Netflix not working? Error codes list, issues – fix!

Netflix is arguably the best streaming service today. It has lots of classic films and original series you can watch anytime. But while it offers a better user experience, sometimes errors make it impossible for you to watch a movie or documentary.

Sometimes the errors usually have a code that helps you to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. You can fix Netflix errors if you know the meaning of each code.

When you encounter Netflix errors, you may also see an accompanying message. For example, code 1-5059 usually has the message – A problem occurred while playing this item. Try again later, or select a different item. Go to for more information.”

It is a proxy error on Netflix, which means you are connecting via a VPN, proxy, or unblocker service. Disabling the service will fix it.

List of common errors on Netflix and the solutions

The following are more Netflix errors and how to fix them.

Error code S7363 – issue with Netflix cookies

Netflix S7363 error

Error S7363 appears in many forms. It can be S7363-1260-0000230D, S7363-1260-FFFFD082, S7363-1260-FFFFD089, and S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1, among others.

The advantage is that the error is device-specific. If you encounter error S7363-1260-0000230D on your Mac:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Use a different browser or device to stream.
  • Quit all other media players on your Mac, including QuickTime, YouTube, and iTunes.

You also need to clear cookies and cache from your browser to fix it. The above steps will fix most errors related to the code S7363.

Error code TVQ-PB-101 – cookies and stored data needs to be refreshed

The error occurs because of an issue with the information stored on your streaming device. To troubleshoot it:

  • Sign out of Netflix, log back in, and then try again.
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Netflix app.
  • For PlayStation and Xbox devices, delete saved game data and try again.
  • Restart your home network.
  • Improve your wireless signal.

If you get the error on your Smart TV, check whether your network supports streaming, especially if you are accessing the service via Wi-Fi.

Error code 100 – need to refresh your Netflix app

If you are using Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you may have encountered error 100 on Netflix. It occurs because of some information on your device that you need to refresh. Here is what to do:

  • On Apple TV, sign out of your account, sign in, and then try again.
  • Restart your Apple TV by unplugging it from the power source for two minutes, plug back in, power it up, and then open Netflix.
  • On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, delete and reinstall the app.

You can also restart your device and try opening Netflix again.

Error code UI-800-3 – the internet of cookie issues

When Netflix has encountered an error UI-800-3, you need to refresh your device and try again. But you can also fix it in other ways, including:

  • Check whether you have connected your device to the internet.
  • Clear the Netflix app data on Amazon Fire TV/Stick.
  • Reinstalling the application.
  • Sign out, sign back in, and try opening a video again.
  • On Xbox devices, confirm your DNS settings by going to Network and select Automatic.
  • Restore your connection settings to default on Smart TVs.
  • Improve your wireless signal.
  • Connect your Smart TV to the modem directly.
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If you are using a Samsung Smart TV, start by resetting the Smart Hub. Other steps you can take include restarting your home network or refresh your login information.

Note that the steps above can also work if you are getting error UI3012, NW-3-6, or NW-2-5 on any device.

Netflix error codes M7361 – streaming on an outdated browser or platform

Error M7361 appears in two forms. It can either be M7361-1253 or M7361-1261-00000024. The error code M7361-1253 occurs on computers when using Google Chrome. A better way of fixing it is by:

  • Updating Google Chrome.
  • Restarting your computer.

If you are getting error M7361-1261-00000024, it is because you are accessing Netflix through a browser on either Windows or Mac that is in private mode. You can troubleshoot this problem using the steps below.

On Windows or Mac:

  • Create a new window in your browser, sign in to Netflix, and then try again.

You can also quit Netflix by closing the private mode.

These solutions also work for error code m7353-5101.

Error code M7355 – issue with your streaming platform

Error 7355 occurs because of an issue with your Chrome browser on either Windows or Mac computers. Here is how to troubleshoot it:

  • Update Google Chrome.
  • Uninstall the Chrome browser, reinstall it, and try opening Netflix again.
  • Use a different browser or device to stream.

If you are using Chrome on Windows XP, you will get the error because Netflix does not support the operating system.

The alternative is to use Internet Explorer or a different streaming device and try again.

Error code S7363 – unsupported device

Error S7363 can occur in many forms on your Mac. An example is S7363-1260-48444350. You will encounter it if you are using an unsupported screen.

Most Apple devices support playback on internet monitors or through devices that are compatible with HDCP. Here is how you can fix it:

  • Disconnect your computer from external TVs or screens and try playing the video again.
  • Use a monitor or TV that supports HDCP.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Use a different streaming device or browser.

If your computer is using the DisplayLink software, consider removing it from your Mac and try streaming again.

If you get other errors related to S7363, such as S7363-1260-0000230D, S7363-1260-FFFFD082, S7363-1260-FFFFD089, S7363-1260-00002E19, or S7363-1260-FFFF5962, among others, consider the steps below:

  • Close other media players that are running on your computer.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Clear Netflix data or browser cookies and cache.

