Insignia TV is not turning on? Troubleshooting guide

Insignia TV is one of the popular TVs in the American market. The company offers quality, budget TVs, which is why it is a favorite for many customers.

However, like any other TV brand, Insignia TVs may come with a number of issues. One of the most common problems users experience is the TV not turning on.

There are several reasons why your Insignia TV won’t turn on. We have compiled a list of the most common causes, detailed troubleshooting guides, and solutions you can use to fix the issue.  

Reasons why your Insignia TV won’t turn on

Are you having trouble turning on your Insignia TV? These are some of the most common reasons behind the issue:

  • A faulty power connection in your house
  • Your wall electrical outlet, extension cord, or TV guard is faulty
  • The remote control is faulty or needs battery replacement
  • Faulty power button
  • Your TV power cable is faulty or loosely connected
  • A glitch in the TV settings
  • Damaged power supply, TV motherboard, or LED backlight

How to fix an Insignia TV that won’t turn on

These troubleshooting tips and solutions can help if your Insignia TV is not turning on.

1. Check that you have a working power connection

power socket

One of the most likely reasons why your TV is not turning on is that you don’t have power. It could be that there is a blackout or you could be dealing with a tripped fuse in the mains supply. Therefore, before trying anything else, make sure that the power is working.

If you have power and the TV won’t turn on, the problem could be that the wall electrical outlet you are using is faulty. Try switching to another wall outlet and see if the TV turns on.

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You should also switch out your extension cord or TV guard (if using one) or test them with other devices to make sure they are working.

2. Check that your TV power cable is functioning properly

If you are still having trouble turning on your TV, the power cables could be the issue. First, make sure that the cable is connected properly.

Ensure there is no loose connection at the power outlet or in the TV power port. Next, check the cable to see if there are any signs of damage, for example, exposed or broken wires, or burns, among others.

Some TV power cables also come with fuses inside the cable’s power plug. Over time, the fuses can become faulty, which is what could be causing the issue.

Therefore, you should check whether your cable has a fuse and replace it with a new one. To avoid any further issues, make sure the new fuse has the same rating as the original one.   

3. Turn on the TV using its power button

Does your Insignia TV show a red light but won’t turn on? The red light indicates that the power is reaching the TV.

If it is not turning on, one of the possible reasons is that your remote is faulty or has run out of batteries.

Try replacing the remote batteries first and see if the TV will turn on. If it doesn’t, the remote could be faulty.

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But worry not! You can still turn on the TV even without the batteries by using its power button.

Most Insignia TVs will have hard buttons located at the side panel. Depending on the model, the buttons can also be located on the bottom side of the front panel.

Carefully inspect your TV until you find the power button then press and hold it for a few seconds until it turns on.

If the TV does not turn on, it could be that the power button is not working. The TV could also be experiencing another issue, in which case you will need additional troubleshooting.

4. Perform a power reset

TV power button

Another reason why your Insignia TV refuses to turn on is a glitch in the TV settings. When these glitches occur, your TV will receive power, but you will find that the screen is black after turning it on.

Fortunately, it is easy to fix them with a reset. However, since you can’t access the TV settings menu to perform a reset, you will have to do a power reset.

To perform a power reset:

  • Make sure your TV is connected to the electrical outlet.
  • Press the power button on your remote (or the TV panel).
  • Unplug the power cable from the outlet (without turning off the TV with the remote or the power button) and leave it unplugged for about a minute.
  • During this period, press and hold the TV power button (not on the remote) for about 30 seconds. Doing this drains any residual power in the TV capacitors.
  • Plug back the power cable to the electrical outlet and turn the TV on
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The power reset should resolve any glitches that could be causing the TV not to turn on.

5. Make sure your TV is connected to the cable box

The above solutions are for cases where your Insignia TV refuses to turn on or turns on but the screen remains black.

But what if you turn on your TV and get a blue light? The problem could occur if your cable box or TV antenna is not connected properly if using older TV models.

If the cable is connected properly but you aren’t getting the signal, you should consider getting a signal amplifier.

If you are using a new TV model, especially a smart one, a blue screen could mean issues with the power supply or damaged internal components.

First, try switching to a different power outlet and then perform a power reset if it does not work. If the issue persists, you might need to take your TV to a technician.


If you are having issues turning on your Insignia TV, the above solutions can help fix the problem.

With these tips, you can troubleshoot and fix problems with the power outlet, faulty or poorly connected cables, faulty remote control, or even glitches causing the TV not to turn on.

However, if your Insignia TV is still not turning on and your warranty is still valid, you should take it back to the store you purchased it for servicing. But if it worked, you can check out more information about these TVs.

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