Which streaming service has the best DVR in 2023?

For years, most satellite and cable TV subscribers were reluctant to migrate to streaming platforms due to undeveloped recording abilities.

Cable TV allows people to record live shows on hard drives and watch them later. Currently, most streaming services allow users to record live shows and store them in the cloud.

So, which streaming service has the best DVR? Each service has its advantages and compromises. For example, an online DVR service may allow you to skip commercials on the recorded show but, on the flip side, be expensive.

Therefore, it is hard to pinpoint which one is ideal for every user. Fortunately, all the streaming platforms have customized DVR services for different types of users.

Is there a DVR that works with different streaming services?

Yes. TiVo Bolt and Tablo Dual Lite OTA DVR are some of the best options. They are not only efficient, but they also have more space and are easy to use.

However, even the best DVR without a subscription cannot match the plans offered by streaming services.

Top 6 streaming services with the best DVR

These are the top streaming services with great DVRs:

1. YouTube TV

YouTube Tv

While YouTube TV is a newcomer in the TV streaming market, it is arguably the best option for many users.

Apart from having one of the fastest-growing content libraries and channels, the service does not have a storage restriction. Therefore, you can record as many shows as possible.

Highlights of YouTube TV’s DVR

The factors that make YouTube TV’s DVR worth trying include:

  • Unlimited DVR storage for all its subscribers.
  • Once recorded, you can watch the shows for up to nine months.
  • You can skip commercials on all the recorded shows without upgrading your subscription.
  • There is no limit to simultaneous recordings.

Compromises with the service

Despite having an almost perfect cloud DVR, YouTube TV has two shortcomings. First, compared to other services, it is expensive.

Second, the recordings are auto-deleted from the cloud after nine months.

Who is YouTube DVR for?

Since YouTube TV’s subscription is the priciest, it is not ideal for all consumers. However, if you prefer a plan with unlimited cloud storage, then the service is worth trying out.

In addition, the service is perfect for users interested in speed and the ability to record shows simultaneously.

2. Hulu Live TV

Hulu live tv

Hulu Live TV has one of the best DVR for streaming services. The service has two tiers — a standard option and an Enhanced plan.

However, they differ in storage capacities and the ability to skip ads on the recorded shows. Other aspects such as no expiration on the recorded shows remain constant across the plans.

Features that make Hulu Live TV’s DVR worth trying

With a starting monthly price of $54.99, the service is premium. The most iconic features include:

  • There are different plans for different users.
  • All recordings do not have an expiration date, regardless of one’s DVR plan.
  • You can skip ads on recorded content if you are on the Enhanced plan.

Hulu Live TV’s compromises

While the service has impressive features, the storage options on both plans are limited compared to other DVR services.

Who is Hulu Live TV’s DVR for?

The two plans are ideal for users interested in a DVR service that does not auto-delete recorded shows. Also, the plans are perfect for users already in the diverse Hulu ecosystem.

3. Philo

Philo is the cheapest streaming service with a DVR. For the last five years, the American company has made internet television affordable, especially to people migrating from cable TV.

Since one of the essential items in every consumer’s checklist (migrating from traditional TV) is recording live shows, Philo has unmatched offers.

The good about Philo’s DVR

The features that make this streaming service a perfect option for users looking for DVR include:

  • The service has the lowest monthly subscription, which is currently $20 per month.
  • Philo also offers unlimited DVR cloud storage to all subscribers.
  • It allows you to skip ads.
  • You can watch all the recorded shows across different devices.

Philo’s DVR shortcomings

While Philo is the best low-budget service offering DVR, you will experience these shortcomings. First, all the recorded shows on the cloud expire after 30 days.

Additionally, Philo does not have a premium feature for keeping recorded shows for more than 30 days.

The perfect users for Philo’s DVR service

Based on the above features, this DVR service is not for all TV lovers. It works best for the following users.

