How to factory reset Google WiFi router

If you have used Google Wifi (Nest Wifi), then you know that it offers smooth and reliable wireless coverage in your home.

You can use it to create several points so that you can set up internet connectivity in places like your living room, basement, garage, or office. But like other technologies, you may need to factory reset Google Wifi when it fails to work.

One instance is where your mesh network loses connection to the internet, leaving you able to access the network, but unable to use the internet.

While some solutions include checking for cables and connections, restarting the modem, or checking your configuration, sometimes the best fix is to reset Google Wifi.

When should you factory reset a Google Wifi router?

In some specific scenarios, you may have to reset the Google Wifi mesh. This is specifically true if you want to:

  • Fix offline points
  • Delete your information from the point or router
  • Return your Google Wifi device
  • Sell or gift the device to another person
  • Start anew by setting up your points and router

When you opt for a factory reset, you will delete all your data and settings, which you will be unable to recover. Once you finish the Google Wifi factory reset process, you will have to start anew by setting up your points and router.

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But how do you factory reset Google Wifi? Here’s how to do it:

Factory reset Google Wifi via the app

  • Open Google Wifi app
  • Tap on the Settings gear icon
  • Select Network Settings
  • Tap on Wifi Points
  • Tap on Factory Reset
  • Under the Factory Reset window, tap on Factory Reset at the bottom
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Tap on Continue

The reset process will begin and may take more than five minutes. After it completes, tap on Done. The next step will be to get started by setting up the device.

Note: When you see Google Wifi blinking, it means the reset process has started. Give your device at least ten minutes to erase the data. When Google Wifi displays solid blue, it means you can start setting it up.

Using the reset button

The button on the back of Google Wifi is a reset button. You can use it to erase your device to factory defaults. Here is how:

  • Press and hold the button for ten seconds
  • You will see its light flashing yellow then turning to solid yellow
  • Release the button once it turns to solid yellow
  • The reset process will begin and can take more than ten minutes
  • Make sure the power cord remains in place throughout the process
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Once the reset process ends, the yellow-colored light will turn to pulse white.

Through the Google Home app

If you initially set up your device in the Home app, you can use the same application to factory reset it.

  • Open Google Home app
  • Tap on Wifi points
  • Tap on the Settings gear icon
  • Select Factory Reset Wifi point
  • Confirm by tapping on Factory Reset

The steps above work well if you are using Google Nest points or Google Next routers.

If you love video, here’s one covering the steps above:


When you restart Google Wifi, it will allow you to fix many issues with the device, including connectivity and mesh network losses.

If that does not help, consider resetting it to factory defaults. But understand that a factory reset will erase all data, and you will have to start anew.


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