Vizio TV has backlight and sound but no picture? Fix!

Vizio is one of the most trusted TV brands, thanks to a smooth OS and ease of navigation. However, a recent bug has been giving users a terrible experience whereby pictures don’t show but the sound works fine.

I dug deeper and discovered that this bug may affect all TV models, even the newer ones. After more research, this is what I found out:

If a Vizio TV has sound and backlight but doesn’t show pictures, you will need to reset or power cycle it. For issues with sound, refer to this audio troubleshooting guide.

Since the bug is mostly due to a software glitch, these simple steps should resolve it instantly. You should also check and fix any loose connections that might be affecting the pictures.

But this is not all. Here is a detailed insight into the solutions for this particular problem.

How to power cycle a Vizio TV

Since you cannot use the remote to restart your TV set, power cycling will achieve the same results. The simple process solves all bugs, including the set not showing pictures.

To power cycle Vizio TV:

  • Go to the power cord and unplug it
  • Locate the power button on the set’s side and press it for five second
  • Plug the power cord back
  • Switch the TV on

If the problem is a result of a bug, the black screen will disappear. To avoid such glitches in the future, you should do power cycles often. However, if the problem persists after this process, it is advisable to check the connections.

Check all connections

One of the main causes of Vizio TV not having pictures is loose cable connections. If the set is not properly connected, the display may be dim or black.

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To ensure that the cables are well connected:

  • Switch off your set (if it is still on)
  • Inspect HDMI connections if they are well connected
  • Repeat on composite and coaxial connections. If they are loose, fix them
  • Switch on the TV

In some cases, the cables may be worn out. Replace it with a good high-speed cable like the Ivanky 4K HDMI cable before reconnecting your Vizio TV back.

Reset your Vizio TV

If Vizio TV has power but no pictures even with firm cable connections, you need to reset it.

However, the process is different since you cannot use a remote. Fortunately, Vizio TV can still be reset without a remote control.

To reset a Vizio TV that doesn’t show pictures

  • Switch the TV on (if it is off) and locate the buttons on the side
  • Press and hold volume down and input buttons for 15 seconds.
  • Since you cannot see the pop-up banner on the screen, press the input button
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • The TV is now reset to factory default.

In most cases, you will see the picture, and the sound will be audible. Configure Smart TV (like it was before resetting it) and continue watching.

However, if you do not see the picture, the problem is on the power board.

Replace the TV power board

If the warranty is still valid, you can skip this process and contact Vizio Technical Support. Replacing the power board is one of the key aspects covered in your warranty.

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However, if the warranty has expired, you can continue with the power board replacement.

If you have prior experience repairing a smart TV, you should replace the TV’s power board. Most Vizio TVs are repairable, which means you do not need special tools to open up the set and replace some components.

However, to replace the power board, you need the following things:

  • A fitting screwdriver
  • A place to put all the screws to avoid misplacing them
  • A new power board for your specific TV (Available on Amazon)
  • Fuses (in case the TV has blown a fuse)

If you have the three items, replacing the power board is possible. To replace it:

  • Unplug the TV (if it is still plugged on the power)
  • Unscrew the rear screws
  • Locate the TV’s fuses (all Vizio models have five fuses)
  • If some fuses are damaged, replace them
  • Find the wires connected to the board
  • Remove the wires and unscrew the board
  • Remove the old power board and replace it with the new one
  • Connect the wires back
  • Screw back the rear cover

Once you have finished screwing the rear cover back, the TV should have both pictures and sound. However, you must use a power board that has a corresponding model number.

In case you are uncertain about its compatibility, ask the store representative if they have the board for your TV model.

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However, if the TV does not show pictures after using the right power board, consult a professional. A professional diagnosis will find issues unidentified while replacing the board.

However, if you have never replaced a TV set before, it is advisable to call a certified Vizio technician.

Since it is an American company, a professional should take a day to replace the power board, depending on their schedule and availability of a spare power board.

Contact Vizio customer care

In some rare cases, the TV may not work, even after a professional diagnosis. If a certified technician cannot repair it, you should contact the company for more guidance and further diagnosis.

If necessary, you may be forced to ship your set to one of their factories. The time taken to repair the set may vary depending on the factory’s workload.

Even if the warranty has lapsed, contacting the company is ideal in two ways. First, it is the surest way to get authentic spare parts for your Vizio TV.

Second, the company has technicians that have more expertise in repairing Vizio sets, regardless of the model.


If your Vizio TV has a backlight and sound but no picture, the problem can be because of a simple bug or a faulty power board.

Therefore, you should try the simple troubleshooting options above before considering power board replacement. The good thing about Vizio TVs is that they are highly repairable.

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