Spectrum local channels not working? Here’s a fix

Local channels can stop showing on Spectrum due to a combination of different factors. Whether you are watching Spectrum TV on Roku, Xbox, or Smart TV, you are bound to face such issues.

If you are getting a specific error, this guide on Spectrum app error codes and their fixes should come in handy.

How to fix missing local channels on Spectrum

The methods to fix missing channels on Spectrum are discussed here:

Method 1: Check your devices’ connectivity

The simplest things are usually the most ignored. When trying to find problems on your Spectrum, check all the basic connections to establish you are not missing anything.

Check the following setups.

  1. The first step is to check whether the spectrum receiver is turned on.
  2. The second move is to check your input signal and connections. Verify that your TV is set to the correct input, whether using an HDMI or coaxial cable. Use your source key on your remote to find the correct input.
  3. Check the condition of all your connectors. All the cables connecting your device, including power cables, need to be in a good state. Make sure the power cables are well inserted into the power source.
  4. You should also utilize the auto-program feature on your television if it is available. This feature is not available on every television set but is useful if present. Let the TV program automatically.
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Method 2: Configure your DNS properly

There are moments when Spectrum TV channels are missing on Roku. This is a result of tampered configurations, making it impossible to connect to a stream.

Follow the outlined procedure below to fix this.

  1. Correct your DNS settings. Your DNS settings significantly impact whether you connect to channels or not. Maintain your DNS to stay connected. Changing your DNS will lead to signal loss.
  2. Make the necessary software updates on your devices. This will help eliminate minor errors experienced.
  3. You need also to upgrade your internet speed if you have low bandwidth.

Method 3: Send a refresh signal to the receiver

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account from the official website
  2. Go to my account tab
  3. Click on the TV option
  4. Click on the refresh option under the equipment section.

Method 4: Use the Spectrum TV app

With the Spectrum package, you can download the Spectrum app and stream it on your phone.

If you are not able to get all the local tv channels on your phone, disable the parental control feature.

You should also perform a reboot on your devices to establish connections well. This will help your Spectrum channels load afresh.

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