-ventilated spot, where the heat smoothly dissipates away from your device.

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7. Restart and power cycle your TV

Unplug cord

Does your Vizio TV keep turning off after a few seconds? You may be dealing with system glitches. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by rebooting your TV.

A soft reboot using the TV power button can help resolve the issue. However, a hard reset with a power cycle works better, as it can even enable free overloaded memory – another reason your TV could be turning off by itself.

To power cycle your Vizio TV:

  • Turn off the Vizio TV through the hard power button
  • Remove the power cable from the TV or unplug it from the electrical outlet
  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
  • Wait a few minutes (one to two minutes will work, but you can give your TV up to 30 minutes to cool down)
  • Connect the TV to the power outlet and turn it on

After resetting your TV, any temporary glitches and overloaded memory will be cleared, helping fix the issue.

8. Perform a factory reset

If your TV is still turning off, you could be dealing with a more serious issue. In this case, you should consider a factory reset, which wipes all the data and settings, restoring the defaults.

To factory reset your Vizio TV:

  • Bring up the Menu page with your remote
  • Go to System > Reset & Admin
  • Choose “Reset TV to Factory Defaults”
  • Select “Reset” and confirm to complete the process

Leave your TV turned on until the reset is done and the TV turns on, then set it up afresh.


Vizio is a popular TV brand for its quality and affordable TV sets. However, it is not without issues, with the unscheduled powering off being one of the most common problems.

You can fix the issue and enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment experience with the above troubleshooting guide.

However, if none of the above solutions works, you could be dealing with a critical problem such as damaged internal components.

Therefore, you should hire a professional technician to look at your TV. You can also take your TV to the nearest Vizio service center for servicing and repairs.

For any other issues, check out our complete Vizio TV troubleshooting guide.

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