Fix Amazon Prime Video not working & common problems

When watching movies or TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, you may encounter several problems with the service. For example, the video won’t play, keeps skipping, or the video is lagging or stuttering.

The problems can occur on different devices, including smartphones, computers, and TVs. In case you experience any of Amazon Prime Video not working issues, you need to figure out a way of fixing it.

Fixing the problem will be the best option to ensure you continue with your normal viewing and enjoying the experience. The right fix when Amazon Prime Video is not working will depend on the problem at hand.

If you are using Apple TV, we have a specific guide for you.

Fixing issues with Amazon Prime Video

Here is a look at the possible solutions towards issues on all devices.

1. Fix Amazon Prime Video streaming problems

Streaming issues occur because of poor internet connection. When this happens, your content will start buffering or take time to load.

There are several ways of fixing the issue.

  • Run a speed test: It will help you to determine whether your connection is fast to download videos. Visit or to check your internet speeds.
  • Check your video resolution: You may be experiencing problems because you have changed the resolution of your videos. In other words, you can stream standard definition and high-definition movies on Amazon Prime.
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If your speed test is below 1.5Mbps, then the problem is your internet connection. Contact your ISP for a quick fix.

Ideally, you need at least 1.5Mbps to stream SD movies and 3.5Mbps to stream HD movies. We’ve created a detailed guide for fixing insufficient bandwidth on Amazon Prime Video.

You can also fix issues with Amazon prime video streaming by ensuring you have the minimum system requirements.

2. Issues with Smart TV

You may encounter problems when using Amazon Prime on your Smart TV. When this happens, you can fix them by:

  • Restarting your TV to refresh the content
  • Update your Smart TV software
  • Clear data for the Prime Video app

You may also encounter a problem because you are trying to play 4K Ultra HD videos. In most cases, videos will not play because 4K Ultra HD is available on Amazon Fire TV only.

Therefore, you need to upgrade to enjoy the service.

3. Amazon Video app not responding

You may find that nothing happens when selecting the Amazon instant video app to start watching shows. The problem can occur after downloading the app or using it for a long time.

If the app is not responding on your TV, smartphone, or Blu-ray Disc, fix it by ensuring the device is running on the latest software. If not, update the software.

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Also, the app may not appear in the menu of your video device or TV. That indicates the device does not support the app.

Or, you are accessing the Amazon Prime video app from an unsupported country or region.

The best solution is to download the version of the app supported on your device. If you are in an unsupported region, consider using a VPN. However, there is no guarantee a VPN will work.

In most cases, you will have to wait until Amazon is available in that region.

4. Audio Issues

There are cases where the video is playing well on your Amazon Fire TV but no audio can be heard. If you are experiencing sound issues, try the following fixes.

  • Check your device’s volume control
  • Ensure you have plugged in HDMI/Optical connectors
  • Reverse both ends of the cable or use a different HDMI cable
  • Check for breakages in the audio cable

You can also restart your device and check the audio setting on your Fire TV. For more information, check out our guide for fixing audio issues on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Blank TV screen

A blank TV screen can appear when watching videos on Fire TV devices. Sometimes you may see a blue screen or a black screen.

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If the screen is unresponsive, you can get it up and running by:

  • Disconnecting the device from the HDMI port and then plugging it back
  • Replacing the HDMI cable
  • Ensuring you plug all cords into a power source and connecting them to the Fire TV
  • Pressing the input or source button on the remote
  • Ensuring the TV input matches the number or name of the HDMI port on the Fire TV

If the above prime video troubleshooting options do not work, consider resetting your Fire TV to factory settings.

Wrapping up

The best way of fixing Amazon Prime Video not working issues is to determine the underlying problem. If the video is buffering, check your internet connection. On the other hand, the app is unresponsive, consider updating it.

If the Amazon prime video is unavailable in your region, you will be unable to watch movies. If all fixes do not work, contact the Amazon Prime Video support team.

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