Playstation Vue freezing constantly? – How to fix

Have you been streaming live TV on PlayStation Vue, but it keeps freezing? The problem seems to occur whenever you are watching a new episode or live game on TV.

In some cases, the app keeps on pausing 1-2 seconds whenever you are watching popular events such as College Football.

Many people have also experienced a situation where it freezes for over 30 seconds. Because of this, it is impossible to stream content or even enjoy what is being televised live.

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Several reasons can explain why PlayStation Vue keeps freezing. One reason is the app could be freezing because your internet speed is slow.

If you notice the problem, run a simple speed test to determine whether you have a slow internet connection.

Your minimum speed should be 10Mbps. Understand that download speed is never constant and will always go up and down.

As such, a speed of 25mbps is what you need to completely avoid the freezing problem.

While the problem started appearing in 2015 according to the forums we have checked, over the years, many people have come up with solutions for fixing the PlayStation Vue lagging and freezing issue.

PS Vue freezing and buffering

How to fix PlayStation Vue buffering issue

  1. Clear cache
  2. Server issues
  3. Restart your router
  4. Reboot your media device
  5. Switch to a different device

Here is a detailed explanation for every solution.

Solution #1: Clear Playstation Vue cache

Clearing cache on your PlayStation Vue is the easiest solution for fixing the freezing problem. Every site you visit using the app will have a composition of thousands of files.

A website that is highly optimized for speed will load these files faster and display their content on your screen. When you visit the site for the first time, the browser will save every action you take on that site into a cache folder.

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The purpose of saving these files is to ensure the browser can display content faster instead of pulling new material from the website’s server.

When you visit the site for the second time, the cached or saved files will reduce the load time of web pages.

But in most cases, web owners make frequent updates to those cached files. Since the browser does not know new changes have been made, it will pull the old data rather than the recent updates.

As such, you will encounter errors like freezing or runtime errors. Clearing the cache helps to fix this problem.

If you are streaming content using Fire TV, follow the steps below to clear the cache.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Applications
  • Choose Manage Installed Applications
  • Click on PS Vue
  • At this point, click on Clear Data
  • Then Click on Clear Cache

Relaunch the app and sign in again. You should notice the difference when you start streaming.

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Solution #2: Server issues

Several server issues, such as PlayStation servers being unable to handle many viewers during streams, can make streaming quite difficult. A common one is slow page loading.

When it takes longer to load a page on your device, your PlayStation Vue will freeze.

Causes of slow page loads include poor image rendering, streaming videos on autoplay, and massive traffic on the website. In other cases, your web browser can fail to read a script and load pages slowly.

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To fix these problems, consider using a different browser to stream videos. Secondly, avoid streaming videos on autoplay. If the freeze is due to poor image rendering, ensure your device is using the latest graphics drivers.

The most notable cause of PS Vue freezing is massive traffic on the PlayStation servers. When streaming College Football, for example, expect thousands of people to stream the same content.

High traffic to the servers is sometimes unexpected and sudden. As such, it causes issues like poor page load times and freezing. Using proxies may offer a possible solution for counteracting this issue.

Solution #3: Restart your router

In some cases, the PlayStation Vue freezing on start up happens because your internet connection may be down.

To restore connections, unplug your router and wait for at least ten seconds and plug it back in again. As simple as these solutions may be, it can solve many problems with your Sony PlayStation Vue.

A router functions the same way as a computer. It has a CPU, storage space, memory, and an operating system. Things inside the device can go wrong at anytime. For example, the OS may have a bug that is causing a memory leak.

The device could also be overheating. IP address conflicts can occur if the router is unable to manage both public and private IP addresses.

Restarting your router solves these and the freezing problem temporarily. You should also do the same if you are using a Wi-Fi network to stream videos online.

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Solution #4: Reboot your media device

A simple reboot of your media device can not only fix the freezing problem of your PlayStation Vue but 80-90% of other issues.

Rebooting can fix issues related to slow performance, faulty programs, networking, and graphics.

For example, if your device is freezing every minute, the possible cause for this could be a memory leak. The best solution for fixing it is to either reboot the device or stop the software from running.

If you are using Amazon Fire TV, you can reboot the device by disconnecting the power cord, waiting for a few seconds, and plugging it back in. Alternatively, you can use a remote to restart it. In this case:

  • Select Settings from the TV menu
  • Then Device
  • Then Restart

You can also press and hold the Play/Pause and Select buttons simultaneously to restart the device. Rebooting is also useful even if you are using Firestick, Apple TV, or Roku.

Solution #5: Switch to a different device

It is possible you are getting the channels freezing error due to a device issue. Your device may be outdated and needs new security features or new updates to run smoothly.

As such, consider switching to a different device like PS4 to watch or stream content.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you solve the PlayStation Vue freezing issue. Note that the freezing may occur because of other factors not mentioned in this guide. That means they have different fixes.

If the listed solutions above do not help, contact the support team for more troubleshooting and directions.


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