You can also try using a different browser or device and try again.

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Error code M7361-1253 – network connectivity issue

The Netflix error code M7361-1253 occurs on computers when using the Google Chrome browser. It indicates a network connectivity issue with your device. Here is how you can fix it:

  • Update Google Chrome.
  • Restart your computer by shutting it down, power it up, and open Netflix again.

You can also consider clearing browser cookies and cache.

Error code M7353-5101 – issue with macOS

Error S7353-5101 is one of the most common Netflix codes that occur because of an issue with your Mac computer. To fix it:

  • Restart your Mac and try opening Netflix again.
  • Update your operating system.

Some users have also encountered error S7353-5101-3. It is the same issue, and you can fix it using the steps outlined above. Visit the Apple support site to know how to upgrade your Mac.

Error code TVQ-ST-142 – connectivity problem

Netflix TVQ-ST-142

When you get error TVQ-ST-142, your device could be the cause of the issue, and you need to refresh it as follows:

  • Ensure you have an internet connection.
  • Restart your entire home network.
  • If you are using Roku, select Try Again from the screen.

When restarting your home network, power-cycle your streaming device and router and try again.

You can also contact your ISP to determine whether you have set up your router correctly.

Error code CM 12646 – download error

CM 12646 is a Netflix download error. Here is how to troubleshoot it:

  • Download the title again.
  • Close the app, open it, and try downloading the video.
  • Restart your device and open Netflix.

You can also clear browser or app data and cookies and try again. Since it is a download issue, check whether you have connected your device to the internet.

Error code AVF 11800 – display adapter problem

AVF 11800 is an error that occurs on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. You will encounter this issue if you have connected your iOS devices to a display.

The issue occurs because your video adapter is preventing the streaming service from playing your title. You can fix it by ensuring your adapter is compatible with Netflix.

Visit the Apple support page to know which adapter you need to connect your device to a display like A computer, Smart TV, or projector. Also, try playing the movie from a different device.

Error code H7361 – Issue with Windows OS

Like many other Netflix errors, H7361 appears in many forms on Windows computers. Some of these include H7361-1255-8004B822, H7361-1253-80070001, H7361-1254-8007000E, and H7361-1254-8007007F, among others.

If you are getting error code H7361-1255-80070241, here is how you can troubleshoot it:

  • Restart your computer and try again.

For other errors with code H7361, the following is how you can troubleshoot them:

  • Update your antivirus software or disable it temporarily.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Run the system file checker tool by opening Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow, and press Enter. Once the process is over, restart your computer.
  • Install software updates on Windows.
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Since H7361 has many errors related to the code, visit the Netflix help center to find more information on how to fix it.

Error code 113 – Log in issue

Error 113 is synonymous with Apple TV. It often indicates a problem with your login credentials. Here is how to fix it:

  • Check to ensure that you have provided the correct login information.
  • Reset your password by text message or email. You will have to do this from your desktop browser.
  • Delete the Netflix app and reinstall it.

When resetting your password, you may have to choose whether all devices that use your account should sign in again using the new password. The whole process can take up to eight hours.

Error code M7399 – firewall or antivirus issue

Error M7399 appears in many forms, including M7399-1260-00000025, M7399-1260-00000021, M7399-1260-00000048, M7399-1260-00000024, and M7399-1260-00000026.

You will encounter any of these Netflix errors on either Windows or Mac computers and when streaming on a browser. To fix it:

  • Clear browser cookies and cache.
  • Check whether you have at least 100MB of storage on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Update your browser.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Uninstall Google Chrome, reinstall the software, and try again.
  • Use another browser.
  • Turn off incognito, guest mode, or private browsing.
  • Refresh the page and try again.

Another option you can explore is to update content protection failure on Chrome.

  • Go to the Chrome address bar.
  • Type chrome://components and press enter.
  • Scroll through to find the Widevine Content Decryption Module component.
  • If the component is not listed, you are not using the official Chrome version. Therefore, update the browser.
  • Select Check for Update.
  • Restart Chrome and try opening Netflix again once you see Status – Component updated.

The problem can also occur if your firewall security software or antivirus program is preventing your browser from accessing the content protection feature. That can happen if you see Status – Content not updated.

Thus, upgrade your antivirus program and try opening Netflix again. You can also disable your firewall security. However, that should be the last option if all steps above fail, but not recommended.

Error code HTP-998 – network connectivity problem

If you are trying to access a title on Netflix through your Smart TV and you get error code HTP-998, it means a network connectivity issue is preventing your device from accessing the servers. To solve it:

  • Restart your Smart TV.
  • Restart your home network.

For Netflix connection error on other devices, contact their customer service for further assistance.


If you get an error code on Netflix, fixing it can be easy if you know what it means. Netflix errors usually have an accompanying message that tells you the primary cause of the problem you are facing.

But if you are unable to fix them, consider contacting the customer service for assistance.

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