Lovely Runner story summary: Setting, plot twists, and ending explained

The captivating fantasy romance series Lovely Runner has attracted audiences with its distinctive combination of time travel, profound emotions, and heartfelt narrative based on the novel Tomorrow’s Best.

The story focuses on Ryu Sun-Jae, an elite celebrity stressed by the pressures of fame, and Im Sol, his committed fan, who is supernaturally shipped back in time to change his tragic fate.

This article explores the show’s complex setting, surprising plots, twists, and heartfelt conclusion, providing viewers with a thorough guide to the most engaging parts of the series.

What is the setting of Lovely Runner?

Lovely Runner plot shifts between the modern South Korean entertainment world and fifteen years ago’s simpler, more sentimental high school environment.

The present storyline focuses on Im Sol (played by Kim Hye-Yoon), a 34-year-old wheelchair user who is a devoted fan of Ryu Sun-Jae (played by Byeon Woo-Seok), a top-tier celebrity.

Unfortunately, Ryu Sun-Jae unexpectedly dies by suicide, and Im Sol is devastated.

In her grief, she presses Sun-Jae’s old watch, bought in a fan auction, which transports her back to 2008, when she and Ryu Sun-Jae were both 19 years old.

Due to this unexpected adventure, she finds herself attending Sun-Jae’s high school. As a result, she vows to change his future and save him from his untimely death.

Does Im Sol save Ryu Sun-Jae from suicide?

Ryu Sun-Jae has always had feelings for Im Sol.
Ryu Sun-Jae has always had feelings for Im Sol. Image: X/nidhi_v_

On her first travel trip to the past, Im Sol undertakes the enormous job of rescuing Sun-Jae from his impending fate. She navigates the challenges of high school life while trying to change his fate.

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Her resolve is evident as she becomes friends with him, fits in with his social circles, and gently steers him toward wiser decisions.

In her second trip to the past, the show reveals that Sun-Jae has always had feelings for Im Sol and even dedicated the song Sudden Rain to her.

It is also revealed that Sun-Jae saved Im Sol from a drowning accident that left her paralyzed. This accident was caused by Kim Young-soo, a taxi driver with a passion for serial kidnapping and murder.

In episode seven of the show, Im Sol returns to the future to discover she is not paralyzed and works in a production company.

In this timeline, she reconnects with Sun-Jae, still a K-pop idol, and confesses their mutual feelings for each other.

She is thrilled to discover that he is no longer the troubled star on the verge of suicide but rather a mature person who has managed to balance his personal and professional life.

Unfortunately, fate takes a tragic turn when Kim Young-soo is released from prison and takes his revenge on Sun-Jae by stabbing him to death.

Does Kim Young-soo get arrested?

In episode 9 of Lovely Runner, Sol travels back to 2009, when she and Sun-Jae were in college. She tries to stay away from him, convinced that their relationship puts them in danger.

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This time, Sun-Jae finds out she is from the future and tells her to pursue her feelings for him. He tells her:

If I end up dying to save you, I’ll be fine with that. That doesn’t matter.

Despite coordinating with police to have Kim Young-Soo arrested, he once again comes after Im Sol and succeeds in stabbing Sun-Jae as he tries to save her.

Devastated by the repeated failures, Sol presses the time travel watch and is transported back to 2007.

This time, she decides not to contact Ryu Sun-Jae completely and erase him from her life. She lives alone for 15 years, hoping that he will not die by staying with her.

Does Ryu Sun-Jae remember Im Sol?

Episode 14 of the show introduces us to the present timeline, where Sol is an entertainment producer, and Sun-Jae is once again an acclaimed K-pop idol but has lost his memories of their time together.

In a surprising turn of events, Sun-Jae reads Im Sol’s romance film, is inspired by her time travel experience, and wants to star in it.

He also regains all his memories after Sol gives him the watch she used to travel through time and alter his fate.

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Sun-Jae can recall their entire relationship, including their first meeting, their college era, and Im Sol’s accident and his subsequent death.

Do Im Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae end up together?

Im Sol and Ryu Sun-Jae.
Im Sol, and Ryu Sun-Jae. Image: Instagram/lovelyrunner.fanpage

In episode 16 of Lovely Runner, Kim Young-Soo, the main threat to Im Sol and Sun-Jae’s happiness, is hit by a truck as he runs away from Kim Tae-Sung, a police detective.

Young-Soo has killed Ryu Sun-Jae twice and was also responsible for Sol’s paralyzed fate at the beginning of the film. His death means the couple can be together without the fear of a tragic loss of either of them.

The episode continues as Sun-Jae plans to propose to Sol on a yacht with the help of his manager and fellow Eclipse member but decides to cancel until she finishes directing her first film.

He eventually proposes to her under a cherry blossom tree, with the ring hidden among the petals. As the two stars kiss, they see a glimpse into their wedding ceremony.

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