30 best Kodi Add-ons that work in 2024

Things change very fast with Kodi; new updates are released, new features are added, and so on.

All add-ons need constant updates to keep up with tracker changes and scraping improvements. Those that fail to receive updates become incompatible and obsolete.

Below are the highly rated Kodi add-ons that still work in 2024. Read on to learn more about suitable add-ons for your different streaming needs.

1. InputStream

The InputStream add-on, though unofficial, allows access to the Netflix service directly through Kodi.

This add-on connects a Netflix account to view and stream the whole library. Profiles and watch lists from the account are supported similarly.

Additionally, the Kodi library can sync with Netflix, adding content automatically.

InputStream supports high resolutions of up to 4K, which is possible depending on the subscription level and device capabilities.

Specific audio formats, like Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos, can be played with the correct account type and hardware.

HDR and Dolby Vision are also supported for a premium experience on capable Android TV devices.

2. Disney+

Disney Plus logo

This add-on unlocks Disney’s extensive catalog with a Disney+ subscription. The add-on is free to download.

This add-on needs a subscription to access Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic video content within the Kodi media player.

Once installed, you can pick up where you left off by watching a title on the same or another supported device. Disney+ allows you to have personalized watchlists and parental controls.

You can change the language and subtitles and download some content to mobile devices for offline viewing.

This add-on is unofficial but does not violate any terms of use. As it is not in the standard Kodi repositories, it must be downloaded and installed manually from the Slyguy repository.

Regular updates are then accessible through the same source. Once active, the add-on functions seamlessly within Kodi.

3. Hulu

This add-on provides access to an extensive collection of movies, television shows, and original programming through an active Hulu subscription.

Users can stream content in high-definition quality. There is also an option for Hulu with Live TV, allowing the viewing of programming as it airs.

Features like personalized watchlists based on what someone has viewed and recommendations generated from their watching history help improve the experience.

The Hulu add-on installs directly through the Slyguy standard repository. After adding this repo to your Kodi, no additional steps are needed. Search for Hulu, download it, and sign in to your account.

4. Amazon PrimeVideo

Sandmann79 created this add-on to provide authorized access to movies, shows, and originals through an active Amazon Prime subscription. It only supports accounts in Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US.

Key features of this add-on include organizing favorites, exporting selections to the media library, and obtaining metadata from trusted sources. Additional verification ensures age-appropriate access.

5. YouTube

You can link your accounts to access subscriptions and watch history on YouTube.
You can link your accounts to access subscriptions and watch history on YouTube. Image: YouTube

This add-on for Kodi provides access to the enormous library of video content hosted on the YouTube platform.

 It can be found by performing a basic search of “YouTube” within the Video Add-ons section. To set it up, you only need to tap the Install button.

Once enabled, the add-on lets users browse various categories, channels, and recommendations.

Both audio and video are supported for playback. Quality levels vary depending on your bandwidth and device capabilities.

You can link your accounts to access subscriptions and watch history. Navigation mirrors the standard YouTube interface, making the experience very familiar.

User-generated playlists are also viewable, and all standard YouTube features, such as comments, ratings, and sharing options, continue functioning as usual from within Kodi.

6. Tubi TV

This add-on gives you free access to Tubi TV’s extensive films and television shows.

No account or sign-in is necessary to use Tubi TV within Kodi. Subtitles are available for many items in multiple languages, and ratings and descriptions help users discover new content.

The interface closely mirrors that of the Tubi TV website and apps. All standard playback controls and navigation elements function as expected.

Regular updates through the external repository keep the add-on current alongside any changes to the service itself.

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7. Crackle


Crackle is a free video service for watching movies and TV shows. To get started, create an account on the Crackle website with your email and password.

Video quality can fluctuate depending on your internet connection speed, but it is generally suitable for free streaming.

Additionally, you can adjust subtitles and audio quality to enhance your viewing experience.

8. Popcornflix

The Popcornflix free movie and TV streaming service also has an add-on for Kodi. Like Crackle, you must first create a Popcornflix account on their website.

Once linked, the add-on lets you browse thousands of titles across different genres. You can search by name or filter selections by various factors, such as popularity.

Video quality varies depending on your internet speed. You can also change the audio or enable subtitles in other languages. Popcornflix frequently updates its library, so there is always fresh content to discover and explore.

The Popcornflix add-on saves titles to a list for later. This makes it easy to bookmark something to watch when you have more time.

9. iPlayer WWW

This add-on allows access to live and past TV programs and radio from the BBC iPlayer service. No account is needed; browse sections like TV, radio, and genres and search in the add-on.

Selecting a program shows details and options to watch from the start or later based on availability. This add-on also allows you to stream channels live.

The video quality is excellent, as it streams directly from the iPlayer website. Subtitles and audio descriptions are available for many shows to aid accessibility.

A helpful feature of iPlayer WWW is that it resumes playing a program on another device connected to your account right from where you left off.

10. Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO has an extensive library.
Nemesis AIO has an extensive library. Image: X/NemesisDotIO

Nemesis AIO provides users with a wide range of entertainment all in one place. It offers movies, TV shows, live sports, audiobooks, and other content.

The interface makes finding different types of media straightforward by clearly dividing sections.

Streams from Nemesis AIO are often high-quality and offer multiple options, ensuring smooth viewing. It also supports 4K streaming for compatible displays.

Regular updates keep the add-on reliable and stocked with the newest releases.

One feature that sets Nemesis AIO apart is its extensive library. Whether you want the latest blockbuster, a live sporting event, or an audiobook, Nemesis AIO has options for any interest.

The broad selection and stable performance make it a top choice for cord-cutters seeking an all-in-one home for entertainment.

With consistent improvements and additions, Nemesis AIO remains a go-to for quickly finding high-quality content. Its wide range and user-friendly design continue to satisfy users.

11. Gaia

Gaia is a sophisticated Kodi add-on known for its extensive customization options and high-quality streaming abilities.

If you’re an advanced user who likes to tweak settings for the best performance, Gaia’s depth and flexibility are suited for you.

This add-on supports various streaming sources, including torrents and direct links, allowing for diverse content availability.

Its integration with premium services ensures access to high-definition streams with minimal buffering.

This add-on has a detailed scraping configuration feature, which allows for prioritizing sources and filtering out lower-quality links.

It is also regularly updated, keeping up with the latest streaming tech to provide a premium experience.

12. Seren

Seren is a premium add-on for Kodi that focuses on providing a seamless streaming experience. It requires a subscription to access high-quality streams without typical issues like buffering.

One standout feature is how Seren integrates with Trakt to track watch history and sync activity across devices. Its scraping technology efficiently finds reliable HD links for movies and TV shows.

Unlike free add-ons, Seren ensures buffer-free playback even during busy times. Its pre-emptive scraping reduces wait times for streams to load.

It’s ideal for those who value smooth playback and high video quality when binge-watching.

However, this add-on relies on paid services. Hence, it may not be the best option for those seeking a free solution.

13. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi add-on offers a diverse range of streaming media. It caters to many interests, such as movies, TV shows, live sports, and radio stations.

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This add-on quickly became well-known due to its extensive library and user-friendly layout.

Browsing its sections, you will find areas dedicated to different genres, top-rated selections, trending content, and documentaries.

The Magic Dragon provides reliable streaming links, many of which support HD quality, and playback is usually smooth. It also integrates multiple sources to enhance availability and variety.

This Kodi add-on is known for fast loading and navigation, even when handling large libraries or detailed categories. It regularly updates to include the newest media and fixes any ongoing issues.

14. Xumo

Xumo is a free Kodi add-on that lets US users access live TV channels and video on demand.

Channels are grouped neatly. Find those for comedy, lifestyle, music, mainstream news, and sports. Streams from Xumo also provide a smooth viewing experience.

A selection of movies and TV shows supplements the live content. Advertisements are present but brief. Regular updates bring fresh selections, making Xumo the best source of streaming.

15. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV offers live streaming of events.
Red Bull TV offers live streaming of events. Image: Red Bull

Red Bull TV is the best Kodi add-on for fans of extreme sports, adventure, and lifestyle videos.

This is the perfect addition to Kodi if you enjoy high-energy content on action sports, music festivals, and documentaries.

The interface is sleek and intuitive, with categories like sports, music, culture, and adventure. You can easily browse featured videos and latest releases or search specific content.

Red Bull TV also offers live streaming of events, including sports and music festivals, making it dynamic for catching live broadcasts.

16. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is another great Kodi add-on for sports fans from the Mbebe repo. If you want live sports streams, this add-on offers a wide variety, covering many major sports events and channels.

The interface is straightforward, organizing content by source and making your favorite sports easy to find.

This add-on includes links to popular sports streaming sites like Sport365, LiveTV, and Crickfree, ensuring broad coverage of live events. Stream quality varies, but many options exist for a stable, high-definition feed.

17. Comedy Central

The Comedy Central Kodi add-on is an excellent option for comedy fans. It accesses videos on the Comedy Central website, letting you enjoy comedic content without barriers.

Since the content is freely available, there is no piracy, and this add-on is entirely legal. Its interface provides easy access to humor from this popular outlet without much hassle.

18. PBS Kids

PBS Kids channel

PBS Kids is a Kodi add-on for families seeking quality educational entertainment. As a non-profit informational resource, PBS Kids offers broad access to beloved shows through this add-on.

The interface is designed with kids in mind, making navigation simple. Shows are grouped into clear categories for easy finding, and streams maintain high-quality visuals and audio for young viewers.

As a public broadcaster, PBS Kids remains ad-free, allowing uninterrupted learning. This reliable source safely enriches children with programming that delights as it educates.

19. SealTeam 6

This popular add-on offers users access to various movies and TV shows from diverse sources.

The content is organized into helpful sections, such as new releases, episodes, and curated channels for discovering new shows. Navigation is smooth and intuitive, so you can easily find what you want.

