Who makes Insignia TVs? Are they worth buying?

If you are currently in the market for a budget-friendly TV that offers a high-end feel, it is without a doubt that the Insignia TV brand has come to your attention.

Their target clientele comprises consumers who are chasing functionality rather than class. It is worth noting that the brand has really improved in recent times. A few years back, most Insignia TVs were only perfect for a dainty dorm room, backup bedroom TV, menu display in an eatery, and so on.

However, do not expect an immersive movie night display with extraordinary contrasts. All factors considered (functionality, specs, price, etc.) there’s a lot you need to know about Insignia TVs before spending your money on one.

Who makes Insignia TVs?

Insignia TV is part of the in-house electronics catalog owned by retail giant –BestBuy. Aside from TVs, BestBuy also sells home theatres, Refrigerators, soundbars, and other similar electronic devices.  

In an attempt to make as much profit without overcharging their clients, BestBuy outsources the materials, designing, and assembling of their electronics from various established electronic companies such as LG, Sony, Samsung, and so on.

Since they outsource, many people believe that the TVs are made by the said big companies, but it is not true as they only provide parts.

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However, it is safe to say Insignia TVs are made by a Chinese company named Hisense as they are the ones tasked with the final assembly.

Do Insignia TVs come with a warranty?

Insignia Roku TV
An Insignia Roku TV

BestBuy has an in-house repair center for their electronics, so whenever you have a problem, or the TV stops working, you can always get it repaired rather than replaced.

Like most smart TVs, Insignia has a 7-year life span, that is, if you are going to be using it constantly so it ought to serve you well.

In the event that your TV cannot be repaired and it was not your own undoing, then it will be replaced for you at no cost.

Is Insignia a good brand?

Insignia is a good brand mainly because they offer affordability something most others do not!

Otherwise, it is not your best bet when it comes to functionality. There are lots of other options if you are chasing quality. 

The good thing is, Insignia TVs have some great features and are made with high-end materials; hence you will not notice much difference when comparing them to high-end brands.

Which is the best Insignia TV?

If you are looking to buy an Insignia TV, make sure that you for one for a series that is renowned to be the best. Besides, it should have all the features that you are looking for in a TV.

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The best types of Insignia TVs are:

1. Insignia Amazon Fire TV

One of Insignia’s signature collections is its Amazon Fire TV edition.

They come in various screen sizes and have some great features such as an Alexa-enabled voice control remote, Amazon Prime Video button, Netflix button and an inbuilt software that gives you access to lots of popular channels.

The Insignia Amazon Fire TVs are more expensive than their other models but rightfully so as they offer more functions.

2. Insignia HD TVs

Insignia has some good HD TV options starting from as low as $80 to as high as $500 such as the Class N10 series.

The price will depend on the pixels, the number of HDMIU pockets, speaker quality, HD panels, and so much more. The perfect option for you will depend on how much money you are willing to spend.

3. Insignia 4K sets

The Insignia 4K sets are worth looking into if you like more giant TVs with wide screens. Unfortunately, the smallest one is 32 inches, and the biggest one is 65 inches –the bigger the size, the more the price.

However, most of them have great pixels and come with Alexa enabled, an inbuilt feature for functionality. You can also use it to control other Alexa-enabled appliances such as the lights and thermostat with the remote.

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Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions about Insignia TVs:

Does Samsung make Insignia?

No. Insignia contains some Samsung parts, but it is assembled by Hisense.

Is Insignia better than TCL?

Insignia has some great models that can be rightfully compared to TCL TVs. But TCL has a higher number of quality TVs.

Where can I get the Insignia TVs?

Insignia TVs are the cheapest when bought at BestBuy stores. This is because Insignia is a BestBuy brand.

However, you can find these TVs on Amazon and almost any major retail store that stocks electronics.

Are Insignia TVs discontinued?

No, Insignia TVs are not discontinued. However, some of their defective models or ones that did not sell well in the market were discontinued.

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