Twitch chat is not working? Here’s a fix

Many game enthusiasts use Twitch to watch their favorite games. One key feature of this application is the chat option. Twitch chat allows the users to interact and enjoy the stream well.

However, there are times when Twitch chat won’t load. This is usually disturbing for most users.

When the Twitch chat is not showing, it may be a result of different errors. In this guide, you’ll learn the reason behind these errors and how to fix them.

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Fix: The Twitch chat isn’t working

If the Twitch chat won’t load, has disappeared, or just won’t work, it is mostly due to a problem with your browser extension and cache. You can resolve it through these steps:

Fix 1: Disable your browser extensions

  • Click on the menu icon on the right corner of your browser and select extensions from the list.
  • Click on the button next to the extensions to disable
  • Restart the browser once you have disabled all extensions

Fix 2: Clear your browser cache

  • Click on the menu option on your browser and go down to the settings button.
  • While on the settings button scroll down to the clear browsing data option.
  • Select the time range to all time and clear the data
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Fix 3: Disable ad blocks

  • Click on the menu button and navigate to the more tools’ options
  • From the list select the extensions option
  • From the list identify your ad blockers and slide the button next to it to disable it
  • Restart your browser

Fix 4: Use the incognito mode on your browser

  • Go to the menu icon on your browser
  • Choose the New incognito window
  • Close your previous window and use the new incognito mode to access Twitch

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Fix 5: Change your browser

At times the browser you are using might be the main cause of your problem. Try and download a new browser to use from Twitch. This will fix all errors related to the previous browsers.

Errors such as slob chat not working are fixed instantly by logging in with a different browser.

Fix 6: Disable your proxy

if your problems persist you should disable your proxy and access the network again.

  1. Open the setting app. Do this by pressing the Windows key + i.
  2. Go to the network and internet section
  3. Select proxy from the left panel
  4. Disable all proxy options on the right side of the panel.
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These are the best methods to fix your Twitch chat problems. You can also restart your network device and try loading once more.

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