Philo TV is perfect for subscribers experimenting with cloud-based DVR, thanks to lower subscription fees. Philo is also ideal for users interested in unlimited cloud space for recorded live shows.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV logo

Sling TV has a DVR is similar to Philo’s, but it has some minor adjustments, especially for users interested in customized packages.

While the service has been accused of having intricate subscriptions, its DVR offerings are competitive, especially for new subscribers. Also, its packages have remained untouched for the last 12 months.

The highlights of Sling TV’s DVR

Some of the advantages of the service’s digital video recording options include:

  • The recordings on the cloud do not expire unless deleted.
  • You can skip commercials on the recorded videos.
  • DVR storage accommodates up to 10 hours on the standard package
  • If you want more cloud space, Sling TV has a 50 hours offer for premium subscribers.
  • Once you have recorded shows, you can watch them on all supported devices without any extra accessories.

The shortcomings of the Sling TV’s cloud-based DVR

Although Sling TV has the highest number of supported gadgets to watch the recorded shows, it has some shortcomings.

While Sling is a great streaming service with one of the best DVR services, it offers one of the smallest cloud spaces.

However, if space is not enough for you, you will be required to pay an extra $5 per month in addition to a basic DVR and Sling TV subscription.

Is Sling TV’s DVR a good deal?

Although Sling TV has many similarities with Philo’s DVR, the two services have different target markets. Sling TV DVR will work flawlessly for two types of users.

If you are on a budget but still want a DVR that allows you to skip ads on recorded shows without paying more on a subscription, Sling TV’s DVR will work for you.

Second, the service is also ideal if you are interested in keeping recorded videos for a long time.

5. AT&T TV Now

Do you want to record TV shows in one of the largest cloud-based DVRs? If yes, the improved AT&T TV Now is worth the $55 subscription per month.

Although the service was initially offering only 20 hours of storage, it changed to 500 hours of storage, one of the biggest storage offers at the moment.

The highlights of using the AT&T TV Now cloud DVR

Based on the monthly subscription, AT&T TV Now is a premium service. However, it has bleeding-edge features regarding its DVR. They include:

  • You can skip ads on the recorded shows with the standard subscription.
  • The service has 500 hours of DVR storage, which is more than enough for all users.
  • The recorded shows are accessible on all supported devices.
  • It allows users to record up to three streams concurrently.

AT&T TV Now trade-offs

Even with one of the largest cloud DVR storages and the ability to skip ads on recorded shows, the service has some trade-offs.

For instance, you can only keep the downloaded shows for 90 days. Also, the $55 monthly subscription is costly.

The ideal subscribers for AT&T TV Now DVR

Based on the price and features, AT&T TV Now is niche-centered. If you prefer recording many shows concurrently, this service gives you the best value for your money.

The AT&T TV Now cloud DVR is also perfect for users who prefer more cloud storage.

6. FuboTV

fuboTV logo
Photo: fuboTV

FuboTV has different cloud-based DVR services for different users. The availability of different plans makes this service one of the best options for users migrating from other streaming platforms such as Philo.

However, the $55 per month subscription for the basic plan makes it one of the priciest cloud-based DVR options.

The good about FuboTV service

Since the service is pricey, it has unique features for different users. They include:

  • The recordings on the DVR do not have an expiration date.
  • Depending on your budget, the DVR storage is upgradeable up to 1,000 hours.
  • You can skip ads on the recorded shows on all subscription plans.

FuboTV DVR shortcomings

FuboTV DVR is an expensive service with storage limitations. In case you want more storage, you will need to pay more, which is not the case with the budget options such as Philo.

Who is FuboTV DVR for?

Since FuboTV DVR is a premium service, it has its target market. If you are looking for more customized DVR plans, this is a perfect option for you.

Besides, if you intend to keep recordings without time restrictions, FuboTV will work perfectly for you.


So, which streaming service has the best DVR? While the providers above may have different offerings, they are tailored for various users using all devices.

The golden rule is to find a service that gives you the best value for your money.

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