Netflix error code NW-2-5: How to Fix

In just a short time, Netflix has grown to become one of the top entertainment services. Whether you are bored at home on a weekend, depressed and looking for something to lift up your moods, or just looking to relax for a short while after a long day at work, you can be sure to find something suitable to watch on Netflix.

However, from time to time, the streaming experience you are looking forward to can turn into a nightmare due to a number of technical problems. One of the most popular of these problems is the Netflix error code NW-2-5.

The Netflix error NW-2-5 is an error that occurs due to a network connectivity issue. When it displays on your device, it is an indication that your device is experiencing problems connecting to the Netflix service.

The connectivity issue can be brought about by a number of problems, including:

  • Lack of internet connection
  • Faulty connection settings
  • A faulty network router, and others.

But, don’t let this problem frustrate you when it occurs.  Below, we have listed 7 of the best solutions that can help you fix this problem, hence allowing you to get back to your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows.

Steps to troubleshoot and fix Netflix error NW-2-5

  1. Confirm if your home network supports streaming
  2. Check your Internet connection speeds
  3. Check your network’s DNS settings
  4. Reboot your streaming device
  5. Reboot your router
  6. Boost your Wi-Fi signal
  7. Switch to LAN

Solution #1: Check if your home network supports streaming

One of the top reasons why your device is not connecting to the Netflix service is the lack of streaming capability on the network you are using. This can be due to:

  • Blocked network: most work and school networks block streaming services such as Netflix
  • Slow network performance: for example, public Wi-Fi connections are very slow due to numerous users, which makes it impossible to stream videos
  • Low or limited bandwidth: low network bandwidth such that it cannot support streaming, or if you are using a limited connection (satellite internet or cellular connection)
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If you are facing any of these scenarios, consider changing your network to a faster, unblocked, and unlimited internet connection that supports streaming.

Solution #2: Test your internet connection

Another reason why you might be getting the NW-2-5 Netflix error is if you have a faulty internet connection that is it isn’t working at all.

The best approach is to start by testing if your connection is live using an online speed test application. is a great application that will tell you if the connection is working, and how fast it is.

If the test shows that the connection is working, then the problem lies somewhere else. It isn’t working, then the problem could be caused by a faulty router/modem.

Changing the router can help to fix the issue. Alternatively, you can switch to another working internet connection.

Solution #3: Check your streaming device’s DNS settings

DNS settings are very important as they are used to look up and resolve a domain name (URL address) to an IP address.

Therefore, when you type in on your browser, it is the DNS settings that will ensure you get to the correct Netflix service IP address.

Unfortunately, your device’s DNS settings can change sometimes, causing a problem when looking up and resolving a domain name – which is one of the reasons why you might be getting a Netflix error code NW-2-5.

A simple fix to this problem is to go to the network settings of the device you are using (PlayStation, Xbox, and even computer), select the automatic option for DNS settings, and then reboot your device.

If the settings had changed, this will restore the correct settings, thus allowing you to connect to the Netflix service.

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Solution #4: Reboot your streaming device

Netflix error code NW-2-5 can also occur if there is a problem with your streaming device, usually a minor bug or software problem, which is causing it not to connect to the internet. As long as the device is not faulty, rebooting/restarting it can help to fix the issue.

If you are using a set-top box such as Roku, you can reboot it using the dedicated reset button (usually found at the back of the box).

Another option is to power off the device, disconnect it from the power outlet, wait for a little while (about 60 seconds), and then power it back on.

If you are streaming Netflix on a smart TV, you can reset it by switching it off using the remote, disconnecting it from the power outlet for about a minute, and then switching it back on.

Most of the time, the reboot process will fix any software issues that were causing the device not to connect to the internet.

Solution #5: Reboot your router

A software or bug problem can also affect your network router/modem, causing network connectivity issues that prevent your streaming device from accessing Netflix.

A reboot of the router can fix the problem, allowing you to resume your streaming session.

To reboot your router, use the dedicated reset button found at the back of the device. Alternatively, power the device off (using the power button), disconnect it from the power outlet for about a minute, and then power it back on.

The reboot will fix any minor issues with the router – as long as it is not faulty.

If the reboot does not work, the router might be faulty, in which case you should get in touch with the manufacturer for technical support, or switch to another working router.

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Solution #6: Boost your Wi-Fi signal coverage

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, the problem might lie between your router and your streaming device. This can happen if:

  • Your streaming device is too far away from the router, leading to weakened wireless signals
  • If the Wi-Fi signals are obstructed by obstacles such as doors, walls, furniture, and other items

Any of these issues can lead to poor signal quality, which will, in turn, result in low connection speeds that cannot support streaming.

You can fix the problem by moving the streaming device closer to the router – preferably in the same room where there is a line of sight connection. This will improve the signal quality, hence boosting the connection speeds.

Solution 7: Use a LAN cable

Network connectivity issues can also result from a faulty Wi-Fi network, which might be the reason you are getting the NW-2-5 Netflix error.

If rebooting your network router does not fix the network, the next best solution is to bypass the wireless connection and connect to your streaming device directly using an Ethernet (LAN) cable.

Are you getting the Netflix error NW-2-5? Don’t worry! This is a common Netflix issue that occurs due to a number of network connectivity problems.

Luckily, the solutions we have listed above can help you to resolve the issue so as to continue enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

In some cases, however, the Netflix error code NW-2-5 can occur due to a problem on the internet service provider (ISP’s) end.

Therefore, you should get in touch with their customer support team if you find that the problem is still persisting even after attempting these solutions.


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