Netflix won’t go full screen? How to fix

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers you a wide range of entertainment content (TV shows, movies, and documentaries). The content comes from various broadcast networks, and recently, Netflix has started producing and broadcasting its own material.

Therefore, whenever you are bored at home or just want to relax, you can count on Netflix to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, from time to time, you might run into a few problems that can sour your streaming experience. One of these problems is when you can’t view Netflix on full screen.

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Why is the Netflix full screen mode not working?

There are several reasons why Netflix won’t go full screen.

Top among them include problems with the browser (outdated browser), flash player problems, add-ons and themes incompatibility, cache problems, TV software glitches (when watching on a smart TV), among others.

The issue can be very frustrating, to the point where you might opt not to watch your movie due to the bad viewing experience.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix the problem with simple solutions, thus allowing you to fully enjoy your movies and videos. Below is a look at some of the solutions you should try when you experience full-screen problems on Netflix:

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Solution #1: Using the full screen shortcut “F”

The full screen button on your media player and the double-tap screen option might experience some glitches when watching movies and videos on Netflix.

The full-screen shortcut “F” is another alternative, and it will always work – unless the problem lies somewhere else.

Solution #2: Restarting the browser

Sometimes, a minor glitch can occur with your browser creating some functionality issues – including, affecting the ability to view videos in full screen mode.

Luckily, these glitches can be resolved easily by restarting the browser. Simply close all of the browser’s windows, re-open it, and try watching your video again.

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Solution #3: Clearing cache and cookies

Cookies and other cached data can become corrupted causing a range of problems. To fix the problem, clear cached data, and cookies on your browser and then restart it.

You can also clear Netflix cookies by visiting

Solution #4: Uninstalling unnecessary add-ons and browser features

Add-ons and other browser features can affect your video player application, causing problems with the full screen mode activation.

For example, some content add-ons can interfere with flash player on some browsers, while some theme features can affect full screen mode on Chrome browser.

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To fix the problem, simply remove any unnecessary add-ons, especially the ones you installed just before the Netflix full screen issue started occurring.

Solution #5: Updating browser

Your outdated browser might be the reason why you are experiencing full screen problems on Netflix. Updating your browser to the latest version will help to fix the problem – by optimizing performance and reducing glitches.

In the event that the full screen option is not working after the update, switching to another up-to-date browser can help solve the problem (try using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge).

Solution #6: Updating flash player

Flash player (Adobe Flash Player) is the software that is in use when streaming and viewing videos on your computer.

Therefore, if your flash player is outdated, you are likely to experience a number of problems, including the full screen option not working on Netflix and other video streaming services.

Updating your flash player to the most recent version can help fix the problem.

If you are using Microsoft Silverlight, an alternative plugin to the Adobe Flash Player, you should ensure that it is also updated to the latest version.

Also, you should note that having two similar plugins on your computer can cause glitches when playing your video. Therefore, you should only use Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

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Solution #7: Restarting (rebooting) your TV

A smart TV with a Netflix app allows you to enjoy a better streaming experience. However, the Netflix full screen option on TV can also fail to work, dampening your experience.

Rebooting your TV can, however, help to fix the issue. To reboot, power off the TV using the remote, unplug the power cord for about two minutes, and then plug it in again and power it on.

Some smart TVs also have a restart option in the settings menu, and you can use this to reboot the TV.

Note: If none of the above solutions fix the problem, there are different alternatives that can allow you to enjoy your favorite Netflix movies and videos.

These include watching Netflix on the smartphone, tablets, iPad, another computer, or using internet-enabled set-top boxes or devices that have a Netflix app. If those are still having the same problem, contact Netflix.

Is Netflix full screen not working? Watching videos without the full screen mode is not enjoyable in any way. Luckily with the above solutions, you can be able to resolve the issue, whether on your computer or TV.

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