The add-on also integrates with Trakt to sync your watch history and progress across different devices.

SealTeam6 is integrated with Real Debrid, thus unlocking higher-quality premium links that may not be available to free users.

20. Elementum

Elementum sources movies and TV shows through specialized providers.
Elementum sources movies and TV shows through specialized providers. Image: Elementum

Elementum takes a unique approach to streaming content by relying on BitTorrent technology rather than hosting media files directly.

The add-on sources movies and TV shows through specialized providers that search legal BitTorrent trackers and aggregate the links.

This decentralized model results in an enormous library of content for you.

Some key features of this add-on include streaming torrents directly in Kodi or downloading them for offline viewing later.

The content is well-organized into sections like movies, TV shows, torrents, searches, and history.

Elementum also works with Trakt to sync watch status and lists between devices. For secure torrenting, we recommend using a VPN alongside the add-on.

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21. NavySeal Just Click It

This rebranded add-on is compatible with Kodi versions of Nexus and Matrix.

NavySeal Just Click It supports Debrid services like Real Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize, allowing people with subscriptions to access cached torrent and hoster files through a simple interface.

As a free user, you can enjoy ad-supported “1-Click” video links without a Debrid account.

The interface is cleanly designed with intuitive sections for movies, TV shows, Trakt, recently played content, resume playing partially watched titles, search, and settings.

22. ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB curates its content library rather than relying on algorithmic searches. Administrators carefully select movies, television shows, and other videos to include.

The focus is premium links from trusted hosts compatible with link-unlocking services like Premiumize, All Debrid, and Real Debrid.

Regular updates ensure the catalog includes classics, current box office hits, popular titles, and new releases. The library aims to have something to suit all tastes.

ReleaseBB’s premium-only approach results in a consistently high-quality streaming experience within Kodi. Hence, you can feel confident you are accessing fully authorized content sources.

23. Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus logo
Image: Samsung

Samsung TV Plus offers live television channels, on-demand movies, and shows without requiring payment or subscription.

The content is made available through internet-connected Samsung smart televisions and other devices.

The Kodi add-on provides over 200 live channels and a robust video library for constant entertainment. Everything is legally licensed through Samsung’s partnerships with content providers.

24. Stirr

As a free service supported by advertising, Stirr streams live and on-demand programming from Sinclair Broadcast Group television stations.

While a Stirr app allows viewing on numerous platforms, the Kodi add-on incorporates the service directly into any Kodi setup.

Stirr’s live television channels and video library can be accessed and integrated with other Kodi content. No subscription fees are required to enjoy the service’s programming within Kodi.

25. Catch-up TV & More

Catch-up TV & More delivers a global selection of legal television and videos.
Catch-up TV & More delivers a global selection of legal television and videos. Image: Catch-up TV & More

This official Kodi add-on aggregates streaming media from partner websites, including entertainment, news, and user-generated video sources.

Live television channels represent locations worldwide, while on-demand options cover every genre.

An EPG guides linear programming with search and favorite functions enhancing content discovery.

Added channels and videos customize the experience, and their regular updates integrate new partners’ latest uploads.

Catch-up TV & More delivers a global selection of legal television and videos through an all-in-one Kodi solution.

26. Fetch

Dedicated to live television, Fetch delivers cable-style channels representing locations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Its organization into familiar categories like movies, news, and sports mimics traditional channel surfing. You can also browse alphabetically or search by title and view EPG for channel-specific programming info.

27. NewsOn

NewsOn is a free service that offers access to local news coverage from over 250 affiliate stations across more than 160 United States markets.

The breadth of regional sources gathered in one place ensures that local communities have a constant supply of relevant news and information.

This integrated distribution model allows NewsOn to enrich existing Kodi home screens with constantly updated local journalism and community events programming. The service does not incur subscription fees.

28. PVR IPTV Simple Client

This versatile Kodi add-on allows existing IPTV subscriptions to be connected and viewed through Kodi.

By inputting the M3U playlist or XMLTV EPG URL provided by your IPTV service providers, you can configure and access your channel lineups directly within the Kodi interface.

Once activated with login credentials, IPTV Simple Client delivers a fully integrated live television experience, treating IPTV streams identically to broadcast or cable sources.

29. Rising Tides

Providing live and recorded sports content, Rising Tides curates programming from multiple sources to offer an extensive sports viewing selection.

In addition to Pay-Per-View matches and tournaments, the library contains sporting events, replays, and specialty sports channels.

While focused on currently airing competitive seasons, some past games and shows may also be available to rewatch for free.

Navigation separates the content into leagues, tournaments, and categories like soccer, basketball, and more.

30. Wrestlers

This specialized Kodi add-on represents professional wrestling, martial arts, boxing, and other combat sports.

Content from licensed streaming partners includes live pay-per-view matches, undercard shows, documentaries, rumors, and dedicated channels.

An organized library structure separates content by sport and event types. Features like smooth video playback, Trakt scrobbling, and a simple skin appeal are needed to combat sports streaming audiences.

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