How to switch Netflix profiles on Roku

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can add several people to your account by creating their respective profiles. However, the service allows you to add five profiles only.

Each can have its maturity level, viewing restrictions, language preferences, playback settings, and personalized movie and TV show suggestions.

Although they have their settings, you can switch, delete, or edit a profile. So, how do you switch Netflix profiles on the Roku box?

First, understand that there is a difference between Netflix profiles and accounts. A profile is one you create after subscribing to one Netflix account.

It is that account you will use to add up to five people with their settings and profiles. So, if you want to switch users on the same account, you will have to use your remote and navigate to a different profile.

Does Roku support Netflix profiles?

Roku supports Netflix profiles only on specific devices. If you are using Roku Premiere, Roku 3, and Roku HDMI streaming stick, you can have one Netflix account and create several profiles.

Older devices may not work well. But to do that successfully, you must set up user profiles inside the Netflix channel.

That will allow you to access them inside the channel because Roku accounts do not offer multiple profiles.

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How to switch Netflix profiles on old Roku devices

If you have Roku and you want to switch users on Netflix, here is what you should do:

  • Launch the Netflix app on your device
  • A Netflix home screen will appear
  • Press the left arrow on the D-Pad of your Roku remote to open up a menu on the left side of your TV screen
  • Use the Roku remote to highlight your current active Netflix profile
  • The profile is at the top of the menu you opened up on the left side of your screen
  • The active Netflix profile will show Switch Profile directly below it
  • Press OK on the remote

After pressing OK, a screen will appear with the content – Who’s watching Netflix? It is a screen where all profiles associated with the Netflix account display. For the next step:

  • Use your Roku remote to highlight the Netflix profile you watch to switch
  • Press OK on your remote
  • Netflix will route you to a new home screen for the profile you selected

You can use the steps above anytime to switch Netflix profiles on Roku HD. Also, understand that the process outlined may not work for older models.

How to switch Netflix accounts on Roku

If you want to switch accounts on your Roku:

  • Go to My Channels on Roku
  • Locate Netflix and highlight the app using your remote
  • Press the star key on the remote to edit the application
  • Select Remove Channel
  • Re-download the app from the Channel Store
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Next, open Netflix and log in with a different account.

Switching Netflix profiles made easy

If you want to change your Netflix profile on Roku XS, you must first create an account with the streaming service and then create profiles inside the channel.

Roku itself does not support multiple accounts. Also, the steps for switching profiles on Netflix will depend on the type of device you are using.

These include Roku Premiere, Roku 3, and Roku HDMI streaming stick. Older models may not work well.

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