Best Twitch communities for new streamers

Twitch communities were created as a way of helping viewers to find new streamers. A Twitch streaming community helps the viewing audience to share their content.

Within the community, a user can follow a broadcaster, a specific game, genre, location, game style, and team.

In other words, a Twitch community can help you to connect to relevant viewing audiences. Moreover, a community can help you to find streams that fit your interests.

Twitch is a leading platform where you can stream live, play games, showcase your daily life, share and watch live stories, and make crafts.

The platform attracts millions of broadcasters each month, and the number grows every year.

By using your phone or game console, you can share anything you are doing at that moment with your friends or strangers.

Using Twitch as a platform for streaming content means you could be spending time broadcasting to people who may not exist or be interested. Discoverability is a significant issue on the platform.

Once you log in, the only visible audiences are those that already enjoy a large following. So, how do you counteract this?

The best option is to join any of the best Twitch communities for new streamers.

How to join a Twitch community

The procedure for joining communities on Twitch is easier as the steps below show.

  • Go to the Twitch homepage
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on dashboard
  • Under stream information tab, locate Communities
  • Type in the name of a community on the Communities search bar
  • Press enter or click on update

Note: You can only add up to three communities on Twitch. If you love the community, you can follow it by clicking on the like button.

You can only stream on three separate communities. As such, take advantage of this and consider the communities that are relevant to you.

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Furthermore, do not broadcast to the most popular community because the big names will drown you out. Find a community that stands out or one that will enable you to become an essential figure in the community.

Note: Twitch decided to close its main communities and in their place introduce tags and categories to help new users to find their preferred streams easily.

Visit their blog to learn more about the motive behind this move. However, they would later create small communities as a way of supporting new streamers.

Best Twitch communities for new streamers

Join any of these communities to get viewers to watch your streams.

1. Young Streamers Community

The advantage of Young Streamers is that they allow anybody to be part of their community. Their motto is to get young people involved and help them grow.

Young Streamers target kids, teens, and young adults. These are a group of streamers who are often overlooked because they lack experience.

With the Young Streamers community, you have the freedom of doing what you love. Your level of experience or age does not matter.

2. StreamCode Community

StreamCode is a community that comprises gamers and broadcasters who are trying to get exposure on Twitch.

Their motto is to focus on the growth and improvement of their fellow members or streamers and the community in general.

Most members on StreamCode are new to streaming, and others have had some experience broadcasting.

If you are a newcomer and you want help on improving your stream, the members will give you a hand. You can even get general tips on how to improve.

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Unlike most communities on Twitch, there are no requirements for joining StreamCode. This factor makes StreamCode one of the best Twitch communities for small streamers.

3. XGN Community

XGN is one of the fastest-growing communities on Twitch. It is supported by one of the largest online gaming platforms, XGN.

The community has over 70,000 members, making it one of the largest Twitch communities on the platform. These numbers keep on growing every day.

They are always looking for young and professional streamers who can stream at least once a week on their shared channel.

With XGN, you will be joining an already established streaming team. XGN allows members to work together to build the channel.

4. LinuxGamers Community

LinuxGamers is a community for people that play games on Linux. With this community, you can explore free and open source applications and games.

You must be gaming on Linux to join LinuxGamers.

5. TruckStop Community

TruckStop is a community for Twitch broadcasters who play, stream, or want to stream trucking games.

Also, the community invites professional truck drivers who like streaming what they do on the roads under IRL.

The community is the best for newcomers who want to get exposure or share their prowess in the gaming and trucking world.

6. Vanilla Minecraft Community

If you like playing Vanilla Minecraft, this is the community you should join. The community will only allow you to join them if you play the unmodded version of the game.

You must also show you are an OG player who does not need mods to play the game and have fun broadcasting Minecraft.

7. RPGs Community

The RPGs community is simple. It is for all streamers who enjoy role-playing games. RPGs are for broadcasters who enjoy simulation or narrative-focused games.

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If you enjoy player-driven games and you would like to be part of a community on Twitch, RPGs are where you belong.

8. Small Twitch Streamers

Small Twitch Streamers is a community that brings together smaller channels. The community helps these channels to grow together and support each other.

You can only join this community if you have less than fifty concurrent viewers.

9. Gameoverse

If you are a gaming enthusiast, Gameoverse is the community you should join. The community consists of a group of nerds, streamers, techies, and gamers.

These are individuals who are passionate about their respective hobbies and playing video games. Members enjoy all types of content.

They discuss game development, best video games, and history. You will also get to know the different aspects of the gaming industry and how to succeed in it.

To join the community, you must be willing to take part in conversations and view member streams.

10. GamerFitness

GamerFitness is a community for gamers who love to take care of their fitness and health. It is also for streamers who incorporate their gaming and fitness into their streams.

The membership is free and new, small, or inexperienced gamers can join the community.

It is possible to create your Twitch community and invite people to join. The problem is that people may not discover your community.

Instead, you should join an already established Twitch streaming community.

With an established community, members will always watch your streams. That is what members do on all Twitch communities.

To stay in the community, ensure to engage and follow other community members.

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