Why is AirPlay not working on my Vizio TV?

AirPlay is one of the most remarkable features developed by Apple. It allows you to connect and stream Apple devices to other multimedia devices such as TVs, smart speakers.

You can easily stream your audio, video, photos, and even device screen directly on your TV through this feature.

AirPlay will usually connect effortlessly with your Vizio TV, but it might fail to work, which can be confusing.

Most of the time, it is due to something simple such as the AirPlay option not being enabled on your Vizio TV. However, it could also be due to a glitch, or network issues. Luckily, there are several ways to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

What causes AirPlay not to work on Vizio TV

The top reasons why you might have a problem streaming content from your iPhone’s AirPlay to Vizio TV are:

  • The AirPlay option is not enabled on Vizio TV
  • Your Vizio TV firmware is not up to date, meaning that AirPlay isn’t supported
  • Your Vizio TV model does not support AirPlay streaming
  • The Vizio AirPlay code function is not activated on your Vizio TV, making it impossible to connect with the AirPlay code option.
  • Your iOS device and Vizio TV are not on the same wireless network
  • Glitches on the AirPlay app on your iOS device, your Vizio TV, or the Wi-Fi router

How to fix AirPlay not working on Vizio TV?

What can you do when you find that AirPlay is not working on your Vizio TV?

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Below are some troubleshooting tips and solutions that you can execute to resolve the issue:

Solution 1: Enable the AirPlay option on your Vizio TV


AirPlay being disabled on your Vizio TV is most likely the reason why you cannot stream content from your iOS device. Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to fix and won’t take much time or effort.

To enable AirPlay on your Vizio TV, press the Home button on your TV remote and go to the Extras menu. Select the AirPlay option and make sure that it is set to ON.

Of course, for the functionality to work, your TV must be on the list of AirPlay supported devices.

Solution 2: Update your TV firmware

Is AirPlay enabled on your TV, but you can’t still use the service? You might be dealing with a firmware update issue.

By updating it to the latest firmware version, you can resolve the problem and start streaming from your Apple device to the TV.

To perform the Vizio AirPlay update:

  • Press the Menu button on your TV remote
  • Go to System
  • Select Check for Updates
  • Select Allow your TV to download and install the current updates

Once completed, it will restart automatically, and you can try connecting your Apple device.

Solution 3: Connect your iOS device and Vizio TV on the same Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi connection
Image: Praveen

If you’re using Wi-Fi to connect AirPlay to Vizio, your devices must be on the same network. Failure to do so will lead to communication problems, making the feature not function properly.

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For example, you might find that the Vizio AirPlay sound is not working, or the TV is not displaying your device’s screen.

To fix the issue, go to network settings on both your phone and Vizio TV and connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Of course, it is possible to connect AirPlay to Vizio TV without Wi-Fi –by using Bluetooth.

Turn on Bluetooth on your Apple device and Vizio TV, then go to AirPlay; your iOS device will automatically detect the TV and establish a connection.

Solution 4: Restart your iOS device, Vizio TV, and Wi-Fi Router

Glitches can occur in your Apple device or Vizio TV, making an AirPlay connection impossible.

Sometimes, the router might be the issue, in which case both your Apple device and Vizio TV would not be able to communicate. The best way to resolve these glitches is to restart your devices.

To restart your Vizio TV

  • Disconnect the TV from a power source (without turning it off using the remote)
  • Leave it unplugged for about one or two minutes
  • Plug it back in and power it on

Once the TV restarts, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network with your Apple device and try AirPlay.

To restart your Apple device

  • Press the Sleep/Wake button until a Power Off slider appears on the screen
  • Slide it to restart your device
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Apple TV os

You can also perform a reboot on your device by simultaneously pressing and holding the Wake Button with the Volume +/- (depending on your device model).

Once your Apple device restarts, connect it to the same network as the Vizio TV and start AirPlay.

If AirPlay is still not working, try rebooting the router. Most routers will come with a hard restart button located at the back panel (could also be labelled “Reset”).

Press this button to reboot the device. Alternatively, unplug it from the power outlet and then plug it back in again after a minute or so.

Once the router is back online, connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network and start AirPlay.

Connecting your Apple device to Vizio TV is a fun experience, which allows you to access your mobile screen on a large TV screen.

However, it can be pretty frustrating if the feature is not working. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot and fix any issues hindering the AirPlay connection with the above solutions.

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