Who makes Vizio TVs? Is it a good brand?

If you search for an affordable TV brand with modern specs, chances are the first TV you will come across is Vizio. Due to its innovations, picture quality, and competitive pricing, these TVs have become popular in recent years.

But before spending your money, you may want to know who makes Vizio TVs and whether they are worth buying.

Is Vizio an American company?

Yes. It is a US registered company but with a different business model. Despite having a considerable market in North America, Vizio manufactures its products in Asia.

The company has a similar model to Apple, where designing TVs is in the USA, but the actual manufacturing is by OEM companies.

Who makes Vizio TVs?

Unlike its major competitors such as Samsung and Sony, Vizio does not make their TVs directly.

While Vizio works with different OEM manufacturers, AmTran Technology creates most of its units. The Taiwanese company has major operations in Asia where the production cost is relatively lower than in North America.

Apart from lower labor costs, a Vizio smart TV is cheaper due to parts availability in Asia. Owing to these two factors, Vizio has better TVs with newer displays and bleeding-edge specs without making them expensive.

Is Vizio made by Sony?

Due to the quality consistency, people often associate Vizio with Sony.

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However, Sony does not make Vizio TVs despite having similar designs, especially on high-end TVs.

Vizio TV series

Vizio Televisions

Vizio has five different product models. Each one has its target market and, therefore, different sets of features.

For example, the D series is the budget option with 4K Ultra HD screens. However, the picture quality is relatively lower, and the software lags sometimes.

On the other hand, the E series is also a budget option but with improved software that works seamlessly.

Apart from the budget options, Vizio also has M, S, and P series. On top of better price tags, they have added features. Also, Vizio has the P series TV models that have OLED screens.

Do Vizio TVs last long?

Like other LED and LCD, the lifespan of a TV depends on many factors. In an ideal setting, Vizio TVs will last almost the same years as other high-end TVs.

The parts used on these TVs are similar to what other companies use to make their TVs.

Is Vizio a good TV brand?

The definition of a good TV brand has changed over the years.

While the D and E series may have some compromises, especially on display and software, the P, S, and M series make Vizio one of the most innovative TV brands. Keeping these factors into consideration, Vizio is without a doubt a good TV brand.

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Some of the key factors that make Vizio an ideal TV brand include:

1. Better displays

The main reason why Vizio is one of the best-selling TV brands is its better displays. While the picture quality boils down to personal preference, the brand has made major strides to better picture quality.

Aside from using LED and LCD screens, Vizio is currently using OLED screens for its high-end TV series. The advancement in screen technology with minimal changes in pricing makes Vizio a good brand.

2. Connection ports and OS

The availability of more connection ports and competitive pricing make Vizio an ideal brand for most users.

While major brands have reduced the number of ports due to cable management, Vizio minimizes the need to buy dongles and adapters.

SmartCast OS makes the five Vizio TV series worth checking. The new version allows you to navigate genres faster and, more importantly, marking some channels as favorites.

Vizio vs. Samsung: which company makes better TVs?

Compared to five years ago, Samsung and Vizio have many similarities, especially when it comes to the quality of the display. Both companies have TVs with higher refresh rates and better color science.

Aside from these similarities, is Vizio better than Samsung? Yes, Vizio TVs have more ports compared to Samsung. Also, Vizio TVs are budget-friendly with minimal compromises on displays and TV size.

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In addition, the new Vizio TVs have either LED, LCD, or OLED displays combined with SmartCast OS.


Vizio has blurred the line between expensive and budget TVs, thanks to better picture quality and multiple connectivity ports.

The company also continues to expand its market by recently venturing into the flagship market segment with its new line of OLED TVs.


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