Exodus not working? How to fix

Exodus is a complex application that is normally presented as an add-on. Exodus, just like many other applications, experiences lags, and errors at some point.

It is therefore important to ensure you maintain your version of Exodus well.

Most errors experienced can be easily fixed while some require a certain level of expertise to solve them. Since this is not an official product, diagnosis is not that easy.

This and the fact that it is also not an open-source program add to its complexity.

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Solutions to Exodus not working

Nevertheless, there are still common fixes when exodus search isn’t working.  Here are a few.

Fix 1: Update Exodus

Due to its development nature, Exodus updates may not be readily available, ensure you find the latest versions and install them.

For you to update you must first uninstall the current version and install Exodus afresh. This will give you the updated version of the program.

Fix 2: Clear Cache

There are times when you get the message that no streams available on Exodus. This is a cache problem and is fixed by clearing the cache.

To clear the cache, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the Add-ons tab in Kodi
  2. Go to my add-ons then video add-ons and then click on Exodus
  3. Under Exodus, select the tools option
  4. Scroll down and select the clear cache option. After doing this, select on confirm in the pop-up confirmation message.
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Fix 3: Use a VPN

If your Exodus search isn’t working or you are having problems with Exodus not working properly, you may need a VPN.

Install a private virtual network to prevent your internet server from accessing your streams. You can search on your browser to find available VPNs.

If Exodus doesn’t work with VPN, change the current one. The VPN will help bypass all available geo-restrictions and protect you from copyright restrictions.

You should also have good internet speeds once you create a stable VPN.

Fix 4: Adjust your time out settings

When exodus is facing unprecedented streaming issues, it mostly has to do with time-out settings. You will get the message no stream available on Exodus.

This should notify you of the imminent time out of the crisis. Adjust your timeout settings to fix the problems. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Open Exodus
  2. At the top select general settings
  3. On the displayed list you will see an option labeled providers timeout
  4. The available figure will 60. Slide it down to about 30.

This will help in stream speeds. If a provider is slow, Exodus will drop it quickly and find another stable provider.

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Fix 5: Consider another add on

In case you apply the above steps but still face issues with Kodi, get another repository service. If Exodus is not working on firestick, one of the quickest fixes is getting a new add-on.

With content blocking by copyright owners, it is not easy to keep any add-on as stable as possible. Switching to another might help temporarily while finding a permanent fix.

I hope you’re now enjoying access to Exodus once more and having a good time. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences solving this issue too.

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