Fix: Roku remote is not working

Top among the most frustrating moments is a remote not working. Roku streaming stick remote is no exception either.

You might turn on your TV only to find Roku not working. Such errors may be a combination of various factors.

A remote will stop working when it has been tampered with in one way or the other. This also applies to a universal remote.

To fix this, you have to identify the problem and settle on an appropriate method to fix it.

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Solutions to fixing a problematic Roku remote

Below are ways to fix your Roku remote.

Step 1. Check the remote for any physical damage

It is essential to know if the remote was mishandled and has some damage to it. This is usually the common reason for remote malfunctions.

There are critical elements of every device that, when destroyed, render the device useless.

If the remote has been broken, you should consider replacing it. If no damage is seen, try the next step.

Step 2: Restart your Roku device and remote

To restart your remote, open your battery compartment and remove the batteries.  Disconnect your Roku device from power for about 5 minutes, and then reconnect it.

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Once your Roku device has reconnected and is on the home screen, reinsert the batteries into your remote.

Wait for a few minutes and see whether Roku reestablishes a connection to your remote. If you find out that Roku remote not pairing, check the next step.

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Step 3: Check the batteries

A vital component of any electronic device is its power source. The batteries power the remote, and if they fail to work, so does the remote.

Batteries have different battery life. Buy good brands that offer high battery life to increase your remote users.

Roku also provides messages to warn you when your battery power runs low. Replace the batteries regularly to ensure optimum results.

Step 4: Check for blocked Signal

The Roku remote usually has most of the commands you need to operate the device. This remote requires a direct link to the Roku device.

This means any object should not block the signal. Ensure the remote is in direct line with your Roku device before trying.

Step 5: Use or check your HDMI cable.

This applies only to the Roku streaming stick remote. Pair your tv using an HDMI cable to the Roku device. This will significantly affect the performance of your remote.

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If still the remote is not working on tv, unplug and plug in the HDMI cable again. This should pair with a Roku remote.

Step 6: Replace the remote

This is the last option as no one wants to do it. It addresses issues that can not be fixed on your current remote.

For instance, if the pairing button on your remote is destroyed, you may not be able to connect the remote to your Roku device.

This means you have to replace the remote. If you can not replace the remote instantly, download the Roku app on your smartphone. The app has a remote feature that will help control Roku.

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