Fix Twitch error 5000: This video is not available

Twitch error 5000 commonly occurs when streaming on Twitch and is often accompanied by the message 5000: Content not available. In some cases, Twitch will appear to load and then buffer indefinitely.

Out of the many errors on Twitch, this one can make you smash your device without thinking twice. However, you don’t have to do that since we’ve explained its cause and how you can fix this error whenever it occurs.

Twitch 5000

The most common cause of error #5000 on Twitch is a problem with an integrated plugin on Chrome, which is mostly the Flash Player.

However, this problem isn’t just tied to this particular plugin. Some users have reported having solved the problem by disabling other plugins too.

How to solve Twitch error code 5000

If you are seeing a black screen or a buffering icon that doesn’t seem to stop while watching streams on Twitch, try out the following solutions:

Method #1: Enable Flash Player

If this error occurs while you are using Chrome, try out this fix:

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome, type chrome://settings, then press Enter
  2. Scroll down to the bottom then select Advanced
  3. Select Content settings
  4. Select Flash
  5. Turn the toggle to an OFF position

Flash chrome

If this method didn’t solve the error, go to the next one.

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Method#2: Clear cookies and cache

If you are experiencing error 5000, try out this fix:

  1. Open a new tab on Chrome, type chrome://settings then hit Enter
  2. Scroll down to the bottom then select Advanced
  3. Find and click Clear browsing data
  4. Select your preferred settings and hit Clear data.

Method #3: Disable extensions

Many users have been able to solve this problem by disabling some extensions.

You’ll have to disable extensions one by one until you find what is causing the problem.

The most common extension that has been found to cause problems is Ghostery.

To find and disable problematic plugins on your browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new tab on Chrome and type chrome://extensions/, then press Enter. If you are using Firefox, type about:addons in a new tab and press Enter.
  2. Disable plugins one by one, starting with Ghostery and Shockwave, and refresh your twitch stream on each occasion.

Hopefully, these steps have helped you to solve Twitch error 5000 and you’re able to watch streams on the platform.

If it is showing that the Twitch machine got unplugged, the above solutions should solve the problem too.

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