How to customize your Twitch channel

Did you know that, on average, a Twitch user spends more than three hours on the platform every day? If well utilized, these numbers are impressive, especially if you want more clicks on your avatar.

However, at least 11 million new videos are published every month on this platform. And while Twitch leads in hours watched on the internet ahead of YouTube and Mixer, for visibility, therefore, customizing your channel is necessary.

5 ways to customize your Twitch account

The following guide will help you to customize your Twitch account:

1. Customizing your account’s banner

Why is your banner an important element to your Twitch account? Besides the avatar, new visitors see your banner first.

If the banner is, therefore, inconsistent with the channel’s target market, it is hard to convert clicks to views. For mobile users, the lack of a banner creates an impression of a dull account.

How do you transform a boring banner into a visually attractive representation of your channel? You can use free images, from the internet, like banners.

However, the free images may fail to give your channel a more distinctive look. A custom Twitch banner from a professional designer, is, fortunately, the best approach to giving your channel a more professional look.

Should you add extra information (such as social media pages) to your banner? Yes. Nevertheless, a small mistake in the words’ placement has the potential of ruining the entire customization process.

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2. Personalize your Twitch profile

Have you noticed that the people with the highest following on all streaming websites have their faces on their profiles?

The human brain, according to science, is more attracted to the human face as opposed to any picture.

For growth purposes, you should customize the Twitch profile, with the sole purpose of creating a relatable space for your viewers.

How do you create a customized profile? Which tools do you need? Do you need professional assistance in personalizing your profile?

If you have Photoshop skills, creating a customized avatar is fast and simple. For other creators on Twitch, you may need assistance from a professional, especially considering you cannot use any picture.

The ideal photo size on Twitch makes personalizing the Twitch profile a technical task.

Is putting a logo on your profile advisable during the customization process? Absolutely NO. Twitch profiles are small, and in most cases, people may not be able to read the profile content.

3. Create clean and impactful panels

One of the key characteristics of all successful Twitch channels is that they all have clean and attractive panels. For more streams and visitors on your channel, you should consider the following factors.

There are online tools for creating panels. If you do not have a budget for this project, it is advisable to make maximum use of these tools.

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They, however, have their shortcomings. Panels from free tools will give your channel a visual boost but not to the ‘elite’ level.

Alternately, you can use professional designers for this project. Using a professional designer, as opposed to using free tools, helps in giving your channel a more personalized by professional look.

Why should you consider changing your Twitch panels? People are more likely to click on channels that have beautiful outlooks compared to the average-looking channels.

4. Consider a well-designed Twitch overlay

One of the most ignored aspects of giving Twitch accounts a more attractive look is — visuals.

In this case, the overlays are the perfect way of giving new viewers an idea of what the channel stands for and what they should expect.

Unlike other customization features, there is no DIY route in creating overlays.

However, there are both free and paid online tools for creating beautiful, unique, and customized overlays. If you don’t want to create an overlay by yourself, you can always use a service like Fiverr.

5. Modify the color scheme on your Twitch channel

Choosing the right color combination is an essential step towards the customization process.

The human eye is keen on color patterns, and if the colors are not complementary to each other, you might get lower views on your channel.

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The first impression is vital in retaining a Twitch viewer. For better results on color modification, you can use important tools such as color wheels.

In conclusion, customizing your Twitch channel involves many activities. Although having a budget makes the process shorter and more effective, there are hundreds of free tools waiting for you.

With the above customization processes, it is possible to make the Twitch channel look better and attract more viewers.

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