How to add panels to a Twitch channel

Twitch is home to millions of content creators. One of the features that make these content creators’ channels different is their panels.

Panels are also ideal in customizing call-to-action buttons if a Twitch streamer wants to engage viewers outside the platform.

Therefore, as a new content creator, you should learn how to add panels to Twitch and, more importantly, customize your channel’s theme for more views.

To add panels to Twitch, follow these steps:

Step #1: Create a new panel

Twitch allows you to create different panels for different purposes.

Although different panels have different goals, these are steps for creating a standard new panel.

  • Switch the “Edit Panels” option from OFF to ON. The switch is below your video screen.
  • After switching the editing option ON, you can now create a new Twitch info panel.
  • Click on the + sign
  • Add the panel title
  • Embed an image link to your panel
  • Add a complete description
  • Save the changes by clicking ‘Submit.’

After you have created a new panel, review it. If you are okay with its outlook, switch OFF the editing option below the video screen.

However, it is advisable to polish up the panel using the steps below.

Step #2: Edit your Twitch panels

After creating a Twitch panel and adding all the necessary information, you need to modify it to reflect your channel’s niche.

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Some of the most important recommendations in customizing your Twitch channels include:

(a) Customize your panel’s size

Ensure that the Twitch panel size is per the Twitch guidelines. The optimal size is 320 x 160 pixels.

However, you are free to double the pixel count to 640 x 320 pixels to achieve an HD panel.

(b) Change the text color to match your channel’s theme

The default color on Twitch is #ffffff, but as a content creator, you have the freedom to change it to any color shade. Use the color input and experiment with different colors.

After making the two changes, switch OFF the editing option to check results on the regular page view. If you are not satisfied with the panel’s outlook, repeat the editing process.

After editing, try to reorganize your channel for better results (check the step below).

Step #3: Organize your Twitch panels

After customizing the size of the panel and ensuring the text color reflects your channel’s theme, the next step is organizing the panels.

To organize panels, follow this process.

  • Ensure that the “Edit Panels” option is ON
  • Select the panel you want to move by hovering over it
  • Click the panel you wish to move
  • Release the panel
  • Switch OFF the “Edit Panels” option
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At this stage, the finished panel look should complement your channel’s theme.

The platform allows you to make endless changes — through organizing and re-organizing panels — until you get the best setup Twitch panels.


The three steps help in creating a personalized Twitch channel. Although less customized panels can also attract new viewers to your channel, polished panels are unparalleled in creating an ideal brand on the fast-growing platform.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to add panels to Twitch as well as customize them. If you have any further tips, let us know below!

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