Twitch app is not working? 6 ways to fix it

The Twitch app is an application that allows you to discover streamers and other content. With the app, you can find clips, live streams, and updates from followed and new Twitch streamers.

You can also use it to browse to find games and other content. But in some cases, you may encounter a problem with the Twitch app is not working as it should.

Where Twitch doesn’t work on Chrome or in general, several factors can explain the problem.

The most common problems are usually a poor internet connection or a VPN service that could be hindering you from accessing specific content.

Troubleshooting the Twitch app

If Twitch servers have a problem, there is nothing you can do to fix it. You will only have to wait until the service solves the problem.

For other cases, you can address them using the methods below.

1. Disable your VPN service

Twitch has been making many changes in its Terms and Conditions. Most of these relate to a user’s country.

Nowadays, most rules and restrictions apply depending on a creator’s or viewer’s current residential country. Besides, Twitch does not allow VPNs.

If Twitch does not detect that you are using a VPN, it will not be an issue. But if the service detects a VPN, it will stop your connection temporarily.

You must wait for Twitch to neutralize the service so that you can continue. Until then, you will face issues with Twitch streams.

The best way of fixing the problem is to disable your VPN service.

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2. Reset your router

If the Twitch chat feature isn’t working, you may have an internet connection problem. Poor communication between the app and your internet can cause a host of other issues too.

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In most cases, the error arises from a faulty configuration of your router. You can resolve it by resetting your router

If there is a system configuration problem, consider restarting the router. Once you reset, your Internet connection should work well.

It will also help to resolve the Twitch app issue you were facing. In case the option fails, contact your ISP for further troubleshooting.

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3. Fixing Twitch app issues on Xbox 360

If you are using Twitch on Xbox 360, you will encounter a problem where the app fails to respond. For example, Twitch videos won’t load, and playing games become challenging.

The best way of fixing the issue is to delete the app and reinstall it again. Here is how.

  • Go to your Xbox Dashboard
  • From the Dashboard, go to Settings and then System
  • Select Storage and choose your primary storage device
  • Select Apps and Games
  • Locate Twitch TV and select it
  • Select Delete
  • Go to your Dashboard, click on Apps, and Browse Apps
  • Select the Twitch TV app
  • Choose Download. You should Confirm Purchase to continue with the download
  • Install the app

Deleting and reinstalling the app should fix the problem. If not, contact the Xbox Support team.

4. Fixing issues with Chrome

The problem occurs when you cannot load Twitch pages on Chrome. To fix it, follow the steps below.

  • On your Chrome browser, go to Extensions
  • Click Manage Extensions
  • At the top right of your screen, turn Developer Mode ON
  • At the top left of the screen, click Update
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Go back to Twitch and try again. You should be able to load Twitch pages on Chrome.

Twitch will not work on Chrome when adblocker is on. You need to turn off the adblocker to fix the problem.

5. Fixing the black screen error on the Twitch app

When using Twitch, you will come across an issue where you see a black or grey screen. The screen usually has the Twitch logo located in the middle.

Several factors can explain the problem:

  • You have disabled JavaScript in your browser
  • You have installed extensions that are causing JavaScript errors
  • Your security software or firewall is blocking the execution of JavaScript
  • The device has possible malware
  • Your DNS settings are not correct

If you have encountered the black screen, you can fix it in various ways. Depending on your browser, the best option would be to enable JavaScript.

For Google Chrome:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Select Content settings
  • Click on JavaScript

At this point, ensure you select the option “Allow all sites to run JavaScript.” You should then click on Done to finish the setup.

For Firefox:

  • Type about:config in the URL address bar and press enter
  • A warning screen will appear. You should ignore it and continue
  • In the search bar, type enabled
  • You will see the preference “javascript.enabled”
  • If the assigned value is “false,” turn it to “true.”

You can turn it to “true” by right-clicking and selecting the “toggle option.”

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Fixing extension issues

If you see Twitch streams showing a black screen, check extensions. The extensions should not be blocking JavaScript.

You can address it by going to extension listings and disabling all extensions.

The solution should work. In that case, enable all extensions and find the specific one causing the error. You should then remove it from the installed extensions in your browser.


If you see Twitch showing a black screen, you need to consider the possibility of malware. Dealing with malware can be difficult.

Install a malware program that will help you to scan for any adware hiding on your device.

DNS fixes

When you have a DNS issue, it will be impossible for you to reach the CDN (Content Delivery Network) for Twitch.

Consider altering your DNS to providers like Google or OpenDNS.

6. Fixing streaming errors

You may have encountered the error – Cannot play this channel at this time. Please try again later. The error indicates Twitch is having a problem streaming your content.

You can fix it by:

  • Checking the status of Twitch service
  • If Twitch service has no issue, wait for a few minutes and try again
  • Choose a different content
  • As a last resort, delete and reinstall the Twitch app if you continue getting the same problem

If the above solutions do not fix your problem, contact the Twitch support team.

Hopefully, the above steps have enabled you to fix the Twitch app not working problem. Some issues with the app only need a simple reboot of your device.

You may also have to update the app if it is not current.

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