How to access the Samsung Smart TV service menu

The Samsung TV Smart menu allows you to reset the digital tuner, enable or disable hotel mode, and perform a total factory reset of your television among other functions.

It is essential to take a photo of your current settings before making any changes through the service menu. This will enable you to restore your TV in case the changes you make do not work.

Note: The items on the service menu are highly abbreviated. You can use the Samsung Service Menu Explanations guide for assistance in understanding them.

The Samsung service menu explained

Controlling, configuring, and diagnosing any smart TV can be an uphill task. However, any ordinary user can access the Samsung television service menu by pressing a specific sequence of buttons on the remote control.

The service menu provides you with vast information about your television, including:

  • The date of production, version, year of manufacture, and model of the television
  • Digital tuner manufacturer
  • Wall mounting instructions
  • TV port standards

The menu also allows you to change the following settings on your Samsung TV:

  • Managing sound and controlling signal levels
  • Changing the TV mode
  • Enabling or disabling television models
  • Performing screen tests and calibrating the screen
  • Setting white balance
  • Controlling color levels
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How to access the Samsung Service Menu with a smart remote

Samsung TV service menu

  • Press the Home Button on your Samsung smart control remote to load the Home Screen
  • Navigate to the Settings option using the directional pad and click on it
  • Wait for the service menu to be displayed on your screen
  • Choose the menu item you wish to change, set the right parameter, and press OK to save the changes

The service menu is always hidden by Samsung television manufacturers by default. Besides using the Home button, you may also press a certain combination of keys to access it.

Different models of the Samsung television work using different key combinations. You can find the right combination for your model in your Samsung TV service menu guide.

However, standard procedures are as follows:

  • Turn your TV off
  • Press the applicable keys on the remote control based on your model as follows:
    • Combination 1: Info, menu, mute then power button
    • Combination 2: Mute button then 1,8,2 then the power button
    • Combination 3: Display, menu, mute then power button
    • Combination 4: Display, P.STD, mute then power button
  • The television will turn on and the service menu will display on the top left side of the screen
  • Use your smart remote to navigate the menu and make the necessary changes

Accessing the Samsung TV service menu without a remote

A person holding a Samsung Remote
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If you want to get the service menu on a Samsung Smart TV without using a remote, this is how to go about it:

  1. On the back right side of your television, there is a small square-shaped button similar to a joystick. With the TV turned off, press the button to turn the television on. As the screen loads, the menu button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can use the volume buttons on the side of your television to navigate through the menu and make the necessary changes.
  2. The second option is to turn the television on then press the “joystick” button while it is still loading to display the service menu.
  3. You can also download and install a remote app on your smartphone and use it to access the Samsung service menu code the same way you would with a smart remote.

You can get a replacement remote from Amazon if you lost or damaged yours.

Wrapping up

The most ideal way to access the service menu on your Samsung television is by using a smart remote.

With a remote, you can easily configure the settings of your television for optimal performance. Accessing the menu without a remote is achievable but may take time.

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Whichever method you decide to use depends on your preferred mode of access and one that seems to work best for you. Always refer to your Samsung TV service menu guide to ensure that your method of choice suits your TV model.


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