Disney Plus is not working on Samsung TV

Disney+ will not work on your Samsung TV if the TV is not compatible with the streaming service. It has to be on the list of compatible devices. Otherwise, you won’t even be able to download and install the app.

But if Disney Plus just stops working out of the blue, it could be due to several reasons. These range from your internet connection to a problematic app. Things such as restarting the TV or resetting your internet may fix the problem. However, you might need a few more troubleshooting steps.

Here, I discuss in detail solutions to common issues that may stop Disney+ from working on Samsung TVs and how to troubleshoot them.

1. Compatibility issues

You can only access Disney Plus if your streaming device or TV is compatible, you have a subscription, and you live in the select countries where the app is licensed to operate.

Noteworthy, just because you have a Smart Samsung TV doesn’t mean it will be compatible with Disney plus.

Disney on Samsung TV
Image: Disney on Samsung TV

Samsung announced that only Samsung TVs created after 2006 would get the necessary software update to support the Disney Plus app.

But sometimes, the app may not be compatible with the TV software version you are using. In this case, you have to update your TV’s operating system.

Follow these steps to confirm and update your Samsung TV’s software version:

  1. Press Menu on your TV remote.
  2. Scroll down and click Settings.
  3. Click the Support tab.
  4. Click Update if there is a pending update.

If there isn’t one, and you can’t install Disney Plus despite it being available in the app store, then your TV isn’t compatible.

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2. Uninstall and then reinstall the app

If there is one solution which works on plenty of jammed electronics, it has to be switching on and off.

The aforementioned is somewhat the same case when dealing with Disney plus. Sometimes, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it back on track.

It could be that the app needs an update, you opened another app with a virus, and it affected other apps and so forth. Regardless of the reason, here is how to go about the problem at hand:

  1. Press the Menu button on your Samsung TV.
  2. Scroll through the menu and click on Settings.
  3. Click on Apps.
  4. Hover on top of the Disney Plus app and click OK twice to reveal a drop-down menu.
  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. Go back to your TV’s home screen.
  7. Launch the Google App store.
  8. Search for Disney Plus and click Install.

At this point, wait for the app to install and then log in using your details. If you are having trouble installing it, check out our guide on adding Disney Plus to a smart TV.

3. Check your internet connection

Connecting a LAN cable to a TV
Connecting a LAN cable to a TV.

If Disney Plus was working just fine before it stopped, chances are, your internet connection is not steady.

Troubleshoot your internet through these steps:

  1. Check the internet speed on another device. You can search Speedtest.net on your favourite browser and then click Go. Make sure you are connected to the same internet as your smart TV.
  2. If the internet speed is fine, the router may be the source of the problem. Confirm that all the router’s lights are green or orange and not red.
  3. Unplug the modem and router from their power source.
  4. Switch off your TV or also unplug it from its power source.
  5. Plug the modem and router back into the power source and do the same for the TV.
  6. Confirm whether Disney plus is now working well. If it’s not, then maybe you need a different internet connection, i.e. mobile data.
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4. Reset the TV

Considering that resetting your TV will return it to the factory setting, and you will have to download everything fresh, use this method as one of your last resorts.

On the other hand, resetting your TV will solve issues you didn’t know you had. It will delete corrupted files and clear the RAM.

Here is how to reset your Samsung TV:

  1. Press Menu on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Scroll through and click Support.
  3. Click Self-diagnosis.
  4. Click on Reset device. A pop-up will appear asking you for a security code. You should input your code; if you don’t remember setting one, press 0000.
  5. Press Confirm to initiate the Reset process.
  6. You will have to download the Disney plus app afresh and confirm whether it’s now working.

You can also reset your Samsung TV’s network settings if you don’t want to reset the TV.

5. Clear Disney plus app data and cache

Disney Plus on Roku
Disney Plus on Roku TV

Apps normally store data and cache to help you have a better user experience.

However, you need to clear the cache and unnecessary data often; otherwise, the files will become large to the point that they overburden the available memory or get infected with a virus that will affect the app’s functioning.

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The main sign of cache buildup is when Disney Plus is lagging or keeps buffering.

To clear cache and data from your Disney Plus:

  1. Click on Menu and tap Settings.
  2. Click on Support.
  3. Select Self-diagnostic test.
  4. Go to the TV device manager option.
  5. Click on Clear running apps and select Memory boost.
  6. Click on Clean now.
  7. Click on Manage storage, then select show app list.
  8. Launch Disney Plus to open.
  9. Click View details and finally tap Clear cache.

6. Check if the Servers are down

The Disney plus app accommodates a certain number of people at each time. So, whenever many people try to log in or access the app’s content simultaneously, the servers often crash.

Alternatively, Disney plus developers have frequent site maintenance practices. This normally lasts a few minutes, and every consumer will be notified of the maintenance time well in advance.

Regardless of which of the two scenarios you are in, the best thing will be to wait a few minutes to half an hour and then try logging in again.

If you experience issues with Disney Plus on Samsung TV, start by checking your internet connection and the Disney uptime status. If they are okay, clear the app cache and reset the TV.


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