Troubleshooting US/DS light blinking on Arris modem

It can be alarming when the US/DS light blinks on your Arris modem or router. On most occasions, it will only blink for a few minutes. However, sometimes it may keep blinking for prolonged periods with no signs of stopping.

The worst thing is that it may be accompanied by a loss in the internet connection. If you are facing this problem, you don’t need to worry.

There are several methods you can use to identify and fix the problem on your Arris modem. However, before getting to the solutions, it is worth looking at the reason behind the problem.

Why is the US/DS light blinking?

It’s normal for the US/DS light to blink when initiating an internet connection and it becomes steady when the connection is completed.

However, if there is a continuous blink it means that the router was unable to complete the internet connection.

This lapse in connection can be brought about by the following scenarios:

  • Service outage: Scheduled or sudden service outages by your internet service provider (ISP) means that your modem can’t make an internet connection and the blinking light confirms it.
  • Loose wiring: Loose wiring can also lead to us/ds light blinking on your modem router combo. Check for any unattached, bent, or cut wires as they could be the cause of the internet disconnection and the blinking light.
  • Splitter problem: If you use a splitter for your connection, check whether it’s working properly. If there is damage, it may cause an internet connection disruption.
  • Defective modem: A defective modem that has suffered damage probably from power surges can lead to diminished functions thereby preventing an establishment of a connection.
  • Firmware update: Firmware update by your ISP, also causes the light to blink continuously. It will later become steady once the process is completed.
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How to fix the US/DS blinking light on an Arris modem

Use any of these methods to fix the blinking light or “modem not connecting” issues.

1. Restart the modem

Restarting the modem is the basic troubleshooting idea you should first apply.

Follow these steps to restart your Arris modem.

  • Disconnect the modem from the power source
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes
  • Plug it back to the power source
  • Turn it on and wait

Check whether the “turn it off and turn it on again” solution works by the stability of the light.

2. Check the cabling

If you rely on a splitter, remove it and connect the modem directly to the cable. Check whether the light stabilizes as this would indicate a good internet connection.

If it works, the splitter could be defective and you should consider replacing it.

If your Arris modem US/DS light is blinking orange, it means there is a disconnect in the US communication line even though the DS has seen and locked down the downstream signal.

To solve this issue, you will need to recheck all your cable wiring for any defects. If you can’t fix the wiring, it’s best to engage a cable technician.

On the other hand, if your DS light keeps blinking, it means that your wiring may have come loose and, therefore, the connection cannot be completed.

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To solve this issue, you will need to check for any loose cable wires that need reattaching and fastening. If the problem persists, seek support from your ISP.

3. Check the signal levels

Contact your ISP and ask for your modem’s status page. These values will indicate the upstream and downstream values and you can use them to troubleshoot the problem.

The downstream power forward path level which caters to the noise levels has both (+) and (-) values. The ideal range should be between +7 to -7dMbV.

The downstream return path caters to the link between the modem and the cable provider and is expressed in (+) values. The ideal range is 38-48dMbV.

If the values are too high then there is higher resistance when trying to complete the connection.

If the values are still high even after power cycling and disconnecting the splitter, then you will need to contact a cable technician to help you get the values to an acceptable range.

4. Contact support

If all these troubleshooting ideas do not help, then the issue is probably on your ISP’s end. Contact customer support to assist you in solving the problem.

Wrapping up

The continuous blinking on your modem can be alarming and you can almost tell you will have a bad internet day. But it shouldn’t be.

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With all the above troubleshooting ideas, you should be able to solve the issue and stabilize the US/DS light on your Arris modem.

If all the methods do not work, call customer support to help you solve the issue from their end or provide a replacement modem.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing other issues, we have a comprehensive Arris modem troubleshooting guide for you.

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