How to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV

Do you want to install an app on your TV that is not on Samsung’s Smart Hub? While the native app store has grown in the past three years by adding more games and apps, it has its limits. Fortunately, you can download applications from third-party platforms.

So, how do you install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV? You can install any app on your TV using different methods. We’ll cover all of them in this post. But first, you need to change settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

How to change Samsung TV settings to allow apps from unknown sources

Before installing an app that is not on Samsung’s native app store, you must tweak the TV settings. All Samsung Smart TVs have a default setting that blocks the installation of third-party apps.

To allow installation of an app from a third-party source:

  • Go to your TV’s Settings page.
  • Click the Personal tab.
  • Go to the Security option.
  • On the Unknown Sources option, change the setting to Enable.

The next and final step in this process is to enable the Developer Mode. It allows the app from unknown sources to run on your Smart TV.

While the mode is mainly for app developers trying out if their apps can work on Smart TV, you can use the same pathway to install apps from alternative sources.

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To enable the Developer Mode on Samsung TV:

  • Go to your TV’s Settings menu and select the Smart Hub.
  • Click the Apps option.
  • Enter 12345 as the default pin.
  • Toggle the Developer Mode ON
  • Enter your IP address (You can check your IP on What is My IP Address)
  • Restart your TV

Once you have enabled your TV to install apps from third-party sources, you can download apps that are not on the Samsung TV store.

3 ways to install third-party apps on Samsung Smart TVs

Install third-party apps using any of these options.

Option #1: Download an APK from the web and install it directly.

Thanks to the browser on your Samsung Smart TV, you can download an APK file and install it directly. To download an APK file on your Samsung TV:

  • Launch your TV’s browser
  • Go to your preferred APK website (You can check the apkpure for more apps)
  • Search an app
  • Download the APK file

Once you have downloaded the APK file through your TV’s browser, you need to install it. To install an app:

  • Click Install.
  • Click Confirm to continue.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your Smart TV

Option #2: Install an app using a USB flash drive

Can I install APK on Smart TV? Yes. If you have downloaded an app on your PC, you can install it on your Samsung Smart TV using a flash drive.

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To manually install apps on a Samsung Smart TV, follow these instructions.

  • Insert your USB drive into your computer
  • Save the APK file.
  • Now connect the USB drive to your TV.
  • Using your remote, go to files and folders.
  • Click on the saved APK file.
  • Select the install the file option
  • Confirm your request
  • You will see on-screen instructions. Follow them to install the app.

However, when installing an app using a USB drive, it is vital to ensure that the drive is free from any malware, which may affect your Smart TV. Also, download APK from trusted sources.

Option #3: Use Command Prompt on your PC to install an app

If you do not have a USB drive, you can still install an app from your PC to your Samsung Smart TV. While this process sounds intricate, it is simple, especially when your PC and Smart TV are connected to the same network.

To install an app from PC to Smart TV:

  • Go to your Smart TV Settings
  • Scroll down to the Network option
  • Select the Information option
  • Copy your IP address to the IP Address section
  • On your PC, launch the Command Prompt.
  • Type adb connect(this connects your TV with your PC)
  • Type install D/install.apk

Once you have installed the app on your TV, disconnect the connection. Type adb disconnect on the command prompt.

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Apart from the native app store, you can download apps from unknown sources on your Samsung Smart TV. The three installation processes provided above work when installing 3rd party apps on all Samsung models, even the older ones.

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