How to activate Roku device and fix activation code and linking issues

Roku is one of the best internet TV streaming boxes available today. When you have a Roku device, all you need to do is to connect it to the internet, set up your account, and begin streaming.

The service has lots of free content, live sports, private channels, and even premium content where you pay a small fee to watch specific programs or channels.

But to achieve all that, you need to create an account and then get a Roku activation code that will enable you to activate it.

Follow this guide to activate your Roku device.

How to activate your Roku device

Follow these steps to activate Roku:

  • Go to on your web browser
  • Connect your Roku device to your TV and then turn on the power.
  • A code should appear on the TV screen
  • Enter the activation code on the current page of the web browser
  • Click Submit

Clicking on submit will link your device automatically and you should be able to add and watch channels on Roku.

Roku activation code and linking issues

Sometimes, when you are trying to activate Roku using link code, you may encounter several issues.

Problems can occur where the code is not working, or the service has already generated it, but you cannot find it on your screen. You can fix these issues in several ways.

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Error when entering the link code on the website

In this case, you can fix the issue by entering the code for a second time. The problem might have occurred because you mistyped a letter.

If the Roku activation link is not working, the problem could be a system error or network issue. Check your network and try again.

If the issue does not resolve, try the following.

  • Go to your device
  • Press the start button on your remote
  • Select Get a New Code

You should see a new link code displayed on your screen. Go back to and enter the code.

The link code is fixed on the screen

It can take a while for the activation process to complete. You should wait for a few minutes until another screen displays.

If you continue seeing the link code on the screen, the steps below can fix it.

  • Ensure you have already activated your Roku device.
  • If you get Error 001, it means you have not connected your device to a network
  • Try again and follow the activation steps above

After visiting, you must ensure that you complete all steps on the website for Roku stick activation before going back to your device.

Failure to do so will not activate your device and will cause errors.

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The web browser displays a blank page

If you’re seeing a blank page, it could be due to a browser extension, especially adblocker, that is blocking content from loading. Disable all browser extensions before you reload the page.

If your Roku activation code is not working, check to see you have entered it correctly. Or, get a new one and try again.

You can also avoid linking issues by ensuring you have a good internet connection and you have linked your device to your account.


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