How to make emotes for Twitch step-by-step

Twitch is one of the most popular video game streaming websites known today. Two of the reasons that have made the platform famous are Twitch chat and emotes.

The chat feature allows passive viewers to become interactive. On the other hand, gaming enthusiasts use emotes as an internal language for telling inside jokes.

Emotes have changed the way people communicate on Twitch. When a person uses emote, it changes the entire meaning of their message.

In other cases, emotes become the message. But before you can use them, you need to know how to make Twitch emotes.

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Emotes are images or emojis with unique stories. It is how you use the emoticon that matters the most.

That also means you must be able to design or sketch them first to know what message you want them to convey.

For example, you may want your emotes to show sarcasm or sadness. One advantage of making emotes for Twitch is you do not have to be an expert designer to do it.

You can craft anything on a piece of paper, scan it, and upload it to Twitch. But in doing so, you must follow Twitch’s subscriber emoticon guidelines.

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Making Twitch emotes step-by-step

The guide below shows you how to make emotes for Twitch.

  • Use any image editor to make your custom emotes.
  • Start with a bigger file. Consider 900×900 pixels.
  • Start designing your images. It could be anything including a big head with eyeglasses to depict a nerd.
  • After designing the image scale it down. The size should be 112×112 pixels.
  • If you decide to draw faces or people, exaggerate their expressions and features. The images will look excellent when you scale them down to 28×28 pixels.
  • Once you finish your designs, make the background transparent. Or, save the images as PNG.

While making Twitch emotes may seem easy, you must follow subscriber emoticon guidelines.

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Twitch subscriber emoticon guidelines

The following are the guidelines you must follow when making emotes.

  • Make the image in a .png format.
  • You can submit the emoticons in three sizes. These include 28×28 pixels, 56×56 pixels, and 112×112 pixels.
  • Each file size should not exceed 25kb.
  • You should submit the emoticon with a transparent background.
  • Before submitting, ensure you can view the image at 100% resolution. This ensures the art is clear and that the words on the image are correct and easy to read.
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You can draw emotes of anything and submit them to Twitch. But the images should not be of hateful conduct, threats to violence, show nudity, or sexual content.

You should respect other’s rights when drawing emoticons.

It is easy to know how to make Twitch emotes. You only need to be creative and produce something people will like.

If you are not an artist, you can always hire a professional who knows how to make Twitch sub emotes to do it for you. But the most crucial step on how to draw an emote on Twitch is to follow the guidelines.

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