Bits on Twitch: How to earn and use them

On Twitch, bits are virtual goods that you can purchase to show support to your favorite streamers. They are usually animated emoticons that you send in a chat to motivate the streamer.

This innovative way of rewarding streamers helps to build a strong community of streamers and viewers.

Bits do not only benefit the streamer, but also viewers. They earn badges depending on the number of bits they purchase. Badge rewards can later be redeemed for useful content.

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How to earn bits on Twitch

Different ways to earn bits include:

1. Sign up as a streamer or viewer

You need to have active subscribers and followers to be able to earn. Once you start streaming viewers will be able to purchase the bits on the links given to cheer you.

You are usually allowed to set a minimum limit of bits that a user needs to cheer the video.

2. Watching ads

This applies to both viewers and streamers and it is a sure way to get free bits. All you need to do is find the channel you want to watch. Ensure the streamer accepts bits.

Click on the bits icon then select get bits. The watch ads option will become available.

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After watching the ad, bits will be added to your balance. Currently, you can only watch one ad per day.

3. Participate in online surveys

The Twitch RPG survey is another way to earn bits for free. The survey will only give rewards to users who are quick enough to complete the surveys in time.

For you to get free bits using this method, you have to sign up for Twitch RPG.

4. Buy

This is the quickest way to get bits on Twitch. You need a Twitch account and an accepted payment service to make a purchase.

Once you are set, visit this page to select your preferred cheer bit emotes depending on the amount you wish to spend.

How to convert Twitch bits to money

How much are bits worth on Twitch? The value of bits varies depending on the number of bits purchased or earned.

For example, 100 bits will cost $1.4. The more bits you buy, the cheaper the cost per bit. That is based on the bits calculator.

This table shows bits and their equivalent in USD dollars:

BitsValue in USD

You have to earn bits worth 100 dollars or more before you can withdraw money. This means you need to accrue over 10,000 bits in order to cash them.

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Twitch Bits is a great way for streamers and viewers to support each other. The more a user donates the better their badge becomes.

The streamer can also see the most generous donors and reward them. This also can help the streamer to get more viewers.

Payments for bits are done through Amazon or PayPal. All the above options of earning bits are also available on the mobile version of Twitch.

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