How to fix insufficient bandwidth on Comcast/Xfinity

Are you experiencing low bandwidth on your TV? While Comcast’s Xfinity is synonymous with impressive internet speeds, it is prone to bandwidth issues.

The expected package speeds may not match your day-to-day internet speeds. While calling the company is the easiest option for handling bandwidth issues, you can solve most connection issues through the tips below.

So, how do you fix insufficient bandwidth problems on Comcast/Xfinity? First, you need to test the internet speeds on another device.

If the bandwidth is slower than what you pay for, restart the modem. Placing the modern at the center of your home helps to boost the Xfinity wifi signal. If the two options do not increase Comcast bandwidth, upgrade your equipment.

How to troubleshoot Xfinity/Comcast bandwidth issues

Follow these steps to fix bandwidth issues on Xfinity by Comcast.

Step #1: Test the speeds on a different device
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It would be great to test the speeds from a different device to ascertain that the bandwidth issue is from the router.

You can either use a PC or phone to check if the issue is common to all the devices connected to the same network.

  • On your browser, go to
  • Run the speed test

If the speed matches your Xfinity plan, it means your internet needs are higher than what you are paying for. Therefore, upgrading the plan is the best way to fix the issue.

However, if the speed test shows a difference between what you pay and what you are getting, restart your router.

Step #2: Restart your router

Restarting the internet connection is an easy way to handle slower speeds. Apart from debugging your router, a restart will refresh the connection.

To restart the router:

  • Unplug the router
  • Plug back the router after two minutes
  • Try running a speed test

If the issue is due to a router’s bug, you will automatically get faster speeds. However, if the bandwidth is still disappointing, talk to Comcast customer care.

The problem may be common to most customers in your area. Talking to customer service and requesting them to reset your connection helps.

Step #3: Change the router’s position in your house

The router’s position in a home affects the internet connection in different places within your home. So, if you want faster and stable connections to your devices, you should change the router’s position.

Ideally, placing the router at a central place helps to get uniform connection speeds across different rooms in your home.

Also, ensure that your router is in an open space. Thick walls and other electric appliances may affect the internet speeds, even when the router is in a central place.

Step #4: Make adjustments to your internet usage

Even with impressive data speeds and multiple device support, making adjustments to our internet usage helps to fix insufficient bandwidth issues on Comcast.

Some of the adjustments that can help in improving your connections include:

1. Start using a wired connection.

Most Smart TVs accept Ethernet cables as alternatives to a Wi-Fi connection. Unlike wireless connection, the wired option is faster and stable.

Also, the lack of interface between the router and TV makes your connection faster and reliable.

2. Reschedule your gaming sessions

Gaming sessions affect bandwidth, especially if there are other people in the house using the same connection to watch TV.

So, for other internet users to have stable connections, you should consider rescheduling your gaming sessions. You can also learn how to stream gaming sessions with poor internet.

3. Disconnect some devices from your connections

You can fix the bandwidth problem by disconnecting some devices from your connection.

If you are not using some devices such as PCs and phones, disconnecting them helps improve the internet connection.

Step #5: Upgrade your router

If changing the router’s position (and the internet usage) in your home does not improve bandwidth speeds, you are on outdated equipment.

While the router comes as part of the cable’s infrastructure, third-party routers work fine on Comcast’s connections.

A new router will improve data speeds and connection range. Also, a new router helps if you have multiple connections at home.

This detailed guide on modem router combos for Xfinity is a great place to start when shopping for a new router.


While calling Comcast Xfinity customer care is the easiest way to handle bandwidth problems, you should try other options.

For example, restarting the router or changing its position in your home fixes the insufficient bandwidth problem in Comcast. Also, adjusting your internet usage and upgrading your equipment helps in solving connection issues.

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