Vizio Smartcast won’t start up? Here’s the fix!

Vizio SmartCast allows you to control your entertainment experience. That means you can simultaneously browse and discover music, TV shows, and live streams across multiple applications.

But sometimes that experience can turn into something else when the Smartcast is taking forever to load and won’t just start up.

You may also have encountered a problem whereby your Vizio television displays a message showing SmartCast TV is unavailable.

When Vizio Smartcast is starting up, it should take a few seconds to load content. But if it takes longer than a minute or two, then this means there is a problem that needs fixing. So, what could be the problem?

Why SmartCast is taking too long to load

Your device is loading forever or is not available because:

  • You have not connected your TV to a network
  • Your device has a memory leak
  • Your internet connection is unstable

You may also get a problem if the program you are looking for is unavailable, especially in the case of a live TV event.

How to fix Vizio SmartCast loading problems

If Vizio keeps saying Smartcast is starting up but it is taking longer, you can fix the issue using the following methods:

1. Conduct a soft power-cycle on your TV

You should power-cycle your TV to reinitialize its configuration parameters. That will help it to recover from its unresponsive state. To conduct a soft power cycle on a Vizio TV:

  • Go to Menu using your Vizio remote control
  • Select System
  • Choose Reset and Admin
  • Select Soft Power Cycle
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The unit will power off and restart. Take note of how long it will take to start up.

2. Check your network connection status

If Smartcast still won’t start up, the problem could be happening because you have not connected your device to a network. Thus, verify before proceeding.

  • Go to the Network Menu
  • Run a Test Connection

If the test shows you have not connected to a network or its speed is zero, or unavailable, do the following:

  • Power-cycle your router by unplugging it from the power source
  • Wait for ten minutes then plug back again

Also, check to ensure that you have a stable internet connection, or the signal strength from a hotspot device is strong enough.

3. Switch your Vizio TV to HDMI 1

You can switch your TV to HDMI 1 using the following steps:

  • Locate the Input selection controls on the remote
  • Press the button to display the available inputs
  • Select HDMI 1
  • Wait until the programs load or you see a “No Input” signal

If you see a No Input signal message:

  • Press Menu on your remote
  • Highlight and Select System
  • Select Reset and Admin
  • Tap on Soft Power Cycle

It will shut down the TV and power it back again.

It will have the following message – Smartcast is starting up please wait. Wait for it to disappear for one minute. Next, change your device back to SmartCast input.

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If HDMI connections aren’t responding, check out our troubleshooting article.

4. Factory-reset the TV

If Smartcast won’t start up yet after conducting all the steps above, you will have to erase your custom settings. To do this:

  • Press Menu
  • Go to Reset and Admin
  • Select Reset to Factory Settings
  • Select Reset

The next step will be to complete the setup like you did the first time you bought the TV. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to reset a Vizio TV with or without the remote.


When Smartcast is not working, the problem could be you have not connected it to the internet.

If it is taking longer to load, perform a soft power cycle to reinitialize its configuration parameters. Another fix is to factory reset your device and start anew.

If all these fixes don’t work, then contact Vizio Support